Hello everyone! This is my first Harry Potter fanfiction. I have read SO many in this site and they are all so fantastic I thought it my DUTY to write my own. I hope you like this one! It has taken me a while to come up with the perfect idea but this one just had me hooked and I HAD to write it. Ok I hope you enjoy... and be nice...this my first so tell me what you all think....enjoy....

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Harry Potter. The Boy Who lived. Dumbledores Golden boy, who never put a foot wrong, was now tip toeing down the corridor to the Slytherin common room, clad in his Pyjamas, and hidden under his invisibility cloak.

Harry peered at his digital watch. It read 12:07.

"Why did I agree to this...?" He muttered to himself. He rounded a corner and found himself out side the entrance to the slytherin common room.

"Oh yeah...Ron..."

He slipped of his off his invisibility cloak and let it fall to the floor and puddle around his feet.

"Now...operation sabotage the Slytherin Common room is under way" He smirked unconsciously and began.

20 minutes later found Harry sprinting at top speed back up to Gryffindor tower. He had had a few encounters with teachers prowling the corridors but at the last minute had stopped himself form a rather nasty interrogation.

Finally he rounded the last corner and could clearly see the Gryffindor Portrait infront of him. "Ah.... the home straight"

He set off at a slow run. He was a mere few metres away from the entrance, when her heard the oh so familiar mewing of Mrs Noris. He stopped abruptly midstride and frantically looked around for any sign of her.

Then, there she was, her bright red eyes glimmering in the moonlight as she sat still as a statue right infront of the entrance to Gryffindor Tower.

"Damn" he hissed. "Move out of the way you bloody feline" he whimpered. Mrs Noris only sat. She seemed to be aware of his presence. Harry could have sworn he saw her smirk.

Harry was mid way through thinking that he could just kick her out of the way, when he heard a humming sound coming from behind him. He didn't need to turn around to see whom it was coming from.

He jumped behind a statue of a gargoyle and watched as filch strolled past- out enjoying his favourite past time, catching pupils out of bed after curfew. It was common knowledge Filch was badgering Dumbledore to bring back the old punishments.

"Hello my sweet" Filches greasy drawl echoed through the corridor.

Mrs Noris began to purr and bash herself around his feet.

"Come on my sweet. Let's go down to the dungeons.... there's always students lurking around in corridors down there."

Harry stayed behind the safety of the statue until he was sure the coast was clear.

He stepped out for the shadows and approached the fat lady portrait. A little snore could be heard as the fat lady was snoozing. Harry slipped of the clock and cleared his throat, startling the fat lady out of her slumber.

"Well well well young man...what are you doing out of bed so late?"

"Long story...involves a rather nasty prank on Slytherin"

The fat lady smiled. "Oh...well in that case" She swung open. "I never did like that house"

Harry snorted and entered. Upon entering, Harry was met with a rather amusing site.

There was Ron, on his knees on the floor, in a rather uncomfortable position. Hermione and Ginny were standing behind him, each holding onto one of his ears, looking murderous. Harry flinched under their stares.

Opps...they must have grilled Ron into telling them what we were up too...

Ron mouthed a pathetic "Help" to Harry.

They all stood, or in Ron's case, knelt, in silence for what seem like forever, before Hermione broke it. "Harry James Potter, where have you been?"


"Spit it our Harry" Ginny yelled, turning almost as red as her hair. She had grown a lot in her six years at Hogwarts. She now stood a little taller than Hermione, around 5ft 6, and had filled out immensely. Her long red hair fell feathered around her face, and hung elegantly around her shoulders. She had large hazel eyes hidden within thick black eyelashes, a round face, and a beautiful mouth that lit up the room when she smiled.

And to top it all off, she had gotten over her silly crush on Harry, although it was only Hermione who knew this.

"Well....." Hermione urged.

Harry saw Ron flinch as Hermione, getting angrier, tightened her grip on Rons ear.

"Ow...Hermione let go"

"No....not until I know what you two have been up to....and don't you even think of lying to me."

Hermione looked ready to kill. Harry looked at Ron and they both shared a look that said.....its hopeless, she'll find out soon enough.

Harry nodded. "Ok....we'll tell you, just..let go of Rons ears first."

Hermione and Ginny looked at each other and nodded. They both let go at the same time and Ron rushed to stand behind Harry, petrified and rubbing his now swollen ears.

The four of them took up the empty seats by the fire, Hermione sitting on the sofa, Ginny next to her, while Harry and Ron tried to sit as far away as they could on the chair on the opposite side of the room. Harry rubbed his sweaty hands together and looked at the two girls. Who knew two girls could make me so nervous.

He looked at Ron, who nodded.

"Ok..." He began. "Well last week, the Slytherins played a rather nasty trick on us Gryffindors before the match against Ravenclaw-"

"Oh you're not still sore about that are you" Ginny looked sceptical.

"We're not 'sore' Ginny...infact...we're quite over it....Ravenclaw played a good game..... but anyway....the Slytherins still played a nasty trick on us and therefore Harry and I decided to seek a little revenge" Ron unconsciously rubbed his hands together and smirked, a twinkle in his eye.

"By doing what?" Hermione looked puzzled.

"By playing a joke of our own ofcourse" Harry smirked.

"Oh no Harry..." Hermione whined and looked extremely put out. "Don't you remember the last time you tried to 'seek revenge' on the Slytherins. If this little prank gets you into even more trouble you'll be expelled. Please you two....you've only got a few more months before you take your N.E.W.Ts. Cant you at least stay out of trouble until then?"

Both Harry and Ron felt similar 'pangs' of guilt as they looked at Hermione's worried face.


"And besides..." Ginny spoke up, "if mum finds out you've gotten yourself into more trouble, she'll kill you....both of you"

More silence followed this until an idea came to Ron.

"But they can't possibly trace it back to us. I mean, if Harry did every thing right-"Harry nodded 'yes' "Slytherin will be none the wiser"

Harry and Ron looked pleased with them selves.

"Ronald Weasley. I didn't think you could be so stupid." Hermione yelled again. "Ofcourse they'll trace it back to you. When ever someone plays a prank on Slytherin its usually Gryffindor, same as if anyone ever plays a prank on Gryffindor, its usually Slytherin. That's the way it works. Merlin's beard Ron, I thought you'd be aware of that by now."

Hermione was now towering over the two boys, who were both cowering.

Ron, after mustering up all his courage, placed his hands on Hermione's trembling shoulders and pushed her down gently back onto her seat.

"Ok....let me rephrase that. They won't be able to prove we did it"

Hermione looked sceptical for a while, before getting to her feet. "I hope you're right Ron, because I wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of your mother." And with that, she made her way to the girls stairs, followed by Ginny.

Ron stood, and yelled to her retreating back: "Night sweet heart...love you" Harry snorted behind him.

"Shut up you" Ron said with out turning to face him!

When they heard the door to the girl's dorm safely 'click' shut, Harry and Ron made their way to the boys dorm, talking about their plan.

"So it worked then...the plan was successful...?"

"Yep...and you'll see just how successful tomorrow at breakfast." Harry voice was dripping with excitement.

Ron clapped him on the back as they entered the 7th year's dorm. "You know what mate, I think this is our most successful prank yet"