Ron dragged his eyes open as the sun shone brightly through the open window of the 7th year boys dorm. He groaned as the brightness stung his eyes and tried to hide his face under his pillow. However, the stinging feeling from the sun wasn't the only thing that caused him pain this morning. After last nights excursion to the three broomsticks, he now had a hang over… a bad one.

He groaned again as he kicked the covers off his bed and threw his legs over the edge. Rubbing his face with both hands, he tried to tell himself that what happened last night didn't really happen. That Ginny was NOT going out with Malfoy, and that Harry and Hermione were still his most loyal friends

Walking across the dorm, he heard the usual snores coming from Neville and Seamus. They were both sparko, as was Dean. Looking towards Harry's bed, he could see that it hadn't been slept in.

He opened the door to the dorm walked out .


Harry lay with his back against the arm of the sofa, a pillow propped up behind him and was snoring ever so slightly. Hermione lay against his side. Both were fast asleep. They had fallen asleep that way after having put Ron to bed the night before.

They had both had a pretty rough night. Hermione had cried herself to sleep, and Harry had to sit and listen to her as he rubbed her back soothingly and tried to calm her down. He then fell asleep him self an hour later, after he had analysed and reanalyse the day events in his head.

Harry was woken by the sound of a door opening. He sat up and stretched, all the time trying not to wake Hermione. He looked around, trying to remember where he was. When all the memories came flooding back to him, he groaned and threw his head back in despair, unintentionally hitting it on the edge of the sofa.

"Ow, shit!" he cursed.

"Serves you right!"

Harry whipped his head round at the sound of the voice.

"Ron!" He exclaimed. Hermione stirred next to him and sat up noticing Ron was in the room. "H-how are you?" Harry stuttered.

Ron snorted. "Oh.. ya know. Spiffing."

Hermione stood up and rounded the couch. She took his hand in hers. "Ron…. About yesterday-"

"Ah yes. Yesterday. It wasn't a dream then?"

"Sorry?" Hermione asked, looking confused.

"Well you see…" Ron carried on. "I woke up this morning thinking that maybe it had all just been a really bad dream. Because of course, I know my sister hates Malfoy and I know that you as my best friends wouldn't lie to me!"

Harry and Hermione both had the decency to look ashamed.

"I see. It wasn't a dream" and Ron, with the clothes on that he had been wearing yesterday, heading for the portrait hole.

"Ron wait!" Harry yelled. "Please. Just talk to us. We know we were in the wrong and-"

"You're sorry blah blah blah. Please Harry I've heard it all before. I don't want to talk to you because I know what you are going to say." Ron made to walk out the portrait hole again but stopped suddenly. He turned around again and asked. " Just answer me one thing. Was there ever a point in your heads when you thought that hiding this from me was ever going to help?"


"Answer me!" Ron yelled.

"No" Hermione whispered.

"So you knew it was a bad idea to keep it from me, yet you did it any way."

When neither answered, Ron laughed. "Ok. Bye guys"

"Ron please!" Hermione yelled grabbing his arm.

"GET OFF ME YOU LIEING BITCH! Ron yelled, yanking his arm away. Hermione gasped in shock as she backed away ever so slightly.

"HEY!" Harry yelled. "Don't you dare talk to her like that Ron. She is still you girlfriend, and she's my friend." Harry yelled into Ron's face. "Now listen to me. We are going to sit down and we are going to talk about all this. Because I will NOT let this come between us. We have been through too much. Christ we have faced Voldemort together. I won't let a little thing like this tear us apart. Now Ron, SIT DOWN and lets talk. OK!"


Seamus woke up from a rather good nights sleep. He turned over in bed and stared out of the open window at the beautiful day ahead. Smiling to himself, he suddenly realised that he was in great need of the loo.

He jumped out of bed and headed for the door to the dorm. He merrily threw it open and suddenly-


Seamus was thrown across the room and landed with a load crashing noise against a wardrobe. Neville and Dean both woke up at the sound. The door slammed shut.

"SEAM! Seam mate you alright?" Dean yelled as he jumped out of bed and threw himself across the room to help Seamus.

Seamus rubbed his head and aching back. "Yeah. Yeah I'm fine. What the hell was that!"

Neville and Dean helped him to his feet where he rubbed his now swollen backside.

"I dunno." Said Neville. He approached the door; both Dean and Seamus close behind. He glanced at them once, then opened the door cautiously.



All three boys were thrown off their feet and landed in a heap on the floor after having been throw into the wardrobe.

"What the fuck!" Seamus yelled as he cradled his now throbbing head.

"There must be some field stopping us from going into the common room." Dean voiced.

"Either that or there's some crazy magic working down there" Neville said.

All of a sudden, all three boys looked towards Harry's bed. Then to Rons. Then it all clicked. They were having an argument.










The magic that was radiating off of both Harry and Ron at this moment was so strong that it could have taken on a run away train travelling at deathly speed. Hermione was feeling light headed as she watched her boyfriend and her best friend arguing.






"WELL MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT FIRST!" Ron suddenly took out his wand and held it at arm length. At Harry's throught.

"RON NO!" Hermione yelled.

"Ron. Do you really want to take me on? Do you know what you are doing!"

"Oh think so highly of yourself do you. Think you're better than me?"

"Ron please-"





Ron suddenly found him self being thrown across the room and into the notice board with a load crash and fell to the floor in a heap of limbs.

"I just thought you should know that I can do wandless magic of the highest quality and that making me mad was a bad idea." Harry said, as all his strength was taken out of him and he flopped down on the couch, all puffed out.

Hermione was beyond despair. Her boyfriend and her best friend were both in need of help having just been drained of most of the magic. Even her skills as one of the cleverest witches at Hogwarts didn't help her now. Her emotions overpowered her brain and thought became too hard.

All she could do was bring her legs into her chest and hug them tight to her boy as she cried and cried


"Do you think they are done now? Its been an hour?" Neville asked as he sat on his bed playing exploding snap with Dean.

"I dunno. I'm not sure I want to find out" Seamus said as he paced the room.

"Come on guys!" Dean said merrily as he jumped off the bed and headed for the door. Neville and Seamus followed. They all held baited breath as Dean grabbed the door handed and pulled.

They were shocked when they weren't thrown back against the wall this time. Instead, they felt an awful feeling of… emptiness. Stepping out, they walked down the stairs to the common room, gasping at what they saw.

Harry, Ron and Hermione were all unconscious in their various positions.

"Oh my god!" Dean yelled. "Seam, go help Harry, Neville, get Hermione, I'll get Ron!"



"What the… ok ok I'm coming I'm coming" Madam Pomfrey placed her cup of herbal tea down as she headed to wards the door to the infirmary.

"What's all this abou-… Oh my gosh. Come in Come in. Put them down over here. No put her over there. That's it. Oh my. What happened?"

Dean placed Ron down on one of the beds and stood up again, panting. "We…dunno… I think there was some kind of fight between them. The common room was full of powerful magic this morning. We found them all unconscious."

"Oh Dear. Mr Thomas, run up to Dumbledore and tell him to come here this instant. Mr Finnegan, you fetch Professor McGonagal. Mr Longbottom, you come and help me."


"Really Argus, I don't think there is any need to bring back chains and manacles for punishment. Its just not appropriate nowadays for such drastic measures"

"But Sir-"

"Now off with you. I am in great need of some good hot cocoa."

Filch grumbled to himself as he marched to the door. He was just about to walk out when he was pushed aside by Dean as he came skidding into Dumbledore's office.

"Ruddy kids" he mumbled and left.

"Sir, Sir-"

"Why hello Mr Thomas. What a pleasant surprise. How can I hel-"

"Please sir. You need to come down to the Infirmary"

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow. "Oh. What has happened? It wasn't that group of first year Slytherins again was it. Honestly they need a good talking to-"

"No sir." Dean panted. "Its worse"


Dean and Dumbledore arrived at the infirmary not much later. McGonagal was already there.

"I can't believe this. They are such good friends." McGonagal said as she looked worried.

"Ah" Dumbledore voiced. "I suppose it was these three arguing that caused that radiation through out the castle. I was enjoying my breakfast when I felt it. Not to worry. This can be solved." Dumbledore smiled.

"Albus. How can you be taking this so lightly?" McGonagal asked. "Its incredibly dangerous for magic such as that to be let loose in the castle. Especially amongst our younger pupil's."

"Oh nonsense Minerva. Its good for them to let loose every now and again" Dean Neville and Seamus all looked sceptical. Having felt the radiation themselves, they could argue that it didn't feel very good.

"But Albus" Pomfrey spoke up. "Will they be ok?"

"Oh ofcourse" Dumbledore laughed. "They have merely worn themselves out. Now if you don't mind, I would like to get back to my cocoa." He turned to leave. "Poppy, do call me when they wake up; I would very much like to have a word with them" And he left, leaving them all flabbergasted.


Ginny jumped as she awoke from her dream. Draco, who was slept beside her, awoke aswell

"You ok?" he asked, as he tightened his grip around her waist.

"Yeah…" she snuggled back into the comfort of his arms. "Yeah I'm ok"

The pair were in Draco's room. Well, the 7th year Slytherin boys dorm. They had snuck in there late that night, after every one had already gone to bed.

Draco began to drop off, not really being morning person, and quite content on getting a few hours shut eye. Ginny however was now fully awake and kept tossing and turning in Draco's arms. Draco sighed.

"Ginny…" he said In a warning tone.

"Yes" she replied.

"Do you have to keep doing that?" he said in a sleepy yet slightly annoyed voice.

Doing what" she asked as she turned again.

" Doing that" he almost growled.

"Oh..sorry" she laughed.

"S'ok" Draco buried his head deeper into his pillow, and was on the brink of sleep when-

"GINNY! Stop it!"


"You're doing it again"


"Tossing and turning like that! I know there is something on your mind otherwise you wouldn't be doing that. Now tell me what it is so I can go back to sleep"

Ginny sighed "Its nothing"

Draco made an annoyed noise in the back of his throught and sat up. He then turned so he was facing her. "Look Ginny. I'm not stupid. I know there is something wrong and neither of us are going to get any more sleep unless you tell me what it is. And don't try and tell me its nothing coz I know it is something ok!"

Ginny sighed and rolled over so she wasn't looking at him. Draco sighed but let her.

"Ok. It's just. I'm worried about Ron ok. And Harry and Hermione for that matter."

"Oh.." Draco lay back down. "I might have guessed."

Draco pulled Ginny towards him so her back was to his chest. "Ok… what exactly are you worried about?" he asked.

"Well…. It's just… I can't get rid of the image in my mind, of Ron when he found out about us. But what makes it worse is that he's now mad with Harry and Hermione, and I don't want it my fault if their friend ship breaks up."

Draco kissed her neck. "Ginny, they won't stop being friends. They are way too close to ever let that happen. I'm sure they've made it up now anyway. They're bound to be the best of friends again I'm sure"


Harry was the first to wake. He sat up in bed, rubbing his head. He momentarily forgot where he was, until he saw Hermione and Ron in the beds opposite and next to him.

He groaned out loud and lay back down. He felt awfully weak. He knew it was down to his magic having been drained from his body. He had felt it before, when fighting the Death Eater in 3rd Year, aswell as battling Voldemort in 4th .

He rolled away so he didn't have to face either of them. When Hermione had said the night before to prepare for the worst, he didn't think that would mean having a duel with his best friend.

He lay there silent in his thoughts, until he heard movement in the bed opposite. He rolled over and saw Ron sit up, he too was holding his throbbing head.

"You alright mate?" Harry asked.

Ron looked around for the source of the voice. Seeing Harry he smiled and nodded. "Yeah mate. I'm good. You?"

Harry laughed. "I've had better days"

Ron laughed too. Once he stopped they sat in silence. Harry was wondering weather he should bring up the argument, but Ron got there first.

"Harry, mate. I'm sorry about what happened. I was out of line to say some of the things I said, and to get my wand out."

"No it's ok. I was wrong too" Harry said.

"Friends?" Ron smiled.

Harry smirked. "Always"


"So any ways, I was on my way to tell you, but when I got there I saw your face, and Ginny was there too and i just couldn't. You understand don't you?"

Ron sighed as he played with the corner of his bed sheet. "Yeah. I do mate. You were just doing what you thought was for the best. I get that now"

Harry and Ron had been talking for the last 45 minutes. They had cleared a lot of things, and they felt better for it. Ron was giving Harry a chance to tell him is side of the story, and Ron was forcing himself to stay calm. He knew now that what Harry and Hermione did was out of the goodness of their hearts, and they never did anything intentionally to hurt him in any way.

"And you know…." Harry carried on. Ron looked up at him. "Hermione was very worried about the whole thing. I don't think I've ever seen her so scared of anything?"

Ron raised an eyebrow. "Scared. Scared of what?"

Harry frowned. "Losing you of course."

Ron bowed his head, feeling awfully ashamed. The way Harry said it; it made him feel like he was to blame. Maybe he was.

"What have I done?" Ron sighed as he buried his face in his hands. "Do you think she'll ever forgive me for calling her…. what I called her?"

Harry was about to reply, when someone beat him to him to it.

"Ofcourse I will you silly red head."

Harry laughed as Ron jumped pout of his own bed, wincing at the pain in his back, and ran to Hermione. He threw his arms around her and kissed her hard. She replied with enthusiasm.

When they pulled apart, Harry walked over and perched himself on the edge of the bed, as Ron manoeuvred himself into Hermione's bed under the covers.

"Guys…" Harry said. "Lets not let anything ever come between us again ok!"

Hermione and Ron both smiled. "Never!"


"Draco darling! Wakey wakey. Come on its time for- ARGHHHH!"

Draco jumped as he heard an infernal screech. He looked around and saw Tanya standing at the side of his bed.

"grr.. what do you want." He hissed.

"Drakey poo. I came to get you up for breakfast. What are you doing in bed with THAT!"

Ginny, who was awake by now, sat up and glared at Tanya with venom. "I'm his GIRLFRIEND you common slag, and you'd do well to remember that" Draco coughed to cover his laugh.

"Excuse me!" Tanya screeched.

"You heard me. Now fuck off you blond bimbo"

"Oh my, Drakey are you going to let her talk to me like that?" Tanya yelled.

Draco smirked as he slid an arm around Ginny's waist making sure Tanya could see it. "Yes actually, I am!"

Tanya was almost on the verge of tears when Pansy came strolling into the room. "What's going on in here?"

"Oh nothing. Draco said, as he lay back down, bringing Ginny with him. "Tanya was just leaving."

"Why you… you….. Wait till I tell my father about this!" She yelled and fled the room.

Ginny and Draco both laughed, but Pansy looked confused. "What was that all about?"

"Oh nothing, Ginny was just putting hr in her place." He said affectionately as he kissed he cheek.

Pansy snorted. "What ever .I was just coming to tell you that there's a rumour going around saying that there was a fight in the Gryffindor common room thins morning. Some really strong magic apparently."

Draco snorted. "And what does that have to do with us?"

Pansy smirked. "Not you my dear." She leaned down and held Ginny's chin between her finger and thumb. "But apparently it had something to do with your brother Weasley"


"So any way, I went down to the kitchens and Dobby was there, and you know what he's like…."

Harry Ron and Hermione were all joking around and laughing about anything and everything, when suddenly they were interrupted.

"Hello everyone."

"Hello sir!" They trio said in unison as Dumbledore approached them and took up a seat next to the bed.

"Now." He conjured up a cup of steaming hot cocoa. "Does anyone want to explain what happened earlier today?" he smiled.

They all looked at each other before Dumbledore cut in. "I'm not mad at you. Any of you. But i need to know what happened that set off the radiation-"

"Sorry?" Harry asked. "What radiation?"

"Well… the magic ofcourse" Dumbledore smiled.

"You…you felt that?" Ron gasped.

"Why yes. It was hard not to. It must have been a very heated discussion you were having!" he smirked.

The other three looked sheepish.

Dumbledore placed his cup down and started to look more serious. "The problematic thing is. Even though I don't mind my students letting go once in a while One knows its hard when you get to your age and you are studying for your NEWTS and such, but I must warn you, that magic of that kind can be extremely dangerous, especially when it is not kept under control. I need not remind you that there are students here who have never experienced magic of that kind like you three have, and may find it extremely frightening should they ever come across it. Now I am perfectly sure that most of my pupils were asleep at the time of the incident, but it is part of my job description to inform you not to let you magic get to out of control like you did."

Harry, Ron and Hermione all nodded.

Dumbledore clapped his hands together. "Good. Now that that's out of the way, what say you to a game of exploding snap, hmm?"


"Ginny please. I'm sure they're fine" Draco pleaded from his place on the bed. He and Pansy watched as Ginny threw on her clothes form the day before ready to leave.

"But they may not be. I have to go check" she panted as she tried to get her skirt zipped up, but it wouldn't budge.

Draco almost growled. "Oh please Ginny, come back to bed. They'll be fine"

Pansy laughed at Draco's needy tone. Draco just scowled at her and pushed her off the bed.

"Ow…. Prat!" she rubbed her sore bottom and left.

Draco got up and grabbed Ginny In her tirade.

"Ginny, Ginny, calm down." Ginny stopped what she was doing to look at him. "They'll be fine" he soothed and kissed he gently on the lips. She seemed to calm down a bit, but not enough.

"I know Draco I know. But I still need to talk to Ron. I'll be back soon I promise. Keep the bed warm for me!" and she left.


Harry Ron and Hemrione were just getting ready to leave the infirmary when the door was flown open and a small red head flew threw, skidding to a halt. She locked eyes with Ron.

"Ron…." Ginny said…"Can we talk?"