Author's Note: I, Lain Hime-chan, do not own any of the "State of Grace" characters. Don't sue me. I have no money anyway. Now, I know this idea is sort of strange... but this is just my first fanfic of SoG so of course it's not perfect. This is just the first "chapter", and this is just a test to see if I get any feedback at all. I may add more, I may not. But anyway... here is the fic. Enjoy, even if it sucks.
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Grace McKee stepped in front of her bedroom mirror, admiring herself in her new totally retro blue dress. It was the latest fashion, from Europe in fact, and it looked marvelous on her. She smiled, and turned around as her mother walked in. "Hi Tattie. You're home!" she yelled geefully, running to her mother to gracefully embrace her. Tattie tried to balance both her cocktail and her cigerette in one hand as she held her daughter. "Oh, my darling daughter is growing up..." Tattie whispered into Grace's hair, gently rubbing the blonde strands. She sighed, tears starting to come to her eyes. She gently wiped them away and stepped away, admiring her daughter. "Tattie, it's just my first date. With barnbreath no doubt... nothing special." Grace giggled. She turned back to the mirror. She still couldn't believe that he invited her to a movie and a burger only a week ago. Usually they joked around all of the time, and she never imagined that she may start liking him. But, alas, she did, and he would arrive in only a few minutes, on his bike no less. Tattie sighed, cheerfully. "Now, don't let this boy do anything that you don't want, okay? You're only a girl... oh! Here." She exclaimed, walking to Grace's dresser and took out a blue scarf, and she brought it to Grace. "Here Gracie, you can wear this scarf in order not to get the wind in your hair. You don't have to ride your bike, I can always ask Greer to drive you two..." Yeah, and have Greer spy on us no less, she thought. She smiled her most convincing smile. "No thanks mom, we'll be fine." She quickly looked at the clock. "Oh no! He'll be here any minute. Help me choose what shoes to wear..." she said, walking into her closet. Tattie agreed, following her. Within minutes Tattie helped Grace put on some beautiful shoes that matched her dress, and the door bell rang. Grace didn't rush to answer it because she knew Cookie would have answered it all ready, and that he would have been invited in the waiting room by now. "There he is!" Tattie exclaimed as she heard the doorbell ring, messing with her daughter's hair a little bit before ushering her forward. "Go on now, have a wonderful time. Don't forget to come back by 8." Grace smiled, giving her mother a farewell hug and a kiss on the forehead, before she walked out of her bedroom to the waiting room, where her date was waiting.