One by One the Souls Will Take You Over

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. The title is a line from a song called 'And Don't Forget To Breathe' by A Static Lullaby.

Summary: This is a different story that is set in a parallel universe-mainly focusing on Rogue and Gambit, set after the end of the second season. Rogue never joined the x-men, in fact she has never has meet them instead she joined the Acolytes. Romyness eventually. Note: Rogue has a different past in this story. It will be explained as the story continues.

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Chapter Twenty:

Training with Lucas was slowly progressing, but that was natural. His muscles had started to atrophy after being in the tank for so long. They had started with small exercises while he was in the med bay, mainly just lifting and rotating different limbs, and seeing how long he could stand for. Mediating was also big thing; she needed to be sure his mind would be able to take the sheer strength of his powers. And after he had finally been released from the med lab they had progressed onto lightweights and long walks, and eventually to jogging. They were going for endurance rather than strength; that would come later. It had been hard at first- slow going, but at least now, after a month, he could go a two to three hour training session and still have enough energy to go about the rest of his day.

This session, they were working on his ability to use two powers at once. At one end of the room he was using his telekinesis to stack disks, while on the other end he was slowly burning them one at a time. It had barely been five minutes and his hands were already starting to shake. A concentrating frown graced his face, his eyes shut tightly.

Rogue was watching silently from the observation booth in the Acolytes own version of the Danger Room, every now and then glancing down at the control board, which was keeping track of his progress. He wasn't doing that much better than the last time she noted. He was having trouble doing both things simultaneously and tended to alternate between the two. Scowling, she reached out to end the sime, but stopped mid way, instead, she started to reprogramming it, smirking slightly.

Down on the floor of the room, Lucas stood, a drop of sweat making it way down his brow. A shaking disc slowly made its way to the top of the stack. Before he shifted his focus to the other end of the room. A disc there, started to catch fire on one end, and it slowly started to burn, twitching his hand, the fire grew and- "Ow!" He reached down to rubbed his leg, he could have sworn something just- "What the fuck?" he exclaimed, whirling around, this time, rubbing his back. He glanced down, and saw a tiny metal ball rolling away from him. "Rogue, what's going- SHIT THAT HURT!" he yelled as another one hit his head. He glared menacingly up at Rogue, "What the hell is this!"

"Tha element of surprise," she responded, "Have fun, 'nd doncha forget ta stack 'nd burn all those disks." She said, turning around.

"Don't you dare- ow! Leave me in here! FUCK! Rogue!"

She smirked and waved slightly as the door closed behind her, shutting out his voice. He was gonna be pissed when he finally got out, but hey that was have the fun. Besides, he needed to learn, and what was the point of being Ms. Drill Inspector, if she didn't get to have a little fun?

She stopped walking at the gapping hole in the wall that would soon be Lucas' room. Piotr was in there, lugging metal beams about and slowly but surely building what could eventually pass as a bedroom. He frowned when he saw her watching him. "Wha? Doncha appreciate the satisfaction of a day of good hard work?" He merely grunted at her in response. "Oh, ah see, still mad at meh? Well, ah'm oh so sorry that ah can't let ya run off 'nd tattle ta ya X-friends. Besides Lucas needed a room. It kills two bird with one stone, it keeps ya busy 'nd-"

"I don't see what telling them about Lucas would do." Piotr said, stopping and placing the beam against an already finished wall, where it groaned in against the added weight.

"It'll ruin tha surprise."

"But I doubt very much that the X-Men will like the surprise."

"That's tha point."

Piotr slowly picked the metal beam back up and began to make his way across the room, before pausing, "Couldn't you just-"

"Curiosity killed the cat Piotr."

"Oui chere, but satisfaction brought i' back." A grinning cajun stated, leaning against the door jam. Rogue glanced at him, surprised he had made it so close with out her noticing, before risking a glance at Piotr who was frozen on the spot. "So wat y' want t' know 'bout, homme?

"I- I.."

"Whether or not John is gay." Rouge interceded. It was silent for a second before Remy burst out laughing. Piotr on the other hand almost dropped the beam he was holding.

Shaking her head slightly, she began to walk away.

Following her, he waited until they were out of Piotr earshot. "So wat did de homme really want t' know?"

"Ya shouldn't be askin' meh 'bout other people's secrets when ya want meh ta keep yoahs."

Remy smirked, his eyes hidden behind those sun glasses of his and continued to walk along side of her, a comfortable silence stretch between the two.


Remy raised a questioning eyebrow at her as a grin broke out on Rogue's face, "Lucas finally escape his training session."

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