One by One the Souls Will Take You Over

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Summary: This is a different story that is set in a parallel universe-mainly focusing on Rogue and Gambit, set after the end of the second season. Rogue never joined the x-men, in fact she has never has meet them instead she joined the Acolytes. Romyness eventually. Note: Rogue has a different past in this story. It will be explained as the story continues.

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Pietro's fast talk

Chapter 21: Fatherly Denials

The X-mansion stood silently in the night, and within the study sat an old man staring at his chess set. 'What are you up to Erik?" He wondered out loud. It was a question he had been asking himself for weeks now, ever since that mysterious girl showed up. Piotr had been unable to tell Xavier anything else and his contacts had turned up nothing. How could anyone, especially someone as powerful as her, have no record of her existence? Xavier placed his head in his hands

He was exhausted. They all were. Beast had been working nonstop tying to figure out what she had done to Jean and Kurt. They both had woken up themselves a few days ago with nothing but a headache. All the junior X-men had sustained no permanent damage from their stay in the danger room with Creed. Except perhaps for the nightmares. They would wake up screaming but with no memory of what had happened to them or why they were so frighten. Xavier had tried all he could think of to help them, but he powers seemed useless against the phantoms that haunted them. Everyone was one edge. Logan had taken to stalking the halls at night watching over the students, and everyday he tested their security system, trying to make improvements; and storm clouds had become commonplace since the attack.

The phone rang shrilly, driving away Xavier's thoughts. He wheeled over and picked up the receiver.


It was the only warning they would get.

Fire lit up the front yard as the X-men tumbled out of their mansion. The flickering silhouette of young boy stood at the gates, a smile on his face. The Wolverine lay sprawled on the ground before him, screaming in pain, as each layer of his skin was slowly being pealed and burned off his body.

At once Cyclops fired an optic blast at the boy while Storm let loose a barrage of lightening bolts. Neither met its intended target as they stopped mere inches from the boy, lightening up him for all to see. He was a scraggly blond boy, his skin seeming too tight for his own bones. He smirked, as his pale blue eyes glowered before with a flick of his hand, rebounding the X-Men's attacks back at them.

The battle waged on, the X-men doing their best to stop this mysterious foe. Glass windows shattered all over the mansion, as the professor was teleported outside by Nightcrawler just as his study collapsed in to rumble.

"Go Kurt. Get the students out of there. I'll be fine." Nightcrawler hesitated for a second before teleporting away, leaving a cloud of smoke in his wake. Xavier turned and surveyed the battle. Straining his eyes he could see a blond boy seeming to effortlessly toss his X-men around. Spike and Cyclops were unconscious on the ground. Wolverine had healed from his previous wounds but couldn't seem to get near enough to harm the boy. Xavier placed his fingers on his head and slowly reached out with his mind towards the boy. He was met with a wall of rage and hate.

"Amazin', ain't he?" Xavier withdrew back into his mind and looked over to find Rogue, her face was eerily lit up by the barrage of attacks taking place fifty feet or so in front of them. Her eyes followed battle, while a small smile found its way across her face. "It's lahke poetry in motion."

"I do not regard the harming of innocent life as something to be awed by."

"Innocent?" Rogue scoffed. "No one innocent, especially them."

"And what have my students ever done to you, child?"

Rogue turned towards Xavier for the first time, dragging her eyes away from the battle. Her eyes burned into his, and for once, they weren't filled cold and unfeeling. The hatred within them seemed to over flow from them. "They're wit ya. They ain't forced ta stand by ya. They choose it." She said, her voice dripping with poison. "They're no bettah than ya."

Startled, Xavier stared at her for a moment. "What have a ever done to you?

"Look at him, Xavier. Dontcha ya see tha family resemblance?"

The professor paled, comprehension dawning on his face, " He's my…. My –"


"What did you do!? You have to stop him. Before her hurts himself or –"

"Or what? One of ya precious X-men?" Xavier sputtered not knowing what to say. "Oh, Ah know all 'bout what ya did. Lockin' away ya own son. Tut, tut. That's not very nanche."

"I had to, he was going to hurt himself. I found him just in time!"

"Ya didn't find him, he found ya. He begged ya fo' help. Screamin' at ya ta save them."

"He was raving. He couldn't control his powers or any of his split personalities. He was hallucinating! They weren't real."

"NOT REAL?! Do Ah not look real to ya?" Rogue spat, gritting her teeth with the force what she was saying. She grabbed his wheel chair, turning around to face him. "Ah spent two years in hell cuz ya were too busy wit ya X-men ta deal wit your own son. My brothers died there. Hell, Ah might as well as died in there," she hissed at him.

"I'm sorry, I – "

"Sorry? Sorry doesn't even begin ta excuse what ya did. Ya didn't even recognize him, did ya," she sneered, as her eyes finally left his and returned to the battle before them. She watched as Legion threw Jean strait into Shadowcat, who was too weak by this time to phase. Rogue smirked before turning back to Xavier. "Five years? Ya were too busy fo' five years ta even stop by 'nd try 'nd help ya own son?"

"He was unreachable. I tried. But one of his personalities was too strong; he erased my son, David. I couldn't bring him back."

"So ya left him there until ya could find a way ta fix ya mistake?" Rogue scoffed at him. "Moron"

"I did what I thought was best. My son no longer existed, and until I got him back I wasn't going to let a monster control his body!" Xavier said indignantly.

"Lucas isn't a monster, professor, ya are. Ya son is split into three different people, but they are all your son. No one personality can control his body wit out tha others' consent."

"You're wrong."

"Why? Cuz that would mean ya made a mistake; sentencing ya own son ta jail for no reason but ta rid ya self of him?"

"No, because I know my son, I –"

"How? How tha hell did ya know ya son, Xavier? Ya didn't even know he existed until his momma came cryin' ta ya cuz she lost him! Ah spent years wit him. He's more mah family then yours."

"And what child? You think that means you can control him?"

"Control?" Rogue stated laughing at him. "Ah don't want ta control him. Ya just don't get it do ya? It was never 'bout control. It was 'bout him needin' a father, a friend. Someone ta be there for him. Ta teach and comfort him. He needed someone ta be there fo' him no matter what. Not betray him ta tha 'greater good', lakhe ya." Rogue smirked at him, as her eyes bored into his. "It's not 'bout control," she said softly; watching Xavier fighting not to believe her words and the denial creeping its way in. "LUCAS! Ya had ya fun. Let's go."

Still smirking Rogue turned and walked across the X-men battle ridden front yard. Lucas turned and smiled at her. "Sure Rogue," he said dropping Evan from ten feet in the air where he had been holding him upside down and twirling him about. Evan hit the ground, not getting up. The unconscious forms of the X-Men laid scattered about the front lawn, only two of them had come threw the battle relatively unscathed: Professor Xavier and Nightcrawler.

As Rogue and Lucas walked off into the night Xavier could be heard screaming at them, "You won't win Rogue! You can't control him! Come back. Let me fix this before it's too late!" The two of them could even hear the whine of the Professor's wheel chair as it attempted to cross the destroyed lawn.

"He'll never get it, will he?"

"Nah, Lucas, he won't," Rogue admitted as they walked away. "Feel bettah though?"

Lucas's smile was an enough of an answer for her. She ruffled his hair slightly as they continued to walk on, ignoring the sounds of Xavier shrill denials as they grew to only be distant rumblings, too quiet to discern from the sounds of the night.

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