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Chapter 58

Chris' Day

Chris is in the Underworld, invisible. He is walking around listening for conspiracies against him or Wyatt.

"We have to kill the two children,"said a voice up ahead.

Chris walked up stealthily to see a group of Executioner demons in front of a higher level demon. He is talking to them.

"The two will make us demons not exist in the future,"the higher level demon said,"they must die."

Chris turned visible. "Not if I can stop it,"he yelled.

The demons turned around. They stared at Chris blankly. The higher level demon realized who he was. "Kill that witch,"he screamed.

Chris smiled. He threw up his forcefield just in case so he wouldn't get hit. He then glowed. The demons fell to the ground in agony. Chris trapped them in the light and vanquished them with his electricity move. There was a very big black scortch mark on the ground.

Chris smiled and orbed to his bed. He fell on it and fell asleep. In a few hours, he woke up. He then orbed to the Underworld vanquishing some more demons who had the plans to kill himself and Wyatt.

Chris then went to the manor to look in the book for some more demons. He orbed to the Underworld, vanquishing more demons.

He then went to the party that Piper was being thrown before sleeping again.

Chapter 60


Chris orbs in to find everyone eating quietly, not really talking. "Hi guys,"he said.

Everyone turned and looked at him.

"Is everything okay?"he asked.

Paige and Phoebe looked at eachother.

"Yeah,"Piper replied,"just great. Just so you know, a demon attacked."

"What? Is everything okay?"he asked.

Leo nodded. "Yeah,"he said,"the demon got vanquished."

"Good. I get the feeling that everyone is mad at me,"Chris muttered.

Piper shook her head. "We aren't mad,"she replied. "We are just very surprised."


"It's just that Wyatt vanquished the demon,"Phoebe added.

Chris shrugged. "That's nothing. He did that in the future all the time."

"It's just that,"Paige replied slowly,"it was if he was protecting you more than him."


"He really loves you,"Leo said.

Chris shrugged. "He wasn't in the future that I had. That's because he was already evil then. The future is changing. It doesn't surprise me."

"It's just that the bond between you two is really strong,"Piper said.

"It really is,"Darryl said.

"You look a lot different than the Chris over there,"Shelia said.

Chris shrugged. "I have no idea why,"he replied. "I would just like to eat food after the day that I had." He sat down and put some food on his plate.

Everyone started to eat. There really wasn't any conversation. Soon everyone was done eating.

"I have decided what to do now,"Chris said.

"What do you mean?"Paige asked.

"I've decided to stay here."

"That's great Chris,"Phoebe.

"But only for a year. I have to go back then and start 'my destiny' as that higher power said."

"You can tell us what to do then,"Leo said.

"Nope,"he replied. "I have to stay quiet still. Too many things could still change. I want my future as it will be right now."

"Well,"Darryl said,"as long as you don't get into trouble, I'm fine with you staying."

"Okay Darryl."

Piper smiled. "It's great having you here Chris,"she said. "You really have changed our lives for the better."

"Thanks Mom." Chris smiled because he knew now that he made the best choice. They accepted him, and he was happy with that.