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Note: It is assumed that Yuugi-tachi are 21-years-old in this fan fiction. "Konya Koso Kimero" means something along the lines of "Definitely Decide Tonight."

* * * * *


Warm hands caressed him in firm yet gentle strokes. Soft lips brushed against his, then teasingly moved away when he tried to kiss them back. The lips moved to his neck, where series of light kisses were planted in sensitive juncture of his throat. Lean body pressed into his own, the limbs lazily entwining together.


And how he loved that mellow tenor voice. The fragrance, the touch, the sounds-- what was not to love about his lover? Thin lips curled into a smirk, the narrow eyes flashing playfully. Slender fingers wrapped around his cheeks, then the lips descended again to kiss his nose. One leg dug between his legs, teasingly rubbing against the flesh it found there.


* * * * *

And he woke up.

Jounouchi Katsuya stared up at the ceiling of his room. The ceiling was dirty. Why hadn't he noticed before that the ceiling was so dirty? Probably because he never bothered to look at the ceiling. Right. He squinted at the dirty ceiling, then groggily sat up, shaking his head to chase away the fragments of his dream. Damn, how he hated that dream. Of all people in the world to have wet dreams about, that person was probably the worst. So why did he keep having dreams about that person?

Katsuya stopped his thought process. 'Wet dream?'

"Oh, crap!" He yelled, falling off his bed like the stained sheets burned him. "That's just disgusting! Ew! About that person?!"

Katsuya pulled himself up from the floor, rubbing his sore posterior. Wonderful, he's going to start his first day of work with a sore posterior. At the thought of his work, Katsuya froze. The sunlight flitting into the room through cracks on the curtain was too bright for comfort. He fearfully turned to look at the clock by his bedside and suppressed the need to curse, because cursing did not solve anything. He instead saved his breath and splintered out of his room to his bathroom. With a brush still stuck in his mouth, Katsuya pulled his briefcase open and started to rummage through the files to make sure he had everything he needed.

"Katsuya-kun, didn't you say you needed to wake up at six?"

Katsuya turned to look at his father. He pointed at his brush to show that he couldn't talk, then snapped his briefcase close and ran to the bathroom to spit the toothpaste out of his mouth and washing his face before gasping out a good morning, followed by a rushed trip to the closet. "I shut off the alarm clock and fell asleep again, I think. I don't remember."

"Are you late?" His father worriedly asked. Katsuya gave him a sheepish nod, then returned to struggling with his neck tie which refused to be tied. His father gently pushed his hand away and tied it for him instead. "What did I tell you about first impressions being important?"

"I know, Dad, but-- Argh. Well, if I leave right now, I might be able to narrowly make it. Do you think I need to shave?"

"No, but you're skipping breakfast?"

"I'll get something to eat as soon as I get the chance to," Katsuya promised, picking up his briefcase. "I'll see you later."

"Have a safe trip," his father answered. Katsuya spared few seconds cursing the object of his wet dream as he struggled with his shoes before he ran out of his house. He prayed like hell that he won't be late.

* * * * *

"Five minutes and twenty five seconds, Jounouchi-san," the superior gently scolded. "And on your first day of work, too."

"I'm very sorry, Hirose-san," Katsuya muttered, his head hanging low. "It won't happen again."

"I certainly hope not. If Arita-san was here, he would have given you a piece of his mind," Hirose said. He tried to sound stern, but he couldn't quite hide the smile tugging at his lips. He stepped back and faced all the recruits. "Well, everyone is here now, then. Welcome to the Kaiba Corporation. As you know, it is a very prestigious company, and you will do well to succeed here. All of you will be assigned to one upperclassman each, who will help you adjust to your new work. Since I am in charge of new recruitments in general, if you have any questions or complaints, please bring them to me."

"How is the upperclassman assigned?" A man questioned. Hirose rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"I believe... randomly. Well, there aren't many upperclassmen forced into being an advisor to start with. Only people who are relatively new to this company have the job, since more experienced workers do not have the time. But I think the higher you were qualified when you were first accepted, the more inexperienced advisor you would get, to balance the differences out."

'Oh boy,' Katsuya gloomily thought. 'Then I probably got the best advisor.'

Katsuya watched as Hirose read off the list of new workers to their advisors. Most advisors looked friendly, which Katsuya was grateful for. He idly wondered who would be his advisor.

"Jounouchi-san's advisor is Kouyama..." Hirose suddenly stopped himself and frowned at the list. He lowered his voice and asked something to the man standing next to him. The man shook his head and whispered something back. Katsuya had a sinking feeling. This couldn't be a good sign. Hirose looked up and cleared his throat. His expression clearly said that he felt sorry for Katsuya. Katsuya felt even worse.

"Um. Jounouchi-san. I regret to inform you--" Why did people always felt a 'regret' when doing something, but did it anyway? "-- that Kouyama-san recently became a mother, and is on a maternity leave right now. This occurred a month earlier than expected, so the list did not have a chance to be revised. I am dreadfully sorry about this. We will find you another advisor as soon as possible."

The man that Hirose was talking to softly hissed, "You know we don't have anyone available right now! Even the group of advisors we got right now were nearly impossible to get--"

"I know, but we can't have a new recruitment trying to figure out everything in this vast company all by himself--"

"Call Kaiba-san; he would know what to do--"

"--but he's in a meeting right now, and--"

Katsuya sighed and gloomily stared at the meticulously polished floor. His first day of work, and everything was screwing up beautifully. He was sure all of his misfortunes were induced by Kaiba Seto. He wasn't sure how Seto was responsible for any of his foul luck this morning, but it was his fault anyway. Well, at least the stained sheets from this morning were solely his fault.

* * * * *

"What can you possibly mean by that?" Seto asked. He did not bother to hide the irritation from his voice. He drummed his fingers nervously against the surface of his desk as he glared at the wall across the room from his position. "Hirose-san, surely you are competent enough to match up right number of advisors to the right number of recruitments. How can you have allowed such an error to occur?"

"I am very sorry, Kaiba-san," Hirose quietly apologized at the other end of the phone. "It was only last night that Kouyama-san informed me that she was at the hospital after the baby's premature birth. At that time, it did not occur to me that Kouyama-san was one of the advisors."

Seto bit into his lower lip and shifted in his chair. He glanced at his watch. He wanted to let Mokuba take care of the company for the last time today before he took the responsibility again. He wouldn't even have come to the company today, except he wanted to see his little brother as soon as possible. But it seemed that Mokuba would be unavailable for another thirty minutes, and it was up to him to handle this little crisis.

"There is no one available for this new recruitment, then?"

"No sir. Unless you wish to place someone overtime, which would be violation of labor laws," Hirose said. Seto was annoyed at hint of amusement in the other man's voice, but he allowed it to slide. It was true that he was very demanding of his employees.

"Very well. Mokuba had handled pretty much all important businesses for this month, so I will not be busy. I will be the advisor."

There was a shocked silence at the other end. Then Hirose softly asked, "Are you sure about this, sir? After all, being an advisor is an extra work only given to the neophytes. There may be rumors, more patronizing remarks on the papers."

"I am also part of this company. Besides, my age more than qualifies me for such work, correct?" Seto dryly asked. His youth was always his greatest weakness. Even in his twenties, in all actuality, he had to admit he was considered too young to run a prodigious corporation like the Kaiba corporation all by himself.

"...well then, whatever pleases you. Please come down to the fourth floor left wing to meet your underclassman to advise. According to the schedule, today will be spent showing the recruitment around the building and informing of him or her of general policies of this company."

"I understand." Seto shut the cell phone off and stuffed the phone in his shirt pocket before standing up and briskly walking out of his office. Lack of qualified people working in the corporation really was posing to be a big problem if the CEO was forced to do the job of an amateur. However, Seto had no desire to lower his standards just to get more people. He did not tolerate incompetence.

As Seto impatiently watched the numbers flick on the elevator as he headed down to the fourth floor, he briefly wondered what kind of person his charge was. Gods, let it be someone with half a brain. He was willing to be patient and informative to a new recruitment if it was for the sake of the company, but his temper would surely strain greatly if the recruitment was an idiot. Despite the careful background analysis and interviews, new recruitments were typically slow to adjust to the harsh working schedule of the Kaiba Corporation. About half dropped out or were fired after a year.

Seto rounded the corner and was greeted with group of terrified looking young men and women, along with their advisors. He ignored the stammered greetings and awkward bows. He headed straight to Hirose. "Hirose-san, where is the recruitment that you spoke of?"

Seto abruptly froze. His expressionless face did not change, but his eyes conveyed his shock. The Prussian blue immediately changed into ice blue as he scrutinized the blond man timidly standing next to Hirose. The man rose his eyes to look at Seto, and they both blurted out, "What are you doing here?!"

"This happens to be my company!" Seto snapped. Katsuya did not back down.

"Well, I happen to work here! Where's Mokuba? Hirose-san, didn't you mean Kaiba Mokuba when you said that Kaiba-san would be my new advisor?!"

Hirose's eyes had gone wide. "...I take it you two, ah, are acquainted with each other?"

"I refuse to be this person's advisor! This is not an animal shelter, nor is it a zoo!" Seto furiously said. Katsuya bristled with anger.

"I would rather quit than to work with this anal and Narcissus complex, Hirose-san!" Katsuya glared at Seto. Seto glared back at him. Hirose coughed.

"Well. Now that everyone has an advisor, you're all dismissed. Kaiba-san, I trust you will not go back on your words. If you need anything else, please ask for me."

With that Hirose fled, along with other nervous employees, leaving Seto and Katsuya to engage in verbal mortal combat. They fell silent for few minutes, daring each other to start the fight. Katsuya accepted that challenge.

"Why in the world are you here anyway?! I thought you were in America, getting a degree for business management or something!"

"I did get that degree, which is why I am back. Now, kindly inform me what you are doing at my corporation. Our standards are not so low that any mutt can wander into corridors of our office," Seto coldly replied, his words layered with thorn. While Seto grew more icy with each exchange, Katsuya became more angry and frustrated.

"I qualified to get in, of course! Just so you know, I graduated Toudai with a degree in business management, too!" Katsuya resisted the urge to punch Seto's face. He was educated now. He could use his words to peacefully resolve any conflict he may have with his public associates.


"And just so you know, I am a human! Homo sapiens! Or did they not teach you the difference between humans and canines in that wonderful American graduate school of yours, you jackass?"

"Tokyo University lowered their standard so much that even the likes of you can get in now?" Seto bitterly asked. "The future of Japanese education is very dark if that is the case."

Katsuya had just enough of the insults. Just one more insult, and he was certain that he would engage in a fist fight with Seto, which would be a bad thing. He did not study his ass off all these years just so he can knock couple of Seto's teeth out, get fired, and end up jobless. That was not a fun prospect for the future.

"It can not be helped that you will be my advisor, so let's stop this childish bickering. Kaiba-san, I have worked very hard to qualify for this job, and I intend to do well here. I enjoy Dual Monsters greatly, and I will do my best to do my work well in this corporation. I will expect you to behave professionally in workplace as well," Katsuya bitterly muttered. He felt corner of his lip twitch at adding -san at the end of Seto's name, but it couldn't be helped. "I'll prove myself to you. That I am indeed qualified for this job."

"Let us both dearly hope that your words can be trusted, then, Jounouchi-san," Seto answered, immediately reverting back to professionalism. Frankly, both men were relieved to temporary cease war and declare truce. But there was still unresolved tension building up just below the surface as the men coldly looked at each other. "We'll see."

* * * * *

To Be Continued

Ukyuu. To think, I'm actually writing a Yuugiou fan fiction... _ From the moment that Kaiba and Jounouchi started to fight and tried to rip each other's throats out, I thought they made a cute couple. But I didn't want to write a fan fiction, because I don't know much about the series. But I really wanted to write something about Japanese corporations, and Kaiba was the only CEO I knew. Thus poor Kaiba and Jounouchi became my next victim. ^^;;

It might seem strange that Jounouchi seems so... well-educated, all of a sudden. I think Jounouchi is intelligent; he just doesn't seem to be motivated enough. So I assumed for the sake of the plot that in the future, Jounouchi would be successful at school. Contrary to popular belief that Jounouchi's father is abusive, even going to the extent of raping his child, I don't think Jounouchi has a horrible relationship with his father. He works hard to held pay off his father' debt, and if he really hated his father that much, he could have lived with his mother. Or even by himself. So... lots of assumptions.

I became consumed with desire to write something like this after talking with my cousin, who works in a big company. Most of corporation-related details are based on his company and what he tells me about his work. I never attended a Japanese corporation, nor will I ever do so, since I'm a medical student in America. If there is anything wrong, please tell me, and I'll do my best to make an accurate depiction. ^^;;