Hey every1!This is my first story so go easy on me, k? My friend, Fluffy'sbabe (yes we are both obsessed w/ Sesshomaru) and I have been working on this 1 for a few months now. Its basically a love story in general but if u want 2 know the pairings its Sesshomaru/ Sango/ Miroku and then there's InuYasha/ Kagome/ (obviously) and a character we made up. He is suck a jackass, you're gonna love him! Oh, and just so you know, Fluffy'sbabe and I have 1 rule: EVERYTHING HAPPENS AT NIGHT!!! And its not called Sesshomaru's Red Eyes for nothing!!! It may seem a bit dry at first, but it gets a lot better as you go on.


Sesshomaru is Mine/Abbey

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Sesshomaru's Red Eyes

Chapter 1:

How This Whole Thing Got Started


Kagome sat on her bed with her head against the wall. She felt like pounding her head in the wall. 'What is he going to do?' she thought. 'If Naraku is dead, then why does he need to be a full youkai?' She sighed heavily, for it was a gloomy day. "InuYasha, you're so damn stubborn!" she said aloud to herself. 'Maybe....' she thought, 'he wants to be all youkai so he can protect me? Oh please!' she answered herself, 'Don't kid yourself, Kagome. He always wanted to be a full blooded demon!' She was seriously debating if she wanted to go to the warring states era today. But as things would have it, it just seemed so damn tragic around the house today. Kagome had gone to summer school, having just barely salvaged her grades. Everyone was just lying around, with not a care in the world. And of course, she did promise Shippo that she'd come back that day. She brought him some chocolate last time, this time she thought she'd bring him a lollipop. 'But I really don't feel like dealing with InuYasha today,' she thought. 'You made a promise,' she argued with herself. Feeling a twinge of guilt, she got up, resolved to go to the feudal era.

"Hey, Mom, I'm going to the feudal era, ok?"

"Alright, Dear. I know its Friday, but try not to stay out too late."

"Ok, Mom. Bye, Sota, bye, Grandpa." And with that she left.

But just as she was one third of the way to the bone eater's well, it began to pour. "Oh great, as if my hair didn't look bad enough already! Its been so humid all day as it is! I'm going to look like a drowned dog!" With that, she smiled to herself, having just had the image of InuYasha dripping wet. She could almost hear his voice now, "Dammit I hate rain!" Now, she was laughing. She was still doubled over in giggles when she jumped into the well.

As she was falling, the Shikon No Tama caught her eye. She ran her fingers across it's smooth surface, studying it. 'A year ago,' she thought, 'it was still in scattered pieces all over feudal Japan...but now...'

The jewel was finally whole. It had been for about six months. Kagome took time to recollect what has happened over the past six months.-InuYasha finally told Kagome that he loves her, and she him. They still weren't a couple, but they did kiss a couple of times (Kagome blushed).She didn't really know where she stood with InuYasha. The same could be said of Sango. Miroku proposed to her, but of course, that didn't stop him from being any less of a lecher. She absolutely refused to do ANYTHING with him until he learned to control his "busy hands." And so far, she's stayed true to her word. This sometimes made Kagome think that the two would never get married. After all, Miroku, being the king of the hentais that he is, wasn't very likely to stop soon. Shippo was his normal self, aside from the fact that he was starting to pick up on some of Miroku's and InuYasha's bad...ummm...habits. InuYasha had been sat and Miroku slapped a few times already. Kiara had kittens only a few short weeks ago, and was faring well as of late. Kohaku died, but his soul was finally at peace. Kagura and Kanna's whereabouts were currently unknown. Naraku was dead.(obviously) Kikyo was nowhere to be found. Kouga became Lord of the Eastern Lands and mated with Ayume. Kaede wasn't being held back from her usual duties as a priestess, despite the fact that she was now blind. Myoga was actually sticking around for more than five seconds now that the immediate danger had passed. Sesshomaru, Jaken, and Rin were going about things as usual. Sesshomaru found a permanent substitute for his original arm. (However, none of the group knew about that last little development-lol)

Kagome was so preoccupied remembering all this that she had forgot that she was already on the other side of the well.

"Hey, shit for brains!" InuYasha yelled from somewhere above her. "Are you gonna come up or are you just gonna stay down there all day?!"

"InuYasha, don't be such a jerk, its hard to see down here!" she lied.

"Well then, if its so dark, how come I can see you?"

Kagome stood there, her arms strapped against her sides. She could feel the anger rising in her face.

"Why you..." she grimaced. Then all of a sudden, a shrill yell escaped her mouth, "SIT!!!"

"What the hell was that for?!!!" he yelled back, peeling himself off the ground.

"What's all this commotion, Kagome, have you returned?" Kagome heard Miroku's voice.

"Oh yeah, she's returned alright! And she can go straight back to where she came from as far as I care!" InuYasha barked.

"Oh really?" Kagome said calmly, although there was a sly grin on her face, "If you feel that way about it, perhaps I should go back, goodbye, InuYasha."

"Wait, Kagome!" InuYasha yelled down the well. Then he noticed that she hadn't left, she was just standing there with that smug grin on her face.

"Why have you got that look, I don't care if you leave or not!"

'As if!' Kagome thought. She climbed out of the well. When she got out, she poked InuYasha in the chest, "You better start admitting to yourself how much you really do care about me!"

InuYasha huffed. Just as he did, Sango emerged from the forest, Shippo on one shoulder, Kiara on the other. Miroku wasn't paying any attention, he was too busy standing behind Kagome thinking of when he should move in for the kill. But just as his hand started to move towards it's desired location.....


Miroku looked to see Sango's glaring face right in front of him. He recoiled slightly, knowing what was about to happen.... "LECH!"she screeched a she hit him, "HENTAI!" she hit him again. Then she stopped and skulked away towards Kagome, "I need to talk to you about a few things," she whispered, although the anger had not completely left her voice.

"The usual place?" Kagome asked.

"Yes," Sango said simply.

"We can't stay in too long, the monk will eventually catch on to where we went," Sango said as she stepped into the hot spring.

'You'd think she'd be used to Miroku's leching by now,' Kagome thought.

"Do you know if InuYasha is still planning to use the jewel of the four souls to become a full youkai?"

"To tell you the truth, I have no idea what is in InuYasha's head right now," Kagome said, with an air of exasperation in her voice. Kagome wanted to avoid the subject, "What about you, how are you doing, Sango?"

Sango got the point and smiled slightly, "Oh, I've just realized that I'll never be married or bear any children because of the way this is working out."

"Sango, don't give up hope altogether, Miroku will realize what a jerk he's being and he'll stop for good."

"Wow, Kagome," Sango said unenthusiastically, "that almost sounded convincing. I really don't want to talk about it anymore, if that's alright with you, Kagome." Sango said as she wrapped a towel around herself and got out.

"Sure, Sango," Kagome returned as she followed suit. 'Sango will never give up on Miroku,' Kagome thought, 'I knew it, she just loves him too much for that.'

When they were walking back to the village, they heard a small sniffle from behind one of the bushes.

"Is someone there?" Sango called out.

A small girl with a ponytail on the side of her head and a yellow kimono stepped out from behind the shrubs. "Can you please help me?" she said, crying.

"Sure we can, it'll be fine, now what's your name?" Kagome said soothingly.

"I'm Rin, and I'm looking for Lord Sesshomaru-sama," the small girl answered.(Author's note: ya, I know, it was so easy to see that one coming)

"Wh-what!?"said Sango, "Sesshomaru?!"

"Yes, what of me?" said a cold voice. The Lord of the Western Lands had just landed among them.


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