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Sesshomaru's Red Eyes

Chapter 2:

Into Enemy Territory


Kagome and Sango just stood there, perplexed. Their mouths were wide open, each of them sported the same shocked expression.

The little girl, Rin, however, ran to the lord's side, "Lord Sesshomaru-sama, you're here!" she exclaimed. Sesshomaru paid no attention, he continued to look back at Kagome and Sango.

"Yes, what of me?" he repeated, in a voice still colder.

Sango attempted to say something, but words failed her. She just stood there, her mouth flapping up and down as if she were a fish out of water.

Kagome was thinking the same thing over and over, 'We're in trouble, we're in trouble.' And then another thought came to mind, 'InuYasha, help us, please. Both of us are unarmed.' Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow, as though he were pleased with the girls' reactions to him.

"My half-breed brother must be somewhere nearby," he started, "This time I will slay him for sure."

'How can he talk about killing someone without showing any emotion?' Sango thought.



InuYasha was charging though the forest, Miroku at his heels.

"Are you certain, InuYasha," Miroku began, "that you smell Sesshomaru in this region?"

"Don't question me, you hentai monk!" InuYasha growled, "Besides, its not just Sesshomaru that I smell out there!"

Miroku's expression turned to worry, "You mean... the girls are out there as well?"

"That's just what I mean, they could be fighting him even as we speak!" Miroku gasped softly.

'Kagome,' InuYasha thought.

Kagome found her voice, "Ha! You can't kill InuYasha, you've had enough chances as it is! He always foils your plans and you know it!"

Sango was surveying her surroundings, 'There must be something I can use for a weapon somewhere...' she thought.

"Silence, wench," Sesshomaru said. His eyes rested on Sango, "You should be more like your companion. Or is it just that you are afraid of me?" he asked mockingly.

Sango's expression was stoney, "I could never be afraid of any type of demon, yourself included, you see, I am a youkai exterminator!"

Now both of Sesshomaru's eyebrows were raised, "How amusing, a frail human wench such as yourself claims to kill youkai on a daily basis? I believe you are telling me a falsehood."

"I would gladly show you that I am NOT lying, if only I had my weapon, you pathetic excuse for a youkai!"

'Sango, maybe you shouldn't push it that hard, at least not until InuYasha comes.' Kagome thought to herself.

Why don't you just give up on the sword, Sesshomaru, you'll never be able to wield it- so stop being such a pathetic fool!" Kagome said as her courage rose.

As Kagome said this, Jaken emerged from the trees, "Ah me lord, I see you have cornered them, excellent!"

"You act as though this whole thing was planned," Sango said suspiciously.

Sesshomaru smiled smugly, "That is because it was, except for Rin wandering away from us that is." He cast a stern look Rin's way, and she smiled sheepishly.

"I'm sorry, Lord Sesshomaru-sama," she apologized. Sesshomaru didn't answer.

"Hey, why don't you take her apology? She was really scared when she got separated from you!" Sango said angrily.

"Fine, apology accepted, Rin, don't do it again."

Kagome and Sango blinked. Sesshomaru never gave in to a request that easily. 'He must really care for that girl,' Kagome thought.

"So what's the next step to your so- called plan?" Kagome asked.

"Be not a fool, I don't have to explain myself to you, nor the slayer," Sesshomaru answered venomously. He turned to Jaken, "The time is now," he said.

"The time for what exactly?" Sango half yelled.

That's when Kagome noticed it... 'Sesshomaru,' she thought, 'He got a new arm, and it looks exactly the same as the one he had in the first place.'

"I cannot kill InuYasha on another lord's soil, but if my dear half breed brother were to come onto my territory, I can strike him down," Sesshomaru explained. All of a sudden, Sesshomaru's whole body became very rigid as he sniffed the air. "He approaches, there is not a moment to waste," he said softly.

Kagome and Sango's eyes widened in shock as Sesshomaru's hand glowed green and his energy whip was released. Jaken was the first to advance on them, his staff of the skills brandished in front of him.

'So they are going to kill us, InuYasha HELP!' Kagome thought desperately.
Sango snapped. She side-kicked Jaken to a tree, knocking him out cold.

Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed, "I was only expecting to capture InuYasha's wench, but I suppose, I'll have to take you now as well, Slayer."

"Capture us?" Kagome said aloud.

Sango was livid with anger, "You'll so no such thing! POISON POWDER!" With that, she launched a great deal of poison powder right in Sesshomaru's face.

Kagome rushed to help, but she didn't know what she could do.

Sesshomaru's eyes burned with an angry fire. "Fool, I have a good mind to kill you now, if there was no use for you."

The smile that inhabited Sango's face was slapped off instantly, 'What's wrong, why doesn't the poison powder work?' she thought.

In one swift movement, Sesshomaru grabbed hold of Sango's wrist, and thrust her around so her back was to him. Kagome heard a soft "pop." Sango's arm had been dislocated at the shoulder.

"Sango!" Kagome yelled out. She began to run towards her injured friend and her attacker.

Sango yelped in pain but cried out in a pained voice, "Kagome, go, leave this place, go get InuYasha and Miroku."

"Not a chance, I'm not gonna leave you, Sango!" Kagome yelled back.

Sesshomaru began to tie the energy whip around Sango's wrists. "Huh?" 'Why is the whip not burning my flesh?' Sango thought. She managed to look behind her. 'So that's why.' the whip was detached from Sesshomaru's hand, so it was not in contact with his poisonous claws.

Kagome had reached Sesshomaru. She began pounding him on the arm, trying to get him to unhand Sango. "You evil, spiteful thing!" she screamed, "InuYasha is going to kill you for this."

"I think not," Sesshomaru said calmly, "but he will try to kill me for doing this." Now Sesshomaru had Kagome turned around and began to tie her to the other end of the whip, all the while, Kagome was yelling and squirming all over the place. When he had finished, Sango and Kagome were back to back.

"Stop this, leave Kagome alone!" Sango said weakly.

Jaken had just started waking up. "Damn human wench!" he said as he stood up.

Seeing that his vassal had awakened, Sesshomaru said, "Jaken, the vile."

Jaken looked confused at first, for he had quite a large lump on the back of his head.

"The vile, you incompetent wretch!" Sesshomaru returned crossly.

"Oh yes, of course, me lord!" Jaken jumped to his master's request and held out a vile that was filled with a purple-colored gas.

"Open it, fool, can you not see that my hands are full."

"What's in that?!" Kagome said, still wriggling in her bindings.

"Sleeping gas," Sesshomaru answered simply.

"Now, sleep, you filthy wenches!" Jaken roared. He opened the vile. Instantly, the girls' eyelids began to drop. Sesshomaru took off into the air, the girls in hand. Neither Kagome nor Sango could move. Rin and Jaken were riding on Sesshomaru's dragon behind them.

The last thing Sango felt before she passed out was Sesshomaru's kimono brushing against her face.

Kagome lifted her head weakly and muttered one word, "InuYasha." Then, she knew no more.


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