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Sesshomaru's Red Eyes

Chapter XXXII:

Giving In To Nothingness


Last Time…Battousi promised his daughter, Mina, that if she behaved well, she could mate with Shippou when they are both of age. Later, Battousi finds an injured fox demon named Lita in the forest outside the barrier. She is a con artist who used to be Yukio, Lord of the Southern Land's slave. Battousi takes her to the palace to care for her wounds. Sesshomaru and Sango bond over a sick Rin, while all three of them talk about Sakura and Toshiro. Shippou asks Mina to mate with him when they are old enough; she accepts. Battousi has several disturbing visions having to do with Kagome, Sango, and Mina. The entire group meets in the entrance to the palace and an argument ensues. Sesshomaru and Battousi begin to fight during which Sesshomaru taunts Battousi about Kagome's love for InuYasha, and his eyes change to red. Mina tries to reason with him, but after being thrown against the wall, her eyes too change to red. A battle occurs, and Kagome breaks it up. Lita is nowhere to be seen, Battousi leaves, eyes still red, and Mina goes back to normal. At the end of chapter 31, the entire group was left feeling shocked an on edge…


After the fight had conspired, Sesshomaru was the first to leave, guiding Sango by the arm with him. Miroku cleared his throat loudly and informed them that he wanted to check on Toshiro and Sakura, who were being cared for by a grumpy Jaken. The room was empty, except for Kagome, InuYasha, and Mina.

InuYasha looked down at Mina disapprovingly, "What the hell do you think you were doin,' Mina? What the hell do you think you had to prove, huh? Trying to get yourself killed; and here I thought you had some sense."

"InuYasha," Kagome admonished quietly, "Leave her alone; I think she gets the point, and she's hurt." She bent down and put a hand on Mina's shoulder, "Come on, it's to the hospital wing with you; you need to be bandaged up."

It took awhile for Mina to answer; she was still clearly stunned at what had just occurred. "I don't need it," she said finally.

"Feh, oh no you don't," InuYasha scoffed, "If I had to constantly get pestered by Kagome to get bandaged after each battle, so do you." He picked her up and she, surprisingly, didn't protest.

Kagome shook her head, "Good, I'll lead the way," she exclaimed cheerfully and with a smile, "You'll be feeling better in no time, Mina." She turned her heel and began walking in the direction of the hospital wing.

"Great." she whispered in an undertone. InuYasha looked at her, "Try not to look so down, kid," he muttered. "Why couldn't my father be more like you?" Mina said quietly. She didn't really care at this point if InuYasha heard her or not, and he did.

InuYasha's brow furrowed. "Kagome," he spoke, "You go ahead; we'll come in a minute."

"InuYasha," Kagome started, "I won't have you picking on her anymore!"

"I'm not going to pick on her!" he retorted.

"Then what were you just doing?" Kagome argued.

InuYasha growled softly out of frustration. "Damn, woman, can you just go on ahead, it's fine."

His mate pursed her lips reproachfully. Usually, when InuYasha talked to her like that, she would get in a full-blown argument with him, but she just didn't feel like arguing right now, not after what had just happened. She just sighed and walked ahead.

InuYasha took Mina to his and Kagome's room, where Kagome kept wads of bandages and medicines. He treated and dressed her wounds for her. "I'd bet you don't want Kagome gushing over you right now," he said knowingly, "I would know; she's done it to me countless times."

'Thanks." Mina answered gratefully. A long, awkward silence ensued.

InuYasha finally spoke up, "I…eh…heard what you said down there about that bast- I mean, Battousi."

"Forget I said it." she said quickly.

He was sure he wouldn't. "You know, I never knew my dad."

"You didn't," Mina began, "but he left you Tetsusaiga. And just look at what Battousi left me; an entire lifetime of fear, worrying when and if I'll become a monstrous killer like he had been."

"You're not like him," InuYasha said simply.

Mina struggled with her words, "And that's what I've been trying to tell everyone. They say 'Oh you're just like your father; you remind me of Battousi,' and don't really understand how horrible it would be to be like him."

"I wish it could've been different for you," InuYasha stated, "You're a good kid; you don't deserve this."

Mina looked up at InuYasha timidly. "What is it?" he asked. She shook her head and walked over to him, sat on his lap, and hugged him. InuYasha held his niece, comforting her.

"There you are," Kagome said happily. She had just entered the room. "Do you feel a little better, Mina?"

The little girl nodded and Kagome smiled.


"I assume that we have now come to an agreement"

The person to whom he referred to bowed slightly in respect. "Yes, Battousi."

Battousi raised an elegant eyebrow questioningly, "Show some respect." He half smiled, "And I will know of any trickery you may attempt."

His audience looked up at him, "Battousi-sama, I know there have been difficulties in alliance, but I assure you, that mistake won't occur."

"See to it that it doesn't. I may have use for you yet."

"And that use?"

Battousi's lips curled into an evil smirk, "I have a feeling that there will be many changes in my kin's life." Much to the red-eyed demon's distaste, he could feel himself soften with the guilt from his plan. He would not allow Naraku to witness his transformation to his "weaker" self. So Battousi teleported away, to ponder his next move.


Sango was in the garden with Miroku and the children while Sesshomaru was off training a bit. He seemed a bit too tense about something but she never questioned him until he told her about it.

"That's my girl." Miroku noticed at how alike he and Sakura are. Though his perverted trait is a curse in a way, it was also a comical blessing. "Now Miroku, you better not be teaching her anything improper, like how your hand reacts."

He put a hand behind his hand while he lightly laughed. Sango picked up Toshiro, "Say 'mama' for me Toshi." He looked up at her with his head tilted slightly to the side. It seemed like he picked up the trait of contemplation from his father. He watched out for his sister fiercely and thought carefully over every word spoken to him.

"Don't worry Sango, they still have a bit of time before they start speaking. We must be patient." If only he could practice what he preached, putting Sakura in his lap, he instructed her: "Now Sakura, say 'Daddy'."

Sango laughed, "And I thought we would be patient with our children."

"And so we are, dear Sango," he returned with a smile. Out of habit, Sango returned the smile. After a moment though, her face fell and she looked down.

Miroku nodded sadly, "I…apologize, Sango. I fear that old habits die harder than I originally imagined."

To lighten the mood, Sango poked fun at the lecherous monk: "As if I didn't notice that already, Hentai." Chuckling, he put a hand to his chest in a gesture of mock-earnestness, "You hurt me, Sango," Miroku retorted, "You know I do nothing but act in the respectful manner the Buddha would be appreciative of."

"Uh-huh," she said lazily and then thought wistfully, 'He'll never change. It will always be as if time stood still.' Her problem was that it was too unchanging; she felt that she could never move on. She stared at Miroku playing with her children; he is a great father.

Sakura and Toshiro crawled off to observe some of the greenery in the garden. Miroku turned to Sango, noticing how contemplative she was and scooted in front of her. She snapped back into attention with a light blush on her face, "Gomen, I have been thinking a lot."

His smile had softened; he had been depressed lately but refused to show her. Her decision is Sesshomaru and he will not force her to change her mind. Honestly he couldn't blame her for choosing him, Sesshomaru could protect her better and his womanizing never helped their relationship.

He felt her hand grasp his lightly, "I don't think I have apologized enough for everything that has happened-"

"I don't want you to apologize anymore, as long as you are happy."

"You say that so many times, but is that really how you feel?"

Did he dare say how he felt? Could he really trouble her mind just to see how she felt about him? "Sango, what I feel is irrelevant to the situation."

She squeezed his hand harder, "I want the truth Miroku, and please don't hold back because of my decision." Tears threaten to bubble out but she refused to shed them.

"The truth is not that simple. But I will not lie to you." He took a deep breath in, while softly caressing his thumb across the back of her hand. "I have been missing you, the way you would feel in my arms or the bliss within your kiss." He took in a deep breath, "A part of me wished that you did wait for my return. It is good that you have moved on, but it still hurt my heart. I missed how we could just be carefree. That was my dream. You and I, Kagome and Inuyasha. All of us being together with our children growing up side by side. But I am not foolish."

Miroku's head ran with so many memories and it hurt him, "Sango, you are happy with Sesshomaru and I will not be bitter by forcing you to stay where your heart does not lie. It is best to forget this conver-"

Sango's soft lips pressed against his in a desperate kiss. In order to deepen it, he pulled her into his lap, arms wrapped around her frame gently, their tongues in a light dance with one another. They had missed each other and needed this closure to help Sango move on. Her mind had set on this being her goodbye kiss to her love.

A low, menacingly growl rang through their ears. The next thing she knew, Miroku was ripped from her and held in the air with his feet dangling. Sesshomaru held Miroku by his throat as he struggled for breath. He roared, "MY MATE!"

Sango leaped to her feet and placed her hands roughly on Sesshomaru's forearm. "Let him down!!" Sesshomaru could not hear her through his blinding rage. "It's not what you think; you have to let him down so I can explain!" Miroku's struggles to get out of the vice grip were slowly fading, he was losing energy fast.

Suddenly, Sakura started crying, Toshiro by her side, crawling to their fathers. Sango grabbed her babies before they could get to them. She feared that in this state Sesshomaru might…no, what could she be afraid of? She knew he wouldn't hurt them. Sesshomaru lightened his grip slightly and tilted his head towards his family.

Sango tried comforting them as much as possible but to no avail. Sakura cried harder while looking at Sesshomaru; Toshiro looking at him with confusion. "Sesshomaru, think of our children. Let go of Miroku."

Miroku started taking deeper breaths, showing that she pushed through Sesshomaru. His anger was still apparent but he let the monk drop on the ground. Sango stayed rooted to the spot, not letting her eyes off of Sesshomaru.

He approached his family with the utmost precaution, afraid of his blinding rage. When in front of them, he let himself calm down more before touching Sango with such gentleness that if she didn't have her eyes open, she wouldn't even know he caressed her.

Sakura held out her arms towards the Taiyouki. Sesshomaru looked into Sango's eyes asking for permission to hold his children and when Sango didn't make a protest, he grabbed Sakura and Toshiro into his arms. 'I cannot lose control in front of them; I shall deal with the monk later.' Sango joined in on the hug swiftly before helping Miroku up.

"Sesshomaru please put the children into our room. Once Miroku is in the hospital wing I will go to the hot springs so please be patient with me." Miroku was still weak and had to lean against Sango for some support. Sesshomaru looked into her eyes, nodding with approval and gave Miroku a warning glare before leaving with his children.

A little later……

Miroku laid down on the bed and Sango inspected his bruised neck. It could have been much worse…

"Oh Miroku," tears swelled in her eyes, "I did not mean for things to get out of hand as they did."

He put up his hand to stop her, "We all knew I had it coming." He smirked a bit, "He always had a disliking to me so it should be of no surprise. Now please, go rest and I shall see you when I get some of my own."

"But Miroku-"

He put a finger to her lips gently, "Go Sango, you do not want to make this situation worse by staying. Don't worry, once your mate has settled his mind we may speak to one another."

She could only sigh, he was right, talking about the incident can't help them and staying there for too long would only make her mate more irate. "Very well then, I shall speak to you soon." She quickly got up and went outside to her favorite spot underneath the willow tree.


"Are you sure you're OK?" Shippou asked again.

"I'm fine." Mina answered.

"Your dad better not hurt you again," he said determinedly.

"Or what?" she returned with a smile, "You're going to protect me?"

"That's it! I'll protect you from him." Mina cracked up laughing. "What?" Shippou asked, "You don't think I could?"

Once she stopped shaking with laughter, Mina kissed Shippou on the cheek, "My hero." Shippou went red.

There was a short silence before Mina exclaimed awkwardly, "I'm finally going to do it."

Shippou looked at her with confusion, his head tilted to the side, "Do what, Mina-chan?"

She rested her back against the sakura tree. "I'm tired of being looked down upon, with others thinking I'm incapable of doing things on my own. It's time for a change, a transformation, to an adult."

Normally he would have ecstatic for her but…."Why would you want to be an adult? It's no fun from what I see." He paused, thinking, "There's something more to it, isn't there, Mina? You're not the kind of person who would do something like this. It just seems so…"

"Cold? Selfish? Arrogant? Yes, Shippou, I am all of those things. You have overestimated my character, I'm afraid. I'm sorry to have misled you." She was having trouble retaining her cool composure.

"Is it because of me? Did I do something?"

She hugged him tightly, "I don't want to push you away, Shippou," she whispered, "But don't you see? I have to."

"Why do you have to?"

"I-I can't explain…" She couldn't tell him that she was willing to give up all her plans for him. That she had every intention of growing up with him, and then growing old with him. That Battousi's most recent transformation, and more importantly, her own transformation from herself into a red-eyed killer that was holding her back, preventing them from ever being able to be together. Battousi had hurt Kagome deeply that way, she just couldn't do that to Shippou, and she certainly couldn't let Battousi, who had displayed disapproval towards him before, hurt him. Who knows what Battousi would do to Shippou if he was around when her father transformed again. This was the only way to cut Shippou off almost completely; her becoming older would be the only way to change Shippou from a potential mate to an innocent friend. Even that much might not be a possibility.

"Mina, you can tell me anything, it's OK."

She was on the verge of crying. She couldn't cry. "Let no weakness be shown," Battousi had once said. Why had he even created her at all? To be his reason for living? Why did she have to take on such a heavy burden? "I have to go," Mina finally said. She hugged him tighter still and then let go, "Please forget me, Shippou. Forgive me and forget me." And then she teleported away.


"You promised me! You promised me a life with whomever I wished!"

"Then you lied to her," Kagome stated, "You lied to your daughter, Battousi!"

Battousi shook himself back to the present. He'd been experiencing more visions lately. They seemed to be coming in quick succession too, as the last one was of Mina, how he fought her, how he hurt his only child. She was supposed to be the light of his life, and now his actions had implanted a seed in her, a seed of desperation, anger, and sorrow. She was feeling all of these towards him at the moment, so he would stay away. He would not read her thoughts; he would not try to speak to her for some time. He could not face Kagome either; such a pure soul need not be tarnished by the beast within him.

He was so unpredictable right now. Would he, could he change back any moment? Back to that fiend who would harm his own offspring? Battousi couldn't trust himself anymore. For a creature that could see the future, he had never felt so unsure.

"You seem troubled, Battousi-sama. You did not even sense that I am here…with you."

Battousi's head turned, "Lita, you are safe."

Lita stepped before him, slightly apprehensive, "Thanks to you." She was silent for a moment before continuing in a whisper, "You truly are the Battousi."

"Yes I am, Lita." he stated, simply. There was no way to escape from that answer. It was what it was. No other response would've been true. "And now you must leave. I do not know when and if I will change. There is much danger in my presence and you would do well to avoid it."

"You've helped me, Battousi-sama. You've shown me kindness I haven't felt since my childhood, before I was sold to Yukio-sama as cheap cattle would be. You helped heal my wounds, fed me, clothed me, and sheltered me. How can I repay you?"

"There is no need for you to repay me."

Tears came to Lita's eyes. She knelt before Battousi, and then lay down on the ground, her back resting against the cold earth.

"What are you doing?" Battousi questioned, slightly puzzled.

"Repaying you, Battousi-sama. This is how Yukio-sama had me repay him," she choked, her voice breaking.

Battousi could feel a tug at his newly-acquired heart. Now, somehow, he knew he was safe to be around, even if just for a moment. He knelt by her side and she locked her eyes shut, bracing herself. Instead, she felt the touch of his lips against her cheek.

"You are a creature of misfortune, Lita. I hope you find happiness somwhere." he said quietly.

Her eyes opened and she gazed at him, "You mean you will not seek me out and expect my payment?"

He shook his head, "No."

Lita's eyes welled up with tears and she embraced him before succumbing to sobs, "But I have found happiness, Battousi. I have found it now, with you." As if she had suddenly come to some grand realization, her eyes widened, and she pressed a hand to her chest. It was more of a theatrical reaction than an earnest one, but Lita was an individual who lived on the moment. "Let me stay with you, Battousi-sama!" She gasped, frightened at her own words, "I think I love you, Battousi-sama! And if I am false, then I know I could fall in love with you! I know it's possible!"

As if it were a reflex, Battousi pushed her away and stood up. He turned his heel and began to walk away.

"Battousi? What have I done wrong?"

He looked back at her sadly, "Do not do this, Lita. Do not become ensnared in my trap. We must never cross paths again. Go now." He said the last words roughly, coldly, as he could swiftly feel the Anger building up in him once again. Lita's tender words directed towards him, her willingness to give herself to him…it was only reminding him of what he wished so hard that Kagome would do. He himself had thought of a moment like this with her vividly many times. He savored it, and it was making him lose control.

"I know you are dangerous, but I will not leave you, Battousi-sama! I will not fail you, as others have."

His clawed hand grasped her wrist, and he yanked her up to his eye level. "Foolish, imulsive woman, is THIS what you want to wake up next to every morning?!" Battousi's eyes were flashing sporadically from gold to red.

Lita let out a kind of strangled, alarmed yell, unable to tear her eyes away from his. "Pl-please," was all she could muster.

He let go of her wrist, and fell to his knees, jagged claws digging into the ground. Slowly, he looked up at her, and his eyes remained golden. He had to get out the words before his transformation back to Red Eyes was complete, "Run and do not look back."

She took his advice, and fled.


Kagome needed a trip to the hot springs with her best friend to clear her head. Everyone was going through a stressful time and it would be best to get some closure with Sango because in a way, they were in a similar situation. Gathering all her supplies, she kissed Inuyasha tenderly on the cheek before leaving to retrieve Sango.

She approached Sesshomaru and Sango's bedroom, knocking on the door, "Sango?" she called.

There was no sound and just before she knocked again, a cold voice answered, "Come in."

A shiver ran down her back as she cautiously entered the room, only to find Sesshomaru with Toshiro resting beside him on the bed. "Sango is not here, Miko."

"Oh…well do you have any idea where she is?"

He ignored her, and lightly rubbed his hand on his son's head.

Kagome smiled at the action and approached the bedside, reaching her hand to touch the toddler. Before she could get near him, Sesshomaru growled warningly at her. "Do not touch my children when it is only us. Sango will allow you, but not I."

"Sesshomaru!" she whispered as quietly as she could. "You cannot do this, he is like my nephew! Don't be so cruel."

Toshiro felt the tension in the air and started to wiggle. He eventually opened his eyes and started whining slightly. "Your presence is a nuisance to him, leave before I get cross, Miko, for I will not tell you again."

She huffed and walked towards the door, "I won't allow you to do this Sesshomaru; Sango will not be happy to hear about this."

Before she left though, he let a thought linger in her head: "Tell and you shall fear my wrath." Her pulse pounded in her head from the comment as she hurried to find her best friend.


Sango sat underneath the willow tree, hoping it would give her some sort of comfort. Kissing Miroku brought her back to thinking about everything that had happened between them: the first time they met, their struggle against Naraku, when he proposed, their marriage, and their children. They have gone down such a long road and a part of her wished to return to him. She knew she couldn't, however, for she was mated to Sesshomaru, not that it was a bad thing, but wasn't she supposed to feel closer to Sesshomaru? Instead, she felt rather detached from him.

In the distance she could hear Kagome yelling for her, but she wasn't sure if she wanted to answer. Even though she needed time to contemplate everything, Sango decided to call back to her. "Over here Kagome-chan!"

Kagome heard her call and made her way towards the sound of Sango's voice, arms loaded with bathing supplies and towels. Sango looked up at her from the base of the tree, knowing very well what Kagome would ask for, 'Maybe some time in the springs is what I need right now.'

"Hey Sango, you want to go with me?"

Sango smiled at her friend's offer. "Of course; I have been feeling a bit filthy from all the commotion anyway."

They both walked to the springs in silence, unsure of what to say. After removing their clothes, they gingerly stepped in.

Sango broke the silence, "How is Mina doing?"

"Well, she seems to be doing better. She's with Shippo right now. I'm sure they're talking everything out right now." She paused and smiled slightly, "You know, I think they are a cute match for each other."

Sango nodded in agreement, "They seem to make each other happy, no one could ask for anything more."

"…Sango? Is everything all right? I mean, when I found you, you seemed upset." A sigh was the only reply that came. "I see, well it's OK; you don't have to tell me anyway."

"No, Kagome-chan, it's just, I haven't thought everything through." She paused, "I keep thinking about everything before this."

"Oh, about Miroku?" Kagome placed a hand on her shoulder, "You still love him; I knew it."

"It's not that simple. Yes, I still have feelings for Miroku, but I'm Sesshomaru's mate." Kagome involuntarily shivered at the name.

"Kagome? Are you alright?"

"Yeah, it's just; I don't think he's right for you." She let her hand slip from Sango's shoulder.

"Well, I know you two don't get along but he's different when it's just us. He may be a bit too protective but I can deal with it. Not everyone is perfect, Kagome."

Both of them rinsed their hair and soaked in the springs for awhile. Sango knew there was something on Kagome's mind about Sesshomaru. Sure, he may not be mister sensitive or anything but he's a very genuine and faithful mate. They went through many hurdles together and there was no stopping them now. Their children were back, and there was time to make up, for all three parents.

"Sango, it's not that I don't trust him," she started suddenly, "It's just I don't like his ideas, like when I went to find you. Well, he didn't allow me to touch Toshiro."

"What?" Sango was really surprised by this. Would Sesshomaru go that far as to be protective or is it something else? "Kagome, he would never do that. He's not cruel."

They both stood up, drying themselves off. "Yeah, I guess you're right." Kagome said dejectedly.

"Come on, why don't we go inside? I'll make some tea for us."

The call of blood circulated in his veins. He couldn't escape it. Battousi thought of what it was he desired, closing his eyes, he teleported to the place he wished to be. Opening his eyes and looking past the gates to Sesshomaru's home, he felt nothing but hunger of blood and bitterness. 'I wonder what the ladies of the home are doing?' he thought with a wicked smile. He could feel them approaching.

Kagome stretched like a cat, Sango smiling at the action. "It feels great to feel clean again huh?

"I wish I could say the same thing."

Both women stopped cold in their tracks, their breaths taken away by the coldness of the voice that was so recognizable.

"Battousi," Kagome whispered, surprised by his sudden appearance.

"You're not welcome here, Battousi. Leave now!" Sango shouted as she crouched into a battle stance. Even though she stood no chance against the man-slayer, she had to do something.

Battousi chuckled menacingly. "You wish to fight me Huntress? Then by all means, go ahead and try."

They all knew that it was just to get a rise out of Sango and she wouldn't fall for it. Kagome couldn't speak, there were so many things she had wanted to say but she couldn't seem to think of anything as she continued to stare at Battousi's hostel form. She felt slightly numb, after everything that has been piling up on his account, how much more is there to come?

"I won't tell you again, Battousi. You have no right to be here, not after what you did to your own daughter!"

Battousi walked closer to them, only Kagome backed away from him slightly. His eyes were red, he wouldn't hurt her, but Sango was another story.

"Battousi, please don't hurt Sango." It was the only thing she could muster.

"You should be concerned on both of your welfares, Kagome." He stopped in front of Sango, peering down at the strong woman. He was only toying with her and she knew it, she was better than that. She looked straight into his eyes.

"Feeling torn? Not sure of where your heart lies, Huntress?"

"Do not look into my mind Battousi!"

"It would seem that I have touched on something sensitive."It was true, many things were coursing through her mind lately, but she wouldn't let them get the best of her right now.

Kagome went to his side to persuade him to leave, she knew it was possible for her to get through to him, and she just had to. "Battousi, leave Sango alone. Fight through this; I know you can." Just before she could touch him he turned to her, gripping her wrist. He held it tightly, almost breaking the bone, causing the young miko to whimper. Sango had enough. She brought out her blade in attempt to stab him, but to no avail, for he was much faster. He smacked her and she hit the closest tree, she wasn't unconscious, but she had great trouble recouping from it.

"No!" Kagome wiggled in his grasp. "How could you?!"

Still facing her, he brought his face dangerously close to hers. "Surely you would not want me injured Kagome. After all, you wanted me to be able to defend myself in the time I was willing to die.

She tried backing away but his other hand had fastened around her waist, limiting her movement. "You can't do this. You need to leave." If she could just get his name out…

"If you think about calling his name." his nails dug into her hip, blood dripping out slowly, "I'll kill him where he stands." Then he added, "My patience with him has hit an all-time low today."

She couldn't look at him, everything was going so wrong. What could she do to change him back? She can't stay with him, she loves Inuyasha and wouldn't leave his side.

"You did this Kagome. If you never existed in this time, so many lives wouldn't be lost over the jewel, I never would have become the monster I am today."

A sob softly escaped her lips, "I didn't…I didn't mean for all this to happen. I'm sorry I hurt you." He released her wrist, bringing his clawed hand to her chin. She looked up at him and he began to kiss her gently, much to her protest. The kiss grew deeper and ruthless. His fangs sunk into her lower lip, blood pouring into his mouth and down side of hers. She muffled a yell and attempted to push him away, but when she touched his chest, she purified him slightly. He became angry at the notion and slapped her. Sango was already up and just about recovered, so she charged at him while he was injured. She was able to put the dagger into his chest, but at a price. When it hit him, he grabbed her arm, breaking it in two places. "You should have known," he hissed, "There is no heart in this chest for you to stab!"

"Bastard!" She clutched her arm tightly and looked at Kagome. "Run! Get Inuyasha or Sesshomaru!"

Kagome turned around and started to run but was shocked by a red light, there was a barrier around them. No one could come in and no one could get out. Her eyes were filled with hurt as she looked up at him, "Battousi, it wasn't supposed to be like this, not now," was all her voice choke out. Then she lay unconscious on the ground…


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