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Chapter 33:

"Pain, Guilt, What have I done?"


Last time…

InuYasha and Mina bonded. Battousi was planning something…Sango and Miroku had a goodbye kiss, much to the anger of an on looking Sesshomaru. Mina told Shippou she was going to use a spell to grow up, but she didn't tell Shippou she was doing it to protect him from Battousi. Lita proclaimed her love for Battousi. Sesshomaru gave Kagome a warning…Sango and Kagome had a heart-to-heart talk about their problems. Battousi cornered the two women, and began a physical and mental torment. At the end of chapter 32, Kagome lost consciousness and Battousi rounded on Sango…

"Kagome!" This was starting to turn out bad; Sango wouldn't have even thought Battousi would hurt Kagome. Who knows how much longer this would keep going. She turned back to Battousi. "You monster! First your daughter, now Kagome!?"

Battousi took a moment to let the taijiya's words settle. There was only a twinge of guilt in his body, but that wasn't enough…not enough to save the woman. "I am a monster, I have raped, murdered," he took a deep breathe in, letting the thrill calm down in his veins, he didn't want to kill Sango…yet.

"You disgust me, you are worse than Naraku." Sango's anger was more than visible.

"You are correct; he has not committed all the crimes I have. Though you did aid him."

He chuckled darkly, he was obviously amused. Nothing could hold him back, he could take his time killing her and deal with Kagome however he wished shortly afterwards.

"It was only once, but it was for the wrong reasons!"

Sango's eyes lit with confusion.

"Bastard, don't talk about my family! It was Naraku who killed them!" She was losing her cool; when it came to her family, her emotions were always at their peak.

"Yet you deny the fact that you just stood there and observed your brother kill your kin. You had allowed Naraku to take all you love in the end."

"I fought with every breath to get Kohaku back! I loved him; don't speak of my family in such a poor manner!" She charged at him yet again, attempting to ram her feet into his side, but he dodged every attempt. His taunting was working and she had no choice but to fight.

Catching her leg, Battousi flipped her to the ground, pressing his foot on her chest lightly; it was enough to keep her down. "You will listen to what I have to say." He pressed down harder; Sango's breath was escaping from her lungs.

He let up his foot a bit, leaving her coughing and gasping for air, "Like I would believe you, of all people! You beat up all you love; you don't appreciate life at all! I honestly don't know why Kagome would even bother with you. She and Inuyasha deserve each other and you have shown nothing but hate and deceit!"

"My business with Kagome has nothing to do with you. You are avoiding the subject at hand."

"You read my mind, you know how I was tormented, and you know the reason. But, you are so cold hearted that you could never experience everything that I felt when I lost my family."

Battousi summoned his whip; his time with her is slowly coming to its end. Sango was getting too tired to fight but she would not let up her defense. She tried everything she could to get up when he kicked her so she would turn and lay on her stomach.

"And that's what makes you weak, because you have no heart." Sango braced herself for a lashing, nothing that she can't handle.

Yes he had only his whip, but as it came down upon Sango's back, thick thorns emerged from it. As it hit her, the thorns coiled in her skin and small bits of flesh were ripped from her bones. She couldn't hold back the painful groan that passed her lips. "You were never as strong as others perceived you to be, and you shall never be any good to anyone." He added,

Blood dripped down to the grass, "No! That's not true!" She was panting excessively, eyes slowly drooping from the loss of blood.

He whipped her once more and then fully allowed her access to get up. Stepping back, he watched as the taijiya tried with all her might to rise from the ground.

Sango swayed from left to right as she stood on her feet. All her anger and sadness gave her energy to stand up to him, but just as she took a step forward she only tumbled to land on all fours. All at the same time Kagome was moaning in pain, starting to gain consciousness.

Their blood made him feel like he was on the grandest high and he couldn't go down. However, that feeling dissipated as he assessed the situation. Yes, he could kill her now, but then what? Sure he may kill InuYasha and Sesshomaru, those who oppose him. It wouldn't do though. There is not enough carnage nor satisfaction in swift death. He would torture them all. In doing so, he would have Kagome, regardless of price. With that notion, he left Sango to be attended to with no interference. Kagome was not so lucky; Battousi took her with him.


It was finished. Mina had been in the same room where Sesshomaru had transferred Battousi's spirit inside of him into flesh and bone for hours. Now her work was finally complete. She closed the door and took a deep breath. Before the now adult Mina could take a step further, she heard InuYasha's piercing yell.

Instinctively, the young woman stiffened, eyes widening, "Kagome…Sango," she whispered barely audible. She darted around the corner, guilt welling up inside of her.

Shippou saw the fully grown Mina rushing past him. She was beautiful, but very upset by the looks of her. "Mina?" he gently called her name.

She froze. Why was it so hard to look at him? After she plucked up the courage to do so, Mina spoke desperately, "I'll get her back, I promise you, Shippou." And then, the man-slayer's daughter was gone.


Sesshomaru reached Sango, picking her up gingerly in his arms. Her breathing was shallow but she fought to remain conscious. He could smell Battousi on her, his blood was on fire at the thought of him touching her. "Sess-Sesshomaru..."

His attention snapped back to his badly injured 'mate,' "Sango" his voice did not shake but Sango could not miss the desperation in his eyes. Without a moment hesitation, he took her straight to the hospital wing to be treated. An old owl demon came immediately at the smell of blood; she quickly cleaned up her wounds as Sesshomaru stood to the side unable to help. He hated feeling helpless.

"Where's Kagome?" Sango asked weakly. Her head was spinning. She had never felt so completely beaten before, in body, mind, and spirit. "Is…she all right?" Her eyelids fluttered; she was struggling to stay awake.

Sango was in so much pain but the owl demon did as best as she could and gave her something to help her sleep much to taijiya's protest. Sesshomaru stayed by her side the whole night, watching over her. He knew that she would need him now more than ever. He may have been bitter and jealous earlier but could one really blame him? No, he had every right…but then again…she wasn't really his mate.

Battousi was going too far to prove his point. Mina never thought it would get this bad so quickly, especially to the point where he actually hurt Kagome. She teleported to the miko's side, immediately throwing her arms around her.

"Who- Mina?" Kagome uttered, shocked. "What have you done?"

Mina said in anguish, "I have no time to explain, I must get you out of here before my fath-" she stopped herself,

"How's Sango?" Kagome asked, before Mina could stop her.

She looked at Kagome's wounds to reassure herself that she was fine. Once satisfied she looked at her, with a sad smile.

Kagome rubbed her fingers through Mina's hair, "There's nothing to worry about; I didn't get the worst of it. It's Sango we should all be afraid for. But speaking of Shippo..."

Mina flushed at the mention of the kitsune's name, "I know he will understand someday, Kagome; he must. I only wish for his safety." Then she continued hurriedly,

A tense silence consumed the room; neither knew what to say though there was much to be heard. Mina was truly afraid of what her father could do. He had hurt his own daughter, the being that was supposed to help him live on and he had hurt the love of his heart.

"Quite effortlessly my daughter."

Mina sprung from the spot, Kagome slowly standing up behind her. Battousi stood several feet in front of them. Mina knew he put up a barrier so she comprehended the fact that this conversation will not be a pleasant one.

Before Mina could ask him any questions, Kagome spoke up, "How could you show your face after what you did to Sango!?" Kagome was so hurt; he almost killed her best friend, not to mention hurt her physically and mentally.

His smirk was treacherous, "All issues shall be rectified before long." He looked upon his daughter.

"Father I have done no such thing!"

"Lies, you have unconsciously betrayed me, therefore, you shall not mate with the kitsune."

He looked at her, "You were supposed to be my entire world, and you betrayed me." Battousi's eyes flashed dangerously, "You were supposed to be different, not like her." He pointed a jagged claw in Kagome's direction, and she shifted uncomfortably. Father and daughter began to exchange words back and forth, he with finality, and she with anxiety.

"I did not betray you."

"Do not lie to me."

"What have I done?"

Now Mina understood. Battousi used her silence to speak further, "Do you honestly think I wouldn't hear what you said to that half-breed earlier today? You told him you wanted me to be like him." He glared at her

Mina was quiet for a long time. Kagome's hand tightened on her shoulder. She brushed it off gently, and Kagome nodded. "I love you," Mina finally said,

Battousi interjected, "Yet, I do not despise him as deeply as I do InuYasha. Why do you suppose that is?" When he didn't receive a reply, Battousi answered his own question,

"You bastard," Kagome whispered.

She paused for a moment before continuing with confidence,

Battousi smiled evilly, "In a matter of speaking."

Before either Kagome or Mina could retort, a thick cloud began to blanket the area. The two women coughed and sputtered. Mina began to glow red, a defense mechanism she'd used when feeling threatened, and placed a hand to Kagome's mouth. Now, she could breathe.

"You are not a child anymore," Battousi began, "Now there are consequences, repercussions for your actions. Starting now, you shall do as I say."

"Only until I take over," spoke a voice. The poisonous cloud began to lift, and the form of a man began to materialize before them. Mina removed her hand from Kagome's mouth, standing dumbfounded to the spot, 'No.' Kagome couldn't believe it, "Naraku?"

"I've come to collect," Naraku said maliciously. He spoke to Battousi, "An heir more powerful than in my wildest dreams; that is what you promised me, Man-Slayer. And so I shall have."

"YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" Kagome screamed out, "You sold your daughter out to him?"

Mina went to her father's side, taking his hands in hers, "Please, Father, this is not you; you would not do this to me."

Using all the strength she could muster, Kagome began to punch Battousi in the back, screaming. He pushed her away, she hit the ground, and remained motionless.

Without even looking at his daughter, he pushed her in Naraku's direction, and he grasped her tightly. "She's mine," Naraku sneered. Mina gasped as Battousi turned his back to her. "Daddy," she pleaded softly.

Battousi grabbed Kagome by her waist as she dangled from his grasp. He teleported…


Sango awoke after a couple of hours to Sesshomaru brushing her bangs aside. "You should keep resting; you are safe."

Before she could respond, everything hit her like a brick. She sat up straight, struggling. "Where is Kagome? Is she alright?"

He did not respond, he knew she was captured but everything that happened afterwards he did not know nor did he care. She could be dead and he would not care. He pushed her down upon the bed to brace her for his response.

"Sesshomaru? Tell me, please."

He let out an exasperated sigh, "She was seized by Battousi, as of now, I do not know if she has returned."

"What?!" She tried to get up but Sesshomaru would not allow her, "Let me up! I have to get her from that…that monster!"

"No, you will stay here until you are well. You will not go anywhere near Battousi, is that understood?"

"You can't just keep me here while my best friend is out there with HIM! He's actually to the point of wounding her, who knows what he's capable of?!"

"Woman! If you do not refrain from moving I will have to tie you down." She resisted moving a bit. "I will check the children first and then I shall talk to InuYasha about a plan of action." The first part was not a lie, but there was no way he would help get Kagome back.

Sango was still weary of her mate but didn't sense a lie. "After you talk to InuYasha, come back and tell me what we are doing."

He nodded and headed towards Rin and his children.


Rin and Shippou were playing tag in the room while Sakura and Toshiro played in the pen. The babysitter was taking a short break due to the kids' persuasion.

"You can't catch me Rin!" Shippou tried to slow down and much as possible for Rin.

"Rin will catch you!" She was so close to him…and then she ran into him. "Shippou, why did you stop?" she noticed Shippou looking up and she too looked up.

Battousi was standing there in all his glory, Kagome hanging in his arm.

Shippou wanted to yell for InuYasha to come but couldn't. Battousi stared into the kitsune's eyes. While Shippou looked back into his with sadness and confusion. "Sesshomaru-sama!!" Rin couldn't help but yell at the top of her lungs; she was scared for everyone there.

With surprising gentleness, Battousi placed Kagome on the ground in front of Shippou and teleported. The kitsune went to his adoptive mom. "Kagome!! Wake up! Oh Kagome!"

Kagome groaned in pain and slowly opened her eyes. At that point Sesshomaru barged in, making the toddlers jump at all the excitement. He assessed the situation, taking it all in. Rin quickly went to Sesshomaru. He patted her head softly to assure her that everything was going to be fine.

"Mina" Kagome groaned. "We have to save her."

Shippou's hair raised at the base of his neck. What had happened to his future mate? Once Sesshomaru made sure all of his children were safe he went to Kagome. "Why did you bring this danger so close to my children?" He grabbed her arm to pull her up to her feet, but she was so unstable she fell back to her knees.

"Leave Kagome alone, Sesshomaru!"

"Silence kitsune; she will answer my question." He pulled her up again, and began to take her outside the door.

"Oh no you don't! Fox fire!!" He blocked the doorway in order to keep his mother safe, he sensed Sesshomaru's anger and was afraid for her safety.

"Do not test my patience today." He walked through the fire like nothing, letting some of the flames lick against Kagome's skin as she hissed in pain.

Shippou felt so pitiful and Rin tried to hold him back because she never questioned Sesshomaru's authority.

Kagome was pushed against the wall roughly by Sesshomaru. She kept pleading to save Mina. "You don't understand" she started sobbing, "He sold her…he sold her like cheap cattle!"

"I do not care what that Man-Slayer does with his children, why did you return?"

"How could you not care!? She's practically family to you and your so heartless!"

He slapped her across the face to try and have her focus. "Stop your incessant babbling. Your idiotic sensibilities almost led to the death of MY mate! If you bring Battousi so close to my family again, I will be forced to kill you."

Kagome brought a hand to her face and heard InuYasha yelling her name in the distance. All of a sudden she was back on the floor. "You have been warned." Sesshomaru went back into the room.

"Kagome!" He brought her into his arms. "Are you ok?" He looked at her face. "Did Battousi do this to you?"

"No," she was starting to cry more, "I couldn't do anything…Mina…he took her."

"What? Who did this th-" he took in a deep breath, smelling Sesshomaru's distinct scent on her cheek and rose up abruptly, apparently angry.

"No Inuyasha! Never mind him! We have to save Mina!"

"Where is she? And why the hell would Sesshomaru touch you?!"

"B-ba…he sold her to Naraku!" she babbled. She grabbed onto Inuyasha's kimono as he consoled her within his tight embrace. 'I can't believe what Battousi has become. Mina was supposed to keep him alive and I gave him a heart. Shouldn't things be better?'

He took her into their room and sat down on the bed as she sniffled, finally starting to calm down. "How could he do this, to his own daughter?" She looked up at Inuyasha, hoping for an answer that would never come.

"We'll get her back but your injured. You need to get some food and rest."

"No! I can't just let him get away with this. She may have an adult body but he had no right to sell her off to Naraku!"

"You're not going anywhere until you get something in your system at least." He went and rummaged for some of her potato chips she saved. "Here."

She looked at the bag and her stomach growled so loudly. So she grabbed them and started chewing on them, as her mind raced a million miles an hour. "What about Sango? Is she ok?"

"Yea, you can see her later." InuYasha thought about his niece, 'That poor kid.'


Mina sat on the floor next to Naraku's chair as he wrote several things down. Once he was satisfied with what was written, he looked down at her and ran his fingers through her hair. "I must say, Little One, it is a shame to see you contained like this."

She stood up straight and ignored his comment. If he got his kicks from her suffering well then she will have to stay as poised as possible.

"You will speak to me."

"What more could I say?"

"Don't be bitter, this was the agreement that your father and I made."

"My father was not in the right state of mind. When he realizes his mistake you'll be finished."

He smirked knowingly at her statement and grabbed her hand, helping her onto her feet. Once standing, he circled around her, observing her features closely. "Your spell worked wonderfully." She definitely was grown up and there are many punishments that he would love to try on her, now if he could just break her out of her docile nature and get her to fight back.

He touched her hair once again, then turning his attentions to her face. He brushed his knuckles softly on her cheek, she unconsciously flinched, earning a smirk upon Naraku's face. Then moving one finger across her lips, he approached her face with his. She felt his breath upon her, and it sickened her. "I am being merciful right now. You do know what I could do with you." He put his other hand behind her head, grabbing her hair to get his point across. He took in a deep breath, "Tell me, what made you think that your father would want you with such a weak being? And do not test my patience by your silent demeanor."

"Shippou may be weaker than you physically, but certainly not emotionally and mentally. You, Naraku, are beyond sanity."

Naraku chuckled at her statement, "I must say that our heir will be a force to be reckoned with if he has your stubbornness."

She knew even before he answered that she was right.

"Well, you would be excellent at my side as my mate." He buried his face in her neck. She stiffened slightly under his hold. "You will learn how to behave, as a proper mate. I shall have to break you one way or another."

She was thrown against the bed roughly and she could do nothing to stop him. He could rape her and if she fought back it would only hurt more, but she was stronger than him. She would wait for him to slip up.

"Do not speak so boldly to your mate, you have yet to earn that." He sat beside her, looking at the lovely specimen on his bed. "My time with you will come soon, whether you want it or not, but it would make things more enjoyable for you if you participated."

"You know my answer to that. You may have my body, but my essence will not be yours to take over."

"We shall see." He sat up and left her within the confines of his room while he went off to plan his next move.


The ground seemed to shake. The wind swirled around. A wounded cry pierced the otherwise silent forest.

Battousi had just returned to his less violent form, immediately realizing what he had done, everything he had done.

The man-slayer wept.


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