Cars, Buses, Beauties, and Brains

By: SailorRanger

In a quiet dusty library near the back sat a blue haired girl alone, piles of books surrounding her as she studied some books of medicinal sciences. As she studied her friend, a tall, athletically built blonde leaned back in a chair across from her staring blankly at a magazine on fitness, extreme boredom evident on her face.

The blonde sighed closing the magazine while she stood up, "Hey Ams, I'm gonna go check out the new 'Speed and Wheels' magazine that should be out… you be alright here?"

Without so much as looking up from her books she waved her friend off, "Alright Haruka, I'll be right her most likely."

With that dismissal Ami returned to her studies while Haurka wandered off to find the magazine she had mentioned.

A little while later a tall thin brunette walked into the library yawning and rubbing sleep from her eyes. "I really wish that Michiru would hold those parties on days other than the days I'm supposed to sleep in."

She continued to grumble and yawns as she headed over to the food and health section, which just happens to be behind Ami. As she neared Ami scoots in to allow her access to the shelves. The tall, lithe brunette started searching the shelves for the book she wanted, "Let's see… Better Cooking, no… hmm Tropical Cooking? That's not it…where is it?"

Ami sighed and turned about to help the female her glasses resting at the end of her nose, her blue hair framing her face as she watched the brunette, "Is there anything I can help you with ma'am?"

As Ami spoke the female turned to look at who was talking to her, once she saw the blue haired angel she froze her breath caught in her chest. Ami started browsing the shelves without waiting for her answer, "Is there a book I could find for you?"

The brunette shook herself awake after a minute and nodded, "yeah, I'm looking for a book on some tropical cooking about the Jamaican area…" She returned to looking stopping every few seconds to steal glances at the female next to her.

Ami held up a book marked "Caribbean Cuisine" to the female, "Will this do?"

The brunette looked over brushing her hair out of her eyes, forcing them to finally draw off of Ami to look at the book, "Yeah this is it exactly, thank you very much."

She grabbed the book and headed to the check out desk hoping no one saw the heavy blush on her cheeks. After she checked out the book she leaves the library in a rush.

Haruka watched the two interact with each other and wondered for not the first time how obvious does a person have to be to get through to Ami. Rather than teasing Ami she rushed up excitedly showing off a magazine article featuring a sports car. "Hey Ami, look at what I found." While Haruka went on about how cool the car would be to drive around Ami pulled out a piece of paper and going over the article she calculated the fuel efficiency ratio, the cost, and the approximate time till it would need to be repaired. After she was done Haruka read over the paper and then groaned in disbelief, "You've gotta be kidding me…"

Ami looked up taking her reading glass off and looked at Haruka, "Did I do something wrong in the math?"

She then went back to the math redoing it in her head.

Haruka sighed and shook her head recalling the fuel efficiency of their current car, "No Ams… it's just that they make it sound like such a nice car… but our old clunker is way better then this one…"

Ami nodded with a sigh, "Yes, our 'clunker' as you call it is a family vehicle whereas this," taps the car in the picture, "is a luxury vehicle and a sports model to be more precise, these two factors already lowering its fuel efficiency."

Haruka looked longingly at the car in the magazine, "But Ami, don't you remember my days on the race track?"

At Ami's white face and nod she continued despite Ami's apparent concern, or the fact that she was scared to death every time that Haruka raced and she had watched them. "I was hoping we could get another car… a sports car, but I guess we can't now."

Ami tapped her chin in thought, "Actually, it would be more cost effective to build a sports car, being as you could build a more efficient fuel system and make it faster then a race car if you so wish, and also it'd be cheaper then buying… a… new… uh oh…"

She turned to look at Haruka's eyes burning with desire, barely hiding the drooling. Ami realized that every so often the smart ideas are also the dumbest ones.

Haruka leaned in a predatorily gleam in her eyes as she smiled like a child before Christmas, "Can we afford to do that?"

Ami leaned back to do some mental calculations and nodded conceding that if they can get some "scraped" parts and Haruka got that raise they could afford it.

Seconds later Ami found that Haruka's hug could nearly suffocate a person, "You are so AWESOME Ams," after she broke the hug she ran out of the library giggling wildly leaving those in her wake pondering whether or not she was sane.

As Haruka left Ami took a minute to blink and smooth out her outfit and hair before going back to her studies. As she worked she wondered if Haruka would remember to pick her up before the library closed or if she'd need to use her last bus pass.