A/N Hey! I'm finally back with a new story. This story uses a lot of lines from the movie "Someone Like You", which I of course don't own. I like how some authors put lyrics from songs at the start of the chapters that pertain to the story. I like that idea, and I hope no one minds me doing that as well. Hope you like this story. It's different from my others in some ways.


Baby shame on you, if you fool me once
Shame on me if you fool me twice
You've been a pretty hard case to crack
Should've known better but I didn't
And I can't go back

Oh life goes on
And it's only gonna make me strong

~~~Leann Rimes~~~

"And then he broke up with me. For some red head in a short black dress," I say, taking another sip from my cappuccino. "Thanks for letting me get away for awhile. I couldn't stay in that small town anymore. I'd run into him almost everyday, I'm sure."

My best friend sits up in her chair and swoops her shoulder length raven hair up into a clip. "Well, actually I was wondering something. You see, my roommate kinda left last week after some kind of family problem, and I can't afford the apartment without her. How would you like to come live with me for awhile?"

Straightening out my black jacket, I ask, "Where would I work?"

"There's a school just five blocks from my apartment. You could substitute there, and in the meantime try to find an editorial job," Miranda glances at me. She sighs and adds, "Liz, we both know that you could use this time away. I mean, you really need to try to get over Ronnie. You knew he was a cheater when you dated him for the first time."

I shoot her a look of death. "I thought he had grown up a little. Excuse me for being too stupid to realize otherwise."

"Hey, calm down. I didn't mean anything. So, you want to move in or not?"

After a moment's pause, I nonchalantly pick up my cup and take a sip, as if I make a life changing decision every day. "Sure."

"Alright. There's only one rule I have; if you want to invite any guy up to the apartment, warn me first. I had a big problem with my other roommate."

"First off, Miranda, I'm not quite as lewd as your other roommate. And secondly, I don't plan on dating again for a while." I set my cup down firmly. "Men are stupid, and I've had enough. Forget love! I'm perfectly fine on my own."

Miranda just smiles sympathetically at me, use to listening to my tantrums on the phone. "When can you move in?"


A week later, I unload my bags from the taxi cab and attempt to carry them up to Miranda's apartment. I don't get too far before Miranda hurries to help me. When we reach her apartment, a surprise welcomes me. There before me, holding the door open for us, is my other best friend. Gordo. A guy.

I manage to throw my bags in the middle of the living room before I start in on my ramblings. I turn to him, sarcastically extending my hand for him to shake, plastering on a fake smile. "Great, if it isn't my best friend of the opposite sex. The opposite sex that distorts the truth and holds a woman's heart captive only to stomp on it and rip every sinew out of it! Welcome!" I continue to smile sarcastically at him.

Gordo just smiles at me with his half grin and embraces me in a hug instead. "Is that anyway to greet me? You know I'm not like that."

I smile, genuinely and hug him back. "All men are the same. But I'll give you a pardon this time."

Miranda then shuts the door behind us and adds, "Good, because Gordo will be staying here with us for some time."

My eyes widen and I pull away from Gordo. "What? Miranda? What?"

Gordo rests a hand on my shoulder as he explains to me the reason behind this catastrophe. "My apartment building burned down."

"Oh, are you alright, is everyone alright?" I stop to ask.

"Yeah, everyone's fine. I lost some stuff, but luckily I had plenty of things in storage at my parents."

"Oh, that's good," I say calmly…..before I explode with, "Now, why are you moving all the way to New York just because your apartment building burned down in California? Don't you have somewhere else you could stay?"

Gordo hesitates before replying, sadness entering his eyes. "I…I got a job as a photographer. Plus, I missed the New York area. I loved it during college."

"Why did you have to show up right when I'm trying to restart my life!" I state, more to myself.

"Lizzie, if you have that much of a problem with me, I'll just leave you alone and go back home! I'll come back for my stuff later," Gordo says, with an angry yet hurt look on his face. He grabs his jacket off the back of a chair and heads for the door.

"Gordo, wait," I whisper, slamming down on the couch. "Come here. Don't take that personal. It's just that, well, being dumped by the man of my dreams for another girl kinda hurts."

Gordo turns around. "I'm sorry. I know how much you liked him. I just didn't know he effected you like this." He sits beside me on the couch and pulls me into another hug.

"Yeah, well, all good things must come to an end."

Miranda, who had been standing silently out of the way, enters back into the flow of conversation. "So, Lizzie, is it alright that Gordo stays here?"

I smile. "Yeah, if he can stand my rantings about his gender. And the occasional episode where I beat him up."

"No problem," he replies.

"Good. Good," Miranda states.