DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fanfiction produced for entertainment purposes only. Yu-Gi-Oh! and all related characters are the creations of Kazuki Takahashi.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Rating is due to some... suggestive dialogue ^_^


Part 1: Ryou and Bakura
By Shadow's Mirror


"Um… Bakura… are you sure about this?" Ryou asked timidly.

"I'm sure." Bakura sighed, still trying to work out how this had happened.

"You're positive that you want me to do this?" Ryou gently took his yami's hand.

"Just do it, Ryou." Bakura groaned and braced himself for the inevitable.

"I don't want to hurt you." The soft whisper was barely audible.

"Trust me, your delaying is more painful than if you just did it!" Bakura's patience was wearing thin. It had been ages since he'd first come to Ryou and all his light was doing was talking!

"But…" Ryou hesitated.

"Curse it to the Shadows, Ryou! Just do it already!" Bakura snarled and glared at his light.

"It will hurt…" Ryou's wide eyes were anxious and Bakura sighed and nodded, his anger draining away at the boy's obvious concern.

"It's all right, Ryou. I can handle pain. You know that." He tried to sound reassuring, but it came out more gruffly than he intended. He could handle pain, most of the time he even liked it, but this wasn't the sort of pain that anyone could like!

"I know, but…" Ryou was still hesitating.

Someone whimpered. It took Bakura a moment to realise that it was him. Oh Ra… he hurt…

"Bakura… I'll be as gentle as I can…" Ryou promised. He took a deep breath and focused on his target. His hand moved slowly.

Bakura closed his eyes tightly and tensed, waiting for the pain he knew would come.

"There! All done!" Ryou's suddenly cheerful voice made Bakura's eyes snap open in surprise. He blinked at his light.

"You… did it? Already? But… I didn't feel a thing…" He frowned slightly.

"Yes, it's all done. See?" Ryou smiled at his yami and held up the tweezers, showing the large splinter he'd pulled from Bakura's finger.


To be continued…