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Special Bonus: The Dark Magician and… Friends

By Shadow's Mirror


"Ungh." The harsh grunt was barely audible through the sturdy door of the Dark Magician's library. D Human paused in mid-reach for the door handle.

"Harder!" The Dark Magician Girl's voice was insistent, with an undercurrent of excitement. D Human blinked and leaned closer, pressing his ear to the door to make sure he was hearing who he thought he was hearing.

"Ohhh!" The low moan echoed eerily throughout the tower, sending shivers down the spines of all who heard it. D Human grinned as he recognised the voice.

"Harder!" This time it was Dark Witch doing the urging. She sounded just as eager though. D Human's grin widened and he leaned more comfortably against the door, settling in for the duration of the fun.

"Uhhh!" A note of pain (or was that panic?) crept into the voice, making it more a groan than a moan.

"Almost… there…" The Dark Magician Girl's voice sounded strained. She also seemed to be panting.

"Mmph." To describe the response as 'a muffled whimper' would have been kind.

"Just… a little… more…" Dark Witch encouraged, her voice as stressed and breathless as that of the Dark Magician Girl's.

"Ahhhh!" As the startled cry rang out, there was a particularly loud thud from inside the library.

"Oh!" The Dark Magician Girl gasped. There was a moment of silence. Then she started to laugh.

"Oops!" Dark Witch barely got the word out before she too began laughing.

Over the giggles of the Dark Magician Girl and the loud howls of laughter from Dark Witch, D Human thought he heard the Dark Magician's voice. "It's not funny." He sounded rather muffled though, so it was hard to say for certain that it was him. D Human decided to check. He opened the door.

The Dark Magician was lying sprawled on the floor in what had to be a very uncomfortable position. It was certainly an undignified one. The Dark Magician girl had collapsed on the floor a few feet away, her body trembling. Dark Witch was perched on the corner of the Dark Magician's desk. She was shaking so hard that she was in danger of falling off her temporary perch. D Human took one look at the three of them and shook his head. "What in the Shadows is going on in here?"

The Dark Magician Girl managed to get herself under control long enough to answer. "Oh, nothing much. The Dark Magician just has a little… problem." She traded a look with Dark Witch and the two female Shadow Monsters immediately lost control again. The Dark Magician Girl's whole body shook with her laughter, and D Human barely managed to get to Dark Witch in time to catch her as she laughed herself right off the edge of the desk.

From his position on the floor, the Dark Magician sighed. His sigh immediately became a splutter as he got a mouthful of fur, courtesy of the particularly large and fluffy Kuriboh sitting on the upper part of his chest. The Shadow Monster squealed and gave a happy wriggle. The Dark Magician groaned.

"Could someone please stop laughing and give me some assistance? In case no one's noticed, I have a Kuriboh stuck to my chest." His voice was mildly muffled due to the Kuriboh's fur covering his mouth.

The Dark Magician Girl shook her head and managed to stop giggling for long enough to speak again. "Well, that is your own fault entirely. You should never have left that House of Adhesive Tape trap lying around in the first place! Especially there. You know that's Kuriboh's favourite spot for a nap!"

Dark Witch shifted her position in D Human's arms so she was lying more comfortably. Her laughter had finally eased, although she was still smirking and her dark eyes were still gleaming brightly. "Yes, stop being such a grump and look on the bright side. At least you finally managed to pull Kuriboh out of your chair!"


The End