The adventures of Fred and George Weasley



Chapter one

A break for freedom but then what?

DISCLAIMER – Neither Fred nor George belong to me and I just made up the middle names, they seem to use old fashioned name in the family so I tried to keep in with that tradition.

AUTHOR NOTE – So many new stories keep coming to my head, I've thought of this one for a while. Fred and George being a couple of my fave characters. I always felt gutted they were cut out of Phoenix and pretty much never mentioned again so this is my take on what the hell happens to them when they leave. Starting from their departure and ending…. When they do I guess!

SUMMARY – Fred and George Weasley left Hogwarts in a blaze of glory that no one will forget in a hurry but happens to the troublesome twosome when they are faced with the real world? Well I'm hoping to show you exactly what the twins do.

            "Fred hold on a sec" Frederick Leonard Weasley stopped his broom in the middle of the air and waited patiently for his twin to catch up with him. Excitement still pumped through him making his body tingle. They had actually done it; they had left in a way that would make them legend among the other kids, the way they had always wanted to go. With a bang.

            "What is it George?" he called back, George Herbert Weasley pulled his broomstick along side Fred's and looked at him a surprising serious look on the face that normally had a smile on it

            "Have we done the right thing?" he asked, looking back over his shoulder where the structure of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry could still be seen, the very same school that they were member of till 5 minutes ago. Fred frowned at George. Even though they looked exactly the same, Same red hair, same oval face, same twinkling grey eyes, even the same amount of freckles littered over their cheeks and nose, they were still different in personality. Not by much mind you but enough to make them their own person. Fred was the louder more confident one; George the thoughtful one. Both shared the same sense of humour though and the same love of tricks. The same tricks that drove people who knew them mad.

            "Of course we have" Fred replied back with a frown at his twin "Why wouldn't this be the right decision?" he demanded "We've been talking about it for a while and what would have happened if we stayed?" he demanded "They were bloody talking of whipping us" George nodded, the familiar gleam of mischief coming back to his eyes

            "You're right," he said simply "This is the right decision, now we can concentrate on what's truly important like the Joke shop" Fred grinned

            "Exactly, now you're seeing sense" he replied "We'll get the joke shop running properly now we don't have to worry about school. It makes life a whole lot easier" George nodded

            "Perhaps" he lowered his voice "Perhaps we can even join the order now that we're finished with school that was the only reason we couldn't join before wasn't it?" he asked and Fred nodded

            "Shall we get on?" he asked George nodded then his face slackened and he suddenly looked fearful. Fred sighed and gave him a long look, George could always find about a hundred things wrong with something even if it was perfect.

            "What is Mum going to say?" George whispered his grey eyes widening further. Fred felt his own eyes widen as his stomach plummeted to the ground he swallowed hard.

Molly Weasley was going to slaughter them both when she found out about this. She had been determined that every single one of her 7 children would graduate from Hogwarts and then go and study at one of the Wizard university, only two were situated in England, one in the North, the other in London, there was one in Ireland, one in Scotland and one in Wales as well.

So far she had gotten her wishes. Bill had been head boy of the school before heading to the Welsh university, it was there he discovered his love of old tombs and since he was naturally so good at money and maths a job had been given to him straight away allowing him to combine the two things he loved together. Charlie had been Quidditch captain and after Graduating with his NEWTS he had also buggered off to university however he was determined to move away and had gone to the Irish one, three years there had given an Irish tinge to his voice and increased his love of animals hence his job. Only Percy hadn't followed his brother, he had instead been head boy and passed highly and immediately gotten a job at the ministry, not that they cared about that as far as they were concerned he wasn't their brother at that moment.

            "She'll kill us," Fred confirmed

            "Unless Ron or Ginny do something equally stupid," George remarked hopefully.

            "They'll both pass, Ron's a prefect for God sake, he can do no wrong at the moment and Ginny is pretty much a dead cert for the position next year"

            "Let's forget about it till we face her" George commented "There's no point sitting here all day like a couple of Prats we might as well go and do something positive like go and buy more supplies from Diagon alley, once we've done that then we'll deal with Mum, sound good?" Fred nodded

            "Perfect" he remarked, "It will give us time to actually think of something to say"

            "There's not much she can do really" George remarked as they began flying away again both at the same pace "After all we are legal adults aren't we" Fred stopped again hitting his head with the palm of his hand

            "Of course we are" he said, George sent him a questioning look as he raised an eyebrow. "Why the hell are we bothering flying, lets bloody apparate to Diagon alley" George rolled his eyes and nodded

            "Idiots" he remarked, "Why didn't we think of it before?" he muttered

            "Too much excitement I guess" both of them nodded at each other and descended landing lightly on the grass, a second later they found themselves in Diagon alley, it was a lot quieter then they thought it would be but then again most people would be at work at this time.

            "Where should we start first?" George asked looking round "Potion supply shop?" he asked but Fred shook his head

            "We need money first" he said, George nodded

            "I forgotten about that" he confessed, they began walking down the cobbled street when Fred suddenly grabbed George's arm a look of excitement covering his face

            "Look" he hissed, George glanced casually over then grinned, to the left of them was an empty shop, a for sale sign hanging crookedly in the window.

            "This is our lucky day" George remarked, he turned to his twin "Lets buy it, its perfect directly in front of the ice cream store, can you imagine it?" Fred's eyes looked dreamy

            "I can" he remarked, "Lets get the money and buy it" he commented George nodded. This was certainly turning out to be a good day for the pair of them and he was pretty sure that things could only get better.

A/N – Finished well the chapter at least, I wanted them to be realistic, I think at least one of them would have questioned if they had done the right thing and George had always seemed the least confident of the pair of them so it made sense. Please review but no flames if you would!

NEXT CHAPTER  - A shop is brought and a furious mother told the truth!