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A World Without Donuts

The heat in the desert was sweltering well past the point of frying egg temperature. This heat would most likely evaporate said egg from any pavement it was dropped on. Sadly, poor Vash was wearing leather and hot leather not only smells funny but is really hot.

And to top off all of this discomfort, Vash was hungry. So those comments about eggs only made his stomach growl signaling the need to nourishment.

Vash told his stomach that the next town was just around the sand dune so it could just stop complaining and he would buy food at the first place he saw. And, as luck would have, right around the next dune was a tiny little town.

It was a cute little town nestled between some large rocks and a river seemed to flow between them. This river must've help let the village thrive because water is precious especially when you live in the desert.

Dragging his feet as quickly as someone can drag their feet Vash entered the town and scanned the area for a food stand or restaurant or whatever place sold food. Lady Luck seemed to be in his favor today because there was a donut stand only ten feet to the gunman's left.

In a mad dash, Vash ran to the donut stand and rang the bell for an employee to come and serve his starving stomach. A pudgy man with grease on his shirt appeared after about the tenth ring of the silver bell.

"Can I help you sir?" asked the pudgy man.

"Yes, I would like to buy two dozen donuts, please."

The man cocked an eyebrow. "Are you serious?"

"Well, yes I am. You see I've been wandering the desert and I'm very hungry. So, can I have my donuts now, please?"

"I'd love to give you some donuts but I'm afraid there are none left in the world."

Vash stood in shock for a moment. "You can't be serious!"

"Unfortunately, I am. Knives took over the world and outlawed donuts. Sorry pal. Better luck next life."

The man then pulled down the shutter leaving poor Vash in the middle of the street donutless.

"No, donuts in the entire world but that's impossible. KNIVES!! I'll kill you for this travesty you have created!!"

Vash punched the ground in an attempt to make his point made but it only let him fall face first into a wooden floor. He was confused for a moment because of his legs tangled up in a bed sheet and a loud pounding that wouldn't let him concentrate.

"Vash, I'm coming in," shouted Meryl.

The door to his room opened and in walked a disgruntled insurance worker followed by her yawning assistant.

"Could you possibly keep it down in here? Some people are trying to sleep," Meryl stated.

Vash blushed a moment before answering. "I'm sorry, I just had a nightmare. It won't happen again."

"Good. Come on, Milly. Let's go back to sleep." The door slammed behind them.

Vash just sat on the floor for a few moments before reaching over to his pack and pulling out a donut he hadn't eaten from earlier and took a big bite.

"Don't you worry, I'll never let Knives outlaw you," he reassured the pastry.






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