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Character- Link

Setting- After crossing the slowing changing Castle Town, Link has reached the Temple of Time, hoping to take back his Ocarina.


Courage Part 6


My footsteps echo in the stone hall.

I've been in here one too many times for it to amaze me anymore.

I simple walk to the very back of the hall.


Sure enough,

The stone door to the Master Swords vault has been open.

I can see the empty resting place of the Sword glimmering in a ray of light.

I walk into the vault timidly.

I don't know quite what to expect.


I approach the sword block and look upon it.

Before… the first time I touched the sword, I was transported to the Sacred Realm.

I realize that I have no idea how to get there on purpose.


I curse myself for even coming here.

It was really a bit stupid.


"Goddesses," I whisper, "I just need one thing. And that one thing just has to be in another Realm entirely."

I sigh.


I guess Zelda would know how to get into the Sacred Realm.

Too bad she's gone into hiding right now.


It's a shame that I never found out where she hid.

Otherwise… I might have been able to ask her for some help.



A nauseating feeling passes over me.

The need to throw up surges and then dies away.

Dizziness overtakes me.


I slam down onto my knees.

They hurt as they hit the ground.

But another wave of nausea stops me from doing anything.

I prop myself up with my hands, ready to throw up.


Why is this happening?

Did I eat something?

What's going on?


I close my eyes tightly to make the floor stop spinning in front of me.

A high pitched noise fills the air.

I remain as still as I can.

I'm dizzy as hell.

But… the nausea is ebbing away.


I become aware to the fact that my hands and knees are soaked.

I open my eyes to find that I'm now on a blue floor covered in water.

I get up slowly.


What happened to me?


I look around.

Shock fills me.


I'm in the Sacred Realm.




The blue-glass walls and floor shine in the wet light of the water.

Pillars of the strange water fall in slow motion to the ground.


I turn around to see behind me.

I jump at the sight of another man.

It's Rauru.


"Wondering how you came here, are you?" He asks slightly amused.


"Yes." I say, cutting to the point, not amused at all.


He raises his eyebrows slightly.

"I brought you here. I knew that what you needed was here. So I drew you in to the Realm."


"Couldn't you have warned me or something?" I ask, still a little dizzy.


Rauru laughs gently.

"Listen. I brought you here because it is what you wanted. I owe you at least this small favour after what you have done for Hyrule."


So… He already knows what I've done too.

But then again… this Realm… it's timeless.


"Well?" I ask, "where's the Ocarina?"


"You have it over there." Rauru says, pointing to his left.

I follow his finger.

He's pointing over to the curled up body of a boy…

The Me.


I walk over to the Me.

He's sleeping… almost dead looking.

A sleeping Navi lies at his shoulder

This hurts me a lot to see her again.

It also reminds me why I'm here.

I need the Ocarina to get to Termina to find her.


Goddesses, I hope it works.


All his equipment has been removed carefully and lies in front of him.

I spot the Ocarina of Time.

I pick it up and pocket it.


I then look down at the Me.

It's very eerie…

Looking at yourself… not a reflection… but an actual you.

And the fact that I know that in seven years…



I've got what I came for now."

I look over to Rauru.

"Is there anyway I can get back to Hyrule without turning out my stomach?"


"I'll do my best." He says.

He smiles.

"Thank you for everything, Hero of Time. And remember; when you awoke here, you had that Ocarina. That means that you must also return it before this other one wakes."



A bright light flashes somewhere,

And he's gone.

… The whole Realm is gone.

I'm back in the Temple of Time, kneeling on the floor, just like before.


I get to my feet.

I can feel the weight of the Ocarina in my pocket.

I pull it out.


It's ivory sheen glows brightly in the sun.

I smooth it over gently with my fingers.


I'm coming to find you Navi.

I'll find you and then we'll both come back to Hyrule in seven years.

After everything.

Then I will be truly free.

All I have to do is wait a bit.

I've played my part.

It's done.

For now.

For this land anyway.


I will be back.

Just like I promised Zelda.

I'll come back for her.

I'll help her rebuild Hyrule.

But… for now… I can't stay here.

My Destiny is elsewhere for the moment.



That is what started all this.

That is the one thing that I will never be free of.

But… I'm fine with that.


That is what courage is... isn't it?

The ability to accept what is, but never being afraid of it and going on anyways…

Even though everything is against you and the things you're fighting for seem lost.


But I did fight.

Destiny allowed me that much.


I smile briefly.


And with that I raise the Ocarina to my lips and play the song that will eventually take me to Termina.

Told you it wasn't going to be long. I don't know whether this is what I imagined the ending to be like when I first thought of it… but this is the way it came out on paper… so I'm going with it.

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