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I know and love almost all the KuramaxBotan fics that I have read. I especially like Captive, Thief (Both YoukoxBotan), and Damnable Angel. They are the only one's that I can remember the names of right now too. Anywho, they just seem so cool that when I was daydreaming in the choir loft in church, as usual, a picture entered my brain and I decided to make a story of it.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed zoning out while thinking of it! &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

Chapter 1:

"YUSUKE, YOU PERVERT!!!!!!!" said Keiko to a grinning Spirit Detective as she slapped him for about the third time in the past hour.

"What?! What did I do now?!?!" Yusuke asked, rubbing his swollen cheek.

"You know very well what!"

"Then tell me if I know so much!" he yelled back, exasperated.

They went on for a few more minutes like this until a very inviting sound filled the room. Laughter. Everyone looked up and saw Botan, the ferry girl, starring down at them all, blue hair askew on her wooden oar. When I say 'them all' I mean the Rekai Tentai with their (might as well be) girlfriends and/or sisters. Even Genkai was there which should have been obvious since they were in her temple.

"What's so funny?" asked Yusuke, a little annoyed.

"I just think its hilarious how bad you two flirt yet you're still too stupid to see it and admit it!" she giggled, filling the room with the sweet sound, "You call each other stupid when you think the exact opposite. I guess I just haven't been human for so long that I've forgotten how ironic life really is."

Yusuke and Keiko, however, only heard up to flirt and tuned the rest out.

"Are you insane, Botan?!" yelled Yusuke, "How could I ever flirt with that thing?!?!"

"Yeah!" interjected his pretty friend, "I don't even like that perverted pile of stupidity!"

"Yeah!!" agreed the Detective loudly.

"HEY!!!!!" they both cried in unison ready to kill each other.

Botan was laughing her head off now along with everyone in the room. Kuwabara was rolling on the floor (like the loyal little idiot he is) next to Yukina who was smiling brightly as she giggled. Genkai was using that grim chuckle she only saved for Yusuke's training while Kurama stood near where Botan hovered chuckling merrily but still remaining dignified. Hiei even managed a little more than a smirk when another resounding 'SMACK' filled the room followed by a loud "OUCH" and 'THUD', as Yusuke hit the ground.

Botan fell off her oar at this. It is kind of hard to keep a good grip on a slender piece of wood while sitting sidesaddle and laughing your brains out at the same time. Luckily, Kurama caught her just in time. (A/N: Wasn't that convenient? **evil grin**)

"Ah! Oh, arigatou (Thank you) Kurama!" Botan giggled nervously as he set her on her feet, "I just waxed the oar so it's kind of slippery."

"No problem Botan", he said graciously as his green eyes danced with amusement.

"So, Death," said Yusuke as he cleared his throat bringing the twosome's attention back to the rest of them, "is there a new mission or did you just want to plant absurd ideas about Keiko being with me and flirt with Kurama?"


Yusuke was back on the floor again with a lump the size of a basketball on his head. Botan stood above him with one hand on her hip and the other holding her trusty oar on her shoulder. She looked quite satisfied.

"Actually Yusuke, I do have a case for you", she said her anger had seemingly dissipated after she had hit him, "There seems to be a large youkai in the area. We're not sure what its doing or if it is doing anything at all. We just want you to check it out. If it's bad just--"

"Just handle like I always do. Shoot first ask questions later!" finished Yusuke.

He and the rest of the boys were going stir crazy not fighting and had been itching to get another mission. The 'itching' part was not an exaggeration either. It seems Hiei had started to become allergic to some of the humans that came to his tree in the park. Kuwabara still hadn't stopped laughing even after death threats from the koorime and quiet requests from Yukina. (A/N: Yukina knows that Hiei is her brother and Keiko knows about demons and stuff. In case you weren't smart enough to figure that out already)

"Lead the way, Botan", said Kurama gently.

She immediately materialized her oar and got on.

"Ganbatte! (Go! Like a cheer)" she cried and sped off down the steps with the boys not too far behind.

Little did they know that red eyes watched them in a mirror from not too far away. They were watching someone in particular in the group. They were watching.......Botan.

"Soon little one", a deep voice said to the mirror. It was a voice that all would hear as pure evil, "Soon I will have you where I want you and no one, not even your precious Rekai Tentai can help you."


[Muuhahahahahahah!! What will happen next? Will the evil voice hurt Botan? When will I begin writing the romance part instead of slap scenes? When will Yusuke shut his mouth when he knows he'll get hurt if he says anything? Find out next time on....! Uh...what did I call this fic again? **fans sweatdrop**]