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The Love of a Kitsune

Chapter 17:

He loved watching her sleep. Her smooth face completely relaxed, at peace with all things and absolutely glowingly beautiful. Her hair flowed around her so tousled and tangled that it was almost comical. She looked so innocent and unmarred that he was still trying to wrap his mind around the fact that she was laying next to him. Laying next to him with his claiming mark a red beacon throbbing on her pulse point. Four punctures, a little blood, and a bond between them, a trust, that was completely unbreakable; 'til death do us part.

Gazing at it, breathing in her scent fused with his, reminded him of how it came to pass. Blue and blood red hair entwining over ivory flesh and cotton sheets; their bodies moving in a silky smooth rhythm as old as time; screamed confessions and whispered nothings. He tingled with each memory replaying in his vivid memory. He remembered the feel of her, the taste of her, her strength, her abandon, with excruciating perfection and knew that this was all he ever wanted. She was all he ever wanted. He had told her so last night somewhere between the teasers and the climax, perhaps screamed, perhaps more than once. Had she heard him?

Was she dreaming, as she sighed in her sleep or smiled, of what he had done to her the night before? Was she remembering as he was now the completeness they felt in one another?

He hoped so.

He wanted her to know that when she woke up, he would be there: to kiss her, to pleasure her, to comfort her, to laugh with her…to love her as she loved him. She had told him that in gasps and whispers and soft looks as he carried her from that confessional amidst the puppet and unconscious teens to his home and his bed. She had told him in the gentle touches of her hand and kisses that mapped out every inch of his body. She had told him as she screamed his name…

Wait a minute.

He looked around. They were at his home, as in Shuichi's home. As in, Shuichi Minamino who lives in a not sound proof house with his mothe—


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