By: BlackLiGurl
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue

Note/Disclaimer: Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay...This story was going to replace "You'll Never Be Alone" because of the five requests to continue it. You see, I was going to like write a story for Ruby like I did for Nall in "Memories" and "You'll Never Be Alone" was going to be a chapter in this story. BUT, I changed my mind. "You'll Never Be Alone" will be a short story and in THIS story, it'll be like Ruby's side of THAT story. Did I state that correctly? Do you understand what I mean? Well, if you don't, then poo you! Okay, like mentioned before this story will be like "Memories". It's how Ruby feels after the Epilouge of Lunar 2: EB. I don't own Lunar 2: EB and yada yada yada...Enjoy!

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Chapter 1: Starting Over

Hiro had stepped into the green crystal and left the Lunar and me for the Blue Star and Lucia. Everyone seemed to be fine about his leaving and was happy for him. So I sucked it up and pretended to be happy too. I flew my friends to where they wanted to go. Ronfar went back to Raculi to finally settle down with Mauri, for good. According to him, he was going to give up adventuring because it was making Mauri worry. Jean went back to dancing at the caravan. She was happy to announce that she had definately felt better about her past and now even used the Blue Dragon Fist in her dancing. Leo did the same thing as Ronfar; settle down in Raculi. He said that helping Hiro get to Lucia finally got all of the guilt out of him after helping Zophar and trying to kill Lucia. I didn't drive him home. He decided to take the Dragonship Destiny. Lemina went back to working on Vane's reconstruction. She said that she'll definately win the bet between her and Ramus because she thinks she found the spell that made Vane fly in the first place. Me? I went back to Taben's Peak, since that's what Nall kept insisting before we left to visit the Star Dragon. It was night and I was in Nall's room, crying my heart out on his bed after I had returned from flying everyone to live their lives. Nall came in when he was done putting the children to bed. I heard him sigh and suddenly felt a chill down my back. He had sat beside me and put his hand on me, petting me. I looked up at him.
"What do you want?" I hissed.
"To go to sleep're in my bed remember? But, I wouldn't mind staying up a little longer to make you feel better," he said kindly, despite my meanness.
"Nall!" I said, throwing myself onto his lap, "he's gone!"
"I know..." he whispered as he stroked my fur and played with my bow.
"What will I do?"
"You can stay with me! I'll take care of you! He'll come back though...I know it!"
I wasn't sure whether to believe him or not. He sounded happy that Hiro was gone yet happy that Hiro would come back. Was he being sarcastic again? I couldn't tell.
"But Nall, why would he come back? At the Blue Star, he gets to be all alone with beautiful Lucia, the most important person in his life. All that's here on Lunar is ugly ol' me. Just a dumb little cat..." I mumbled.
Nall frowned, put his index and middle finger together, and slapped me on my small nose. I yelped and put my paws over the area where he hit me. I glared at him.
"What was that for?!"
"For putting yourself down!" he yelled. He sighed, "you are not ugly and you're not just a dumb little cat. You are the Red Dragon of Althena, one of the most powerful and beautiful creatures to ever to walk on Lunar! Second only to me...And, you're Hiro's best friend, like me to Alex. I know he'll visit because although he DOES love Lucia, he loves you too, just not in the way you want him to. He'd risk his life to save you, and you know that! Or at least you should. Now I never want to hear you put yourself down like that EVER again! Or I'll hit you!"
I looked at him. I had never heard him be so kind and complementary to me.
"...Where'd you get that from? It really hurts!"
"Well...when I got on his nerves...Nash used to hit me like that."
He smiled down at me and gently rubbed my nose with his finger. His finger were like a gentle, cooling sensation on my sore nose and it felt really good. ((A/N: HikariOmoi...I hope you don't mind me using your idea about Nall being colder than most humans...I give full and total credit to you for this idea ^_^.))
"Why are you colder than Hiro?"
"Because there's ice magic inside of me. Besides, my skin's only cool in my human form. In my other forms, my fur covers my skin and makes me all warm and fuzzy. Anyway, my finger will help your nose feel better. Sorry for hitting you but I had to knock some sense into you."
"Why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden?"
"You're really sensitive right now. I don't want to be mean and make you cry again...not right now anyway."
I laughed at him, making him tilt his head confused.
"What's so funny?"
"Are you showing affection for me!?" I exclaimed in a teasing manner.
I could see him blush right before he turned away from me and started stammering.
"'s just that, if you cry you'll wake up the kids. A-and I'd never get any sleep with the way you whine and cry! Of course I-I don't care about you. Not like that! Not in that kind of way! Not in any kind of way!"
For some reason, I actually felt a little heartbroken. It was like I was waiting for him to just confess something. But, I didn't know why. So I shook it off and just laughed again.
"Well I'm going to get some rest now," I said.
After my comment's affect wore off, he nodded but didn't stop blushing as I flew from his bed. I stopped as I realized something.
'Where am I going to sleep at? In one the kids' rooms? Better ask Nall...'
I turned around and opened my ask my question.
"You can sleep with me..." he said, answering my question before I asked it. Suddenly his eyes widened and he raised his hands in defense, "No innuendo intended!!"
I went back to his bed and sat back down. He laid down on his stomach and put the covers over his head. I guess he wanted to forget that I was there. But, I could tell he was acting sorta strange. He has been that way since I came over after we kicked Zophar's behind. So, I jumped onto the lump, better known as Nall, making him grunt from my sudden weight on his back.
"I know what you meant. But, you've been acting so shy lately! You would have normally intended to say that as a joke. What's up?"
"The Blue Star. Go to sleep..." I heard him grumble from beneath the cover.
"Come on, what's wrong?"
"You! Now shut up before I eat you!!"
"Stop being sarcastic...I really wanna know what's wrong!" I said pawing at his back.
He just growled.
'Sheesh...he's really grumpy when he gets sleepy...'
Giving up, I curled up right there on his back and closed my eyes. My thoughts wandered from Nall's strange behavior to Hiro's absensce on my planet. It made me upset again. So I daydreamed about his return as I drifted off. That morning, I had woke up before everyone so I went to the playground. It was still very early and the sun hadn't risen yet. I sat on a swing and watched the sunrise.
"I used to watch the sunrise with Hiro...I used to be so sleepy when he carried me to the roof of Grandpa Gwyn's cabin...and he would wake me up everytime I nodded off...just so we could watch it together...but now...he's gone..."
Tears had formed in my eyes from the memory of my Hiro. He wasn't there for me anymore. Instead, he was there for her.
"Lucia..." I hissed, "that blue-haired vixen stole him from me. I mean, Lucia's my friend but...why couldn't she see what me and Hiro had? Why did she have to be so selfish and go to the Blue Star? She should have known that Hiro would follow her! She did know! Lucia did that so the two of them would be alone! Without me! But then again...I was annoying... Was I that annoying to you Hiro? Was I so annoying that you two had to leave the planet to be alone?"
I stared up at the Blue Star as the tears ran through my fur. That's when, all of a sudden, I was hit on the back of my head. I screamed and turned around. Standing behind me was a tall, lean figure. His facial features hidden in shadow. All I could really see of his face was narrow, glowing eyes. It was freaking me out for a second. But, the short hair that gleamed in the light of the rising sun gave away his identity.
"NALL!!" I yelled, rubbing the back of my head.
"Shh!" he hissed.
He stepped out of the shadows and sat on the swing beside me. I looked up at him when I had noticed several things for the first time. One, Nall's hair was actually silverish, not white. I noticed that by the way it was shining in the sunlight. Two, Nall hisses like a cat. It was actually very amusing seeing as though he was once thought to be a cat. Anyone else wouldn't have understood the inside joke to his hissing. Three, Nall's eyes glowed in the dark. I wondered if my eyes could do that. They looked pretty creepy, yet cool at the same time. Lastly, Nall was actually handsome. Especially without that weird green trenchcoat. He was wearing a brown T- shirt and it really showed off his muscles (which I didn't know he even had). I looked him up and down. Suddenly, I noticed that he was wearing white boxers, not pants. With that, I blushed and looked away from him all together. I didn't understand why my blood rushed to my face when I saw that he wasn't wearing pants...but it did.
"What're you doing out here?" I mumbled.
"I always come out here to watch the sunrise. And I heard you putting yourself down again so I hit you."
I sighed sadly.
"I just can't help it...why else would he leave me?"
"Because he's following his heart..."
"But I thought that I was in his heart too...why would he not want to leave Lucia alone, but leave me all alone instead? Isn't that kinda hipocritacal?"
I looked up at him again. He was staring back at me with a gentle expression and a soft smile on his face. Nall seemed very amused by what I said.
"I have to say, you would have had a point...if he had actually left you alone..."
"Whaddaya mean?"
Suddenly he grinned, showing his sharp fangs. Something about that smile told me what his response was going to be.
"Don't be ridiculous! It's pretty easy to see what I meant...but if you don't know you have to find out for youself," he said with a chuckle. I knew he was going to say that. Not like I wanted to hear that. But then he continued, "in the meantime...if you miss watching the sunrise with someone, we can watch the sunrise together. Every morning..."
His kindness surprised me yet again. I smiled at him and flew onto his shoulder.
"Sure..." I said.
We both stared at the sun as it awoke from it's slumber and peered up above the horizon. For awhile, we were silent but then I decided to speak up.
"How can you be so sure Hiro will come back?"
"I just know these kind of things..." he said.
I noticed that his tone was borderlining grim and sarcastically happy. Either way, he seemed pretty upset about Hiro coming back. When I was about to ask him about it, he took me off of his shoulder and sat me on the swing. He smiled at me and stood up.
"I have to take care of the kids. It's almost around the time they wake up. Feel better!"
Nall poked me in the head and left. Since the sun was already up, I decided to look at the Blue Star until several kids had came out and requested the swings. I flew back into Nall's room and saw him and some kid talking. The kid was crying.
"I-I had a bad dream!!" the little girl said.
"What happened in it Sasha?"
"A HUGE monster was trying to kill everyone at Taben's Peak! A-and I was scared. Then it got me and there was so much pain!" Sasha said shaking, "there was so much was so real!"
Sasha started bawling. Nall opened his arms with a warm smile and she jumped into them. He hugged her and put her on his lap. It was adorable. For that moment, he looked like a true big brother. I wondered if he would do the same for me.
"It's okay. It was just a dream. So don't worry too much about it. But if you ever have that dream again, just come to me and I'll...take you to a friend of mine."
"Who's your friend?"
"He's the guardian of Taben's Peak. He lives on top of Taben's Peak and is really big and powerful. But he's friendly. If you like'll like him. If you ever get scared, he'll be there. That's his job. To help me protect Taben's Peak and everyone here."
She sniffled and smiled at him.
"Just knowing you and your friend are around and that you'll protect us makes me feel a lot better. Thanks!"
Sasha dried her eyes and walked out. I flew over to him as he sat on his chair.
"What's up?" he asked when I sat on his armrest.
"'s just that...I was sorta in awe. You actually looked like a big brother..."
He smiled.
"That's my job. And if you're going to live here...will you be their big sister?"
I was dumbfounded by his question. What kind of question was that?
"It'll be like...starting over. You can begin to forget about Hiro..."
His comment hit me like an arrow. I was furious that he had said that so I torched him. He coughed and rubbed the soot of his face. I breathed in deeply, trying to calm myself but it wasn't working.
"What do you mean 'forget about Hiro'!!" I exclaimed.
"I didn't mean it like that! What I meant was-"
I torched him again. Just when I thought Nall was finally NOT being a jerk, he says something stupid like that! He lowered his head shamefully.
"I'm sorry..." he mumbled. Then he frowned and raised his head as well as his voice, "but you have to forget that Hiro left you or you'll be miserable forever!"
"But you said he's coming back! Why would I forget about him if he's coming back! Did you lie to me!? What a jerk!"
"I wasn't lying to you! All I was saying is that you should try to start over! Be the kids' big sister and help them with THEIR problems instead of soaking in your own! It'll make you feel better. But, you're too busy being selfish and immature!" he yelled.
I torched him one last time and darted out. My blood was boiling and my eyes were filled with tears as I left Taben's Peak. I decided to go see a TRUE friend so I changed to my adult form and flew to Raculi, to see Ronfar. He was the closest friend I had since Hiro left so that's who I went to see. At Raculi, I landed outside the village and turned back to my baby form. I flew to Ronfar and Mauri's house and scratched on the door. Once it open, I wrapped my paws around the face of the one who opened it. Luckily, it was who I was visiting in the first place.
"Rrrrrr!!" Ronfar yelled, flailing his arms.
I let go and looked at him. He wasn't wearing his priest outfit. Instead, he was wearing a tan tank top and white capris. He was gasping for breath.
"What the hell was that Red!! Why are you here anyway?"
"I need someone to talk to! Nall's being a jerk!"
"So you came to me? I'm flattered. Well, sit back and tell me the story, pretty kitty! I'll be glad to help you with your little lover's quarrel."
I curled up on his sofa, ignored his "lover's quarrel" joke, and began to tell him what happened. Finally, I came to the end of my story.
"How dare he say that!? He's the one being selfish!" I yelled.
"Was he?" Ronfar said, coming in with a bowl of tea.
"Hey! You can't answer my question with a-"
That's when I actually took in what he had said.
'Was he being selfish?' I suddenly thought as he sat the bowl infront of me, 'well...he WAS trying to be nice. He was trying to make me feel better...but it came out wrong...'
"Well..." I mumbled.
"Sounds like he was trying to comfort you. If you had let him finish talking before you erupted in anger, you might have heard what he was trying to say."
"I guess you're right..." I said before lapping up some tea.
"Nall really cares about you, whether he admits it or not. And even though he's over 1000 years old, he isn't exactly a social person which makes him...sorta like a child. I mean, he probably hasn't spoken to an adult for a while before us. And, children can never say what they want to say right away. Especially not a boy...So give him some time to say what he wants because he just doesn't know how to put it. You understand?"
"That doesn't give him the right to tell me to forget about Hiro!"
"But that's not what he meant," a soft female voice said.
We turned to the door and saw Mauri standing there. Ronfar waved heartily as she came and sat on the sofa as well.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to easedrop. I just couldn't help but overhear though."
"That's okay sweety," Ronfar said, "we could use a female voice in our little debate."
She nodded and continued speaking about the subject at hand.
"I'm pretty sure he tried to explain what he said, but did you let him?"
I shook my head.
"Did you hear anything he said, other than that?"
"Yeah. He said he wanted me to let go of my problems so I could help the kids with theirs. That it would help me feel better..."
"See!" she said cheerfully, "he was just trying to help you."
"So go back and appologize. Don't let HIM always be the one that appologize because it gets annoying after awhile...and he'll appreciate you're appology. It'll show him that you aren't so immature afterall!" Ronfar said giving sideward glances to Mauri.
Mauri glared at him.
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"I was just trying to help Ruby...I'm sorry if I offended you Mauri."
She smiled and gave him a hug.
"You didn't have to appologize!"
I laughed when he silently mouthed to me, "Yes I did," and, "See what I mean?". After finishing my tea and talking for awhile, a LONG while, I left and went back to Taben's Peak. When I got there, it was late at night. I quietly went into Nall's room to appologize. His room was completely dark.
"Nall..." I whispered.
"Nall!" I said a little louder.
Finally, I concluded he wasn't in there. So I flew out to the playground, which was also pitch black, but no one was there. That's when I remembered his story to Sasha. So I decided to check the roof. There he was, in his adult form, curled up so I presumed he was asleep.
"Hey Nall...I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I went to Ronfar's and he explained to me that you weren't being ignorant at all! So, I'm sorry."
"I could have told you that a while ago..." he growled, "and what was telling me when I was asleep supposed to do?"
I gasped as he lifted his head to look at me. He narrowed his eyes at me for a second as I landed on the ledge.
"Oh...well...I'm sorry."
'Ditto? Does that mean he's sorry too? Oh well...hey! His eyes aren't glowing! They must only glow when light is shined on a cat or dog...'
"What are you doing up here anyway?"
He blinked then bowed his head, still keeping his eyes on me. Then, he swiftly nodded toward his side. Confused, I flew over and saw his tail wrapped around something.
"You lay an egg or something?"
"N-no" he said in a disturbed tone, " let me move my tail..."
When he moved it, I saw Sasha. She was sleeping on his fur very peacefully. The corners of his mouth curled into a smile as he put his tail back on her when she shivered.
"What's she doing here?"
"She had her dream again and wanted me to take her to 'my friend' that's what I did. She doesn't know 'the big furry white bird', that's what they think I am, and her big brother are one in the same. Sasha wanted to stay up here with me so that's what I did. I was waiting until she was in a deep enough sleep to bring her back down."
I sighed.
"So Ruby, will you start over...with us? With me?"
"You mean help you take care of the kids?"
He nodded.
"Okay. That means I'll be starting over then, right?"
He nodded again.
"First thing you can do is make sure none of the other kids need me. If they do, come tell me."
I smiled and flew down to check on the kids. It had just now became obvious to me that Nall needed help with these little hellraisers. That was my new job. To help Nall with the Dragon Kids. No more adventures. No more tomb raiding. It was like settling down and becoming a stay-at-home mother. With how these kids here acted, it's not like it wouldn't be fun. But, something about the way Nall asked me to take care of the kids made me think: was he trying to help me, the kids, or himself?

Note: Wow, long chapter to start us off...I hope they weren't too OOC...I hate when I do that. If they were, let me know and I'll try to work on it in the next chapter. Ja ne!!