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Standing before the poorly-painted red door, Grissom took a quick scan of the doorframe then a very brief glimpse followed at the window isolating the only other choice of view into the room with the bright yellow curtains and gray slides, making Grissom think that the grayness had probably been caused by dust and the poor usage of the room, rather than something else.

He turned his head to see the rest of the crew being busy with the other areas of the motel, some rushing, others taking their slow time, depending on the area. The reason for the Las Vegas Crime lab being here had been the kidnapping and murder of two young women in the Pink Stick motel. Grissom wasn't even going to start and try to guess the origin of such a name for such a place.

Placing his hand on the gold-painted handle, Grissom turned it, and the door soon detached itself. Pushing the door, the strong light from the outside splashed inside; uncovering anything and everything it could, leaving Grissom to soon be met with four ridiculously pink walls. Stepping inside, he noticed a framed picture of trees above the bed, a nightstand on the left, and before him at the other side was another door leading to the bathroom; one chair, a lamp, an old phone, and a mirror above the bed. The owner hadn't bothered much with adequately equipping the rooms, it seemed.

His eyebrow rose up. Lovely…

He turned to his left and looked at the bed. It's white surface, the small buttons lined up on it. This looked very familiar to him. He pointed his small flashlight to the left side of the bed and noticed a familiar little device. His left lip stretched slightly before curling up and digging into his chin, stretching it further away.

Turning on both lights, Grissom glanced at the bed, and then at the switch. He shrugged. It wouldn't be a bad idea. He then glanced over at the open door. Not suitable. He went over to the door and closed it. That seemed better.

He returned to the bed, and sat down. Grissom looked up, meeting his reflection and those blue eyes staring back at him with some sort of mischief in them. He smirked. Grissom couldn't quite understand the enjoyment of observing oneself while in the process of mating. He took his stare away and shook his head.

Pulling out a coin from his pocket, his hand then reached for the Magic Fingers when the door suddenly opened, nearly startling this older man.

"Hey. Wanting to observe a room in its state prior to us again?" Sara asked when noticing her supervisor sitting on the bed.

"Not quite," Grissom replied and smiled back at her. "Come here," he said. "And close the door behind you."

Pushing the last ray of natural light, she unhurriedly closed the door. "Um, found something?" Sara walked over to the bed, and questionably started observing its surface.

Grissom gave her a different answer. "Could you walk over to the other side of the bed, please?"

Giving him a confused look and keeping that look on him, Sara allowed herself to circle the white mattress with a normal pace. "What's the idea here?" she asked, trying to quickly discover the reason for some possible experiment.

"Sit down," he said.

Sara glanced at the bed. "Here?"



"I want you to lie down on the bed with me," he told her.

"Excuse me?" Bizarreness caught this question of his.

"I want you to try something."

He could not have been serious about this… Sara brought her head back, trying to capture at least one hint from his face. "What's this about?" she asked.

His eyes moved around while his lips pressed together tightly, as Grissom thought of a better answer for one second. "A form of brief relaxation and thought clearing."

"Thought clearing…" she repeated his last two words without any sign of amazement. Bizarre did not seem sufficient for this.

"Uh-uh." He nodded.

Sara looked up at the mirror. "Charming place," she said.

"Well?" He waited for her reply.

Sara's eyes fell on his. "Would this include me keeping my clothes on?" Her eyebrow followed Grissom's and rose up.

"You'll keep your clothes on, I promise."

"Ok, Griss. You're the boss," she sighed and sat down. "Now what?" she looked at him.

"Lie down," he told her.

If Sara hadn't known better, she could have sworn there was a hint of enjoyment in his voice. "You do realize we're working on a case right now."

"Yeah." He lifted his legs up, putting them on the white surface. He then looked over at Sara, waiting…

She returned his gaze for a brief moment, and remembering his request, Sara followed his lead and put her legs up as well. Taking another look and feel of the mattress, she narrowed her eyes. "Is this… one of those '70s vibrating beds?"

"Yes, it is."

Her face turned to his. "Are you serious?" she asked, referring once more for his request.

Grissom shrugged. "It'll only take fifteen minutes, Sara. Relax," he told her. "Now, lie down."

Sara shook her head and did as she was told. "Close your eyes," she then heard him say. Her eyelids obeyed.

"You know that this is only going to fuel the gossip factory at work, don't you? The nightshift supervisor and one of his subordinates getting comfy in a motel room during work."

Grissom smirked. "If it were only that easy," he said.

Sara's left eye shot opened. Too many meanings from that sentence.

"I was joking, Sara. Close your eyes," Grissom responded with a tamed smile.

Her left eye didn't close.


That managed to close it.

Grissom reached for the Magic Fingers and placed a coin inside. A moment later, gentle vibrations began disturbing the previously calm surface of the bed; each vibration working on the parts of their bodies that were within contact with an almost soothing effect.

"And the purpose of this is what again?" Sara wanted to wait for Grissom's answer but the odd sensation convinced her otherwise. "Ohh…" her moan was so soft and quiet that even Grissom barely heard her.

"Shhh…" he advised her.

After a couple of minutes, her lips stretched across her face. "This is niceeee…"

Grissom, who had kept his eyes closed, opened them to look at her. He smiled gently. He knew she would enjoy this. His eyes lingered on her face a bit too long, though as her mellow satisfaction and gradual peacefulness kept them there. An unusually appealing sight; the brown eyes covered by the soft tissue of the eyelids, her lips parting for a breath to escape through, and the tender ease painting her face with a glowing magnetism in the yellowy light.

Realizing the uncomfortable freeze of the moment with Sara, Grissom slowly returned his stare in front of him and soon shut his eyes. The silence was good…. The thoughts however, weren't.

What time had passed was unknown to them. Grissom had been right. This would have worked perfectly well, had the unsettling image of lying in the same bed with this man not been disturbing the silence in her constantly busy mind. Sara tried to relax, and was close to being successful at it, when a nasty little slimy ball of saliva was shoved down her throat.

Would this situation bare some cause of a much needed conversation? That appeared less than likely when a knock on the door was heard. "Grissom, Sara? You guys in there?" It was Nick.

"Yes, Nick! Give us fifteen minutes!" Grissom's voice echoed behind the door.

The shout sent his head back as Nick stared confusingly at the red surface. "O-k…" he tilted his head and turned around. What were they doing in there?

"Hey, Nick. Give me a hand with this, will you?" Warrick called over to him.

"Sure," Nick replied and walked away, leaving the other two CSIs by themselves with only a glance behind.

"How did you know about this?" Sara asked him.

"Previous experience."

She smiled. "Never pictured you as a magic-fingers-bed type of a guy."

"It was a one time only… at The Fez Motel."

"Were you actually…"

Grissom smirked, tinkering with the idea of giving a different, more playful answer. "No. I just needed to think."


Grissom stole a glimpse of the woman next to him to see whether there had been relief or disappointed in her response. From the brief image, Grissom could only conclude that it had been a strange mixture of both. "Did you think I would go with someone like that?"

"Well, no… but… um… We all have some secret desires lurking around somewhere in us."

Her response lured out that curve of his lips to make its appearance once again. "There are no secrets better kept than the secrets that everybody guesses." He would leave it there, letting Sara figure out the answer on her own, for the time being. That managed to seal the room in quietness again.

Then, ten minutes later, a brief chuckle interrupted that silence.

"What?" Grissom asked, without opening his eyes.

"I'll probably let you know after our time's up," Sara responded. The vibrations worked nicely on her body… and shamelessly enough, her thoughts as well.

"Fine," Grissom took her reply. What you give is what you'll receive.

Some coffee would do them good after this.