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Chapter 1: secrets revealed

Rad, Carlos and Alexis started off for the Autobot base. It was Friday, and they were so happy they had a three day weekend that nothing, not even the Decepticons, could ruin the aura of joy around them. Nothing at all, except the voice they heard call out behind them. It was Kara, the new girl who was always so obnoxiously happy. They turned around to see her. She was about their height, her black hair was in a quick and simple ponytail, her emerald eyes glinted with excitement. She was wearing her usual blue flame t-shirt with matching pants and a leather flame-shaped bracelet on each wrist, which was also blue.

" Hey, where ya going'? Can I come too?" she chirped. She gave the obnoxious smile that she always seemed to wear.

" Well it's kind of-" Rad started, but Alexis interrupted.

"No" Alexis said flatly. She was really getting annoyed about how Kara always seemed to be where they were. Carlos thought she was stalking them. Rad tapped his foot impatiently. If they didn't hurry, Billy and Fred would beat them there.

"Why not?" Kara asked as she tilted her head inquisitively.

Alexis sighed. Couldn't this girl take a hint? "Because we hate you" she said bluntly.

Kara seemed heartbroken. But that quickly changed into anger. She glared at them. "Betcha its gay anyway," she said, turning away. She muttered something else, but they couldn't hear. In the week she had been here, they had never seen her angry at all. She got on her bike and sped off. Toward the desert.

When she was out of earshot, Alexis spoke up again. "What is her malfunction?" she said angrily. Damn girl, she brought this on herself. With no more delay, they started for the Autobot base.


Kara sighed as she rode through the desert. She shouldn't have let her emotions get away from her like that. It could have ended in a disaster, for her pyrokinetic abilities were linked directly to her emotions. For once she realized why she had been home-schooled all this time. She stopped in front of a small cave she had dubbed "the abyss". It was pitch black in there, until you reached the lower floor, where the water seemed to glow because of strange, yellow particles (which hurt really bad when you touched them.),next to the water was a tall pillar, which had always seemed suspicious to her. She leaned against the pillar and sat down. It was always so peaceful here. She closed her eyes and listened to the water. She listened harder, and heard something outside. Then there was a loud thump, followed by the sound of rocks crumbling. Kara jumped up and ran.

"What the hell?!?" she shouted. Nothing had changed except the level of the water, and that the pillar she was by had completely crumbled. Kara sighed. That was close, she thought. Then the strange green glow caught her eye. She walked over to the pillar, or what was left of it, and looked around. There was a strange, green panel laying there. Kara bent down to pick it up, and it glowed brighter. She quickly withdrew her hand and pulled the bandages out of her backpack (she always had a knack for finding trouble) and carefully wrapped it around the panel, and stuck it in her backpack. Then she went up the winding, dark passages to the surface, and prayed that she wouldn't find anything else. The problem was that something else was about to find her…


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Rad sighed. Where the hell was that minicon. They had pinpointed the source to this exact spot.

"Find anything yet…" he muttered.

"Nope, nothing," Hot Shot said, slightly annoyed, "not a damn thing." He shifted nervously. Something was wrong. Was it a trap? Had the deceptions already found the minicon? Had something else found it? He hoped it wasn't the latter…

Rad looked around. It had to be here somewhere. He noticed something in the distance. It was Kara, on her bike. "Crap" he muttered. Why'd she have to be here.

" Did you find something?" Hot Shot asked dully, then his optics lit up with excitement, "did ya find the minicon???" He prayed that he did, so they could get the hell out of there.

"No," Rad said in a dull monotone, " It's just that creepy girl from school." They both looked up as a Decepticon passed overhead. It was Cyclonus. But what would he want with Kara? Then they heard his insane cackle.

" Ahahaha, I know where the minicon is, Autobot, but you won't make it in time." Cyclonus laughed. Rad's stomach turned as he said this, because he knew what he meant.

Kara had the minicon, and Cyclonus would do anything to get it…

"Crap…" Rad and Hot Shot muttered in unison. Hot Shot transformed and Rad got inside the yellow sports car, and they were off like a missile.

Kara sped through the desert on the way home. She could take a picture of the "whatchamathingy" she had found and send it to her brother via e-mail. She sighed. This was enough adventure for one day, and she just wanted to go home. She listened to the whirling sound of… helicopter blades? Why would there be a helicopter out here? Her gaze turned upward as the helicopter passed overhead. She also heard… someone laughing? Maybe some psycho stole a helicopter? It didn't matter, not like it was any of her business. She looked to the side, someone had called her name. It was Rad. But why was he here?

"Kara!!!" Rad called out, pretty sure he had her attention. Kara rode up to him.

"What the hell do you want?" Kara said in a sour tone. She was obviously still pissed about what had happened earlier.

"We have to get out of here!!!" Rad screamed, yanking Kara out of the way of laser fire. Unfortunately, Kara's bike didn't make it. A charred piece of scrap was all that was left. Rad tugged on her arm again. Pretty much dragging her, Rad and Kara found shelter.

"My… bike…" Kara said, still in shock, "that bastard destroyed my bike!" She struggled to get out of Rad's grip and get revenge. Rad smacked her on the head to make her forget about the bike. "Did… did you just hit me!?!" she yelled almost in shock.

" Just shut up and pray that Cyclonus doesn't find us…" he whispered harshly. Of course, Kara's attention had already been diverted elsewhere.

" Come out, come out, where ever you are!" Cyclonus' voice rang out, followed by an insane cackle, "You organics can't hide from me forever!" He laughed again (which was starting to get on Kara's nerves). The laugh was followed by laser fire, which made both of the hiding humans wince.

"Dude, this guy's got issues…" Kara whispered in amazement, "… and why do I have that feeling that we're against the helicopter and not some psycho…" she trailed off.

"Ah ha! I found you!" Cyclonus exclaimed. The humans looked up, and Kara nearly screamed at what she saw. She was looking into the face of a 2-story tall robot. He just laughed as Rad scrambled out from the hiding place. Kara just stood in shock.

"Oh shit!" she exclaimed in surprise. Cyclonus reach down to pick her up. His hand was met with a plume of fire. "I didn't do it!" she said quickly as she watched the robot franticly shake his hand, trying to cool it off. She didn't wait, at the first sign of his distraction, she took off.

Kara ran. Everything was strangely silent. She knew that Rad was screaming at her to come back. But she didn't give a damn, she just wanted to get out of this nightmare. She turned around and was now walking backward, watching where she had just came from. She took a couple of more steps backward, and hit the cool metal of something. She didn't want to know what it was, but looked up anyways.

She was standing in front of another giant robot, Which bore the same insignia as the last one, except this one was even taller. "W-what do you want with me?" she managed to say.

This one wasn't as psychotic as the last one, his voice was cool and arrogant. "You have something we want," he said.

"We?" she repeated, "you mean that there are more than 2 of you? And what is it you want?

The robot just laughed. "there are lots more of us, and we want the minicon."

Kara was stuck. She couldn't out run him, didn't know what a minicon was… the whatchamathingy? Was that what he wanted. Kara looked up at the mechanical goliath. All that she saw was the crimson optics that gleamed with malice. She slowly reached for her backpack, and heard him chuckle. Then she heard someone shout.

"Don't give it to him!!!" Rad's scream pierced the air. He was on a nearby sand dune, accompanied by a yellow sports car. Kara thought for a minute, then decided that she didn't want to know.

"Stay out of this, human!!!" the mechanical voice boomed. Kara winced at the sound. The car next to Rad zoomed forward, tires making a screeching sound. It took her a minute to realize there was no driver. The car crashed into the giant's leg, causing him to kneel down. "Damn Autobots…" he murmured, looking around and realizing he was surrounded, " Decepticons, retreat!" he shouted. Then he vanished. Kara just stood there, dumbstruck. Looking around, she realized why he left.

"Oh shit," she muttered, then turned to the yellow car. "Hello?" she said, tapping the car, hoping that it wouldn't respond. And it didn't. "I know you're one of them, but you saved me soooo…." she trailed off, pulling the panel out of her pack. She unwrapped it without touching it and let it fall to the ground in front of the car. "Here, the whatchamathingy I found earlier." Kara looked around again, noticing that Alexis and Carlos were there. She sighed. "I've got a long walk ahead of me" she said as she walked off…


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