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"Kara, come out of your room!"


"Kara! Please come out of your room!"


"Don't make me come in there!'

"You sound like mom!"

Lance was loosing his patience. His sister had locked herself in her room ever since their mom got sick.

"Mom is going to be fine, now COME OUT OF YOUR ROOM BEFORE I GO IN THERE!"

There was a long pause. Lance decided to go in the room.

That was a big mistake. As soon as he touched the doorknob, he burnt his hand.

"Ow! When did you learn how to conduct heat?"

"That's my S-E-C-R-E-T."

Lance looked down at the table as he shuffled through the bills.

"She's not coming out, is she?" Rad asked.


"When she comes out, tell her we have a surprise for her."

"Okay." With that, the children left.

Kara sat at her computer, reading fanfiction. She didn't want to leave, not until her mom was better. Right now, she felt too vulnerable. She didn't want to face that Megatron bastard just yet.

The tree outside moved, as if someone had just jumped out of it. Probably just a bird, Kara thought, remembering the forest where she had gotten lost. That time, the birds had warned her. What was going to happen now?

Leader-1 jumped out of the tree where he was watching the human girl. He knew her weakness. What he didn't know was why Megatron was even bothering with the human. She may be different than the others, but she was a human and died just as easily as every other human.

He wasn't going question Megatron, though. There was a reason why he was the leader.

Kara sat on her bed, wondering what she should do. She didn't want to go outside, but she didn't want to say in the house either. Her eyes wandered to her shelf that had all of her game systems. The Master Chief didn't just sit and wait for the Covenant to wipe earth out. She sighed; she wasn't as brave as him. Life wasn't a video game, even if it seemed like it. She wasn't a brave hero. She was a girl in over her head. She paused. In the beginning of the Zelda series, Link was just a kid. He was probably scared. In fact, most heroes in games were probably scared, but that didn't stop Mario from kicking Bowser's ass, or the Zigs from getting all Cats's base. She had to go help the Autobots.

Kara walked to the door. She paused, for a moment, looking at her brother. He was busy shuffling through bills.

"Your friends said they had a present for you."

"I was just going there."

Kara went to open the door, but paused.

"Hey Lance," she started, then hesitated. He didn't know about the Transformers, and she couldn't tell him. But she had to warn him. "Be careful, okay."

"Alright." He replied. Kara opened the door and left.

"Yo guys! Where are you?" Kara walked around aimlessly in the base. Figuring they had gone off to get a Minicon, she turned to leave. That's when someone caught her eye.

Oh slag!

"Get back here, Jolt!"

Hahaha! No way!

"Come back here!"

No! I have to go help with the party!

Kara, of course, had no idea what he was saying.

"Jolt! I swear if you don't get back here-" She stopped mid-sentence, now that she had found the others.

Jolt, you idiot! You led her here! Now we can't set up the party! Long Arm yelled.

Hehehe, oops...

Hot Shot sighed. "So much for the party..."

"A party?" Kara asked.

"Yeah, we thought it would cheer you up!" Hot Shot replied.

"But why?'

Someone placed something on her head.

" 'Cause now your officially one of us!" Carlos cheered.

Kara took off the hat and looked at it. It was mostly black with webbing, except then front witch was white and had the Autobot insignia on it.

She was dumbfounded. All she could do was smile, put on the hat and mutter "Thanks."

After a while, it became more of a normal day. Well except for the fact that Hot Shot and Sideswipe found out about the joys of anime. They were currently watching FLCL.

"What's this show supposed to be about?" Alexis asked.

"I dunno." Carlos replied.

"I've never watched it," Kara replied, "But I've read the manga. All two of them."

"Only two?" Rad asked.

"The series is only six episodes long"

"The best Autobot scientist probably couldn't make sense of it" Carlos commented.

"Hey, lets see if Red will watch it!" The others agreed, and they went off to look for Red Alert.

Meanwhile, at the Decepticon moon base, Starscream was royally pissed off.

"I don't see why this plan is so important. I think this it is a waste of energy."

Like you're talking...

"Shut up, Swindle. As I was saying, our resources are limited."

"Yeah, we can barely repair Cyclonus after he gets slagged." Demolisher commented.


Megatron growled. Starscream was getting on his nerves.

"She is an Autobot ally right now," he hissed, "but if she is our ally, that's one less ally for the Autobots."

"She's a human."

Megatron rubbed his forehead. He honestly felt no need to explain himself to one of his men.

"Shut up Starscream."


"I said to SHUT UP!"

Everyone flinched.

"I have a plan that is so slagging simple even you idiots could carry it out." Megatron explained harshly.

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