A/N - Hey! I've been loving the whole Luke/Julie storyline, it's hilarious, and totally scandalous, so I'm sorta disappointed about the lack of L/J fics here. So I thought I'd write a little one! Just for laughs. Hope you like it!

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(Luke's POV)



Now what?

I can't do this.

I shouldn't have been doing this for the past few weeks.

But I did do it.

And now this is happening.


Does this mean I'm Marissa's step-dad or something?

No, that's only if I marry her.

Am I supposed to marry her?

Oh, God, does Julie expect me to marry her?

Maybe she'll marry that geezer instead.

That would be way less weird.

God, this is weird.

Holly tried pulling this on me once - maybe that's what Julie is doing.

No, why would she do that? I wasn't going to leave her. I mean, I was going to, I was supposed to, Ryan told me to...but I hadn't done it yet. And Julie couldn't have known I was going to. Could she? Holly's my age. But I didn't really like her. I like Julie, even though she's the same age as my mom. Which is worse, Luke?

Yeah, the entire water polo team had classified her as a MILF. Um, let's take out the M part. How about OWILF? Older Woman is much better than Mom. Because she's Marissa's mom. She's Katelyn's mom.

She's someone else's mom.

My baby's mom.

Oh, damn...

A/N - Yep, it's short! I am thinking about doing Julie's POV...if I get enough of a response from this chapter. Please let me know what you think!