Title: The Writer

Author:  Tirya King

Rating: G

Summary: Written for my Adv. English 12 class during the study of the Canterbury Tales.  We were told to create our own character profile.  Thus this little creature was born.

A/N: Yeah it's dumb.  Yeah it's cheap.  But heck, I got an A on this baby so I can't complain ^_^.  For the record, every word in this poem actually exists so no one can claim I'm making stuff up *glares at Botticelliangel* you know who you are ^_~  This is a sort of sequel to my Rapunzel fractured fairy tale. Oh, the things Mrs. Anton made us do…. This is for you, Mrs. A!

Disclaimer:  I own only my poem and the idea. Canterbury Tales is not mine.

The Writer

I met one morning a writer of great ambition.

His works have made him a great sensation.

He is due for a coronation

As King of a whole Bohemian generation.

Who says to be great you need an education

He skipped out on his graduation.

He has not even legally gone through naturalization.

The Church named him qualified for excommunication

For moral declination.

However, this holy confrontation

Has led to his immortalization.

He feels a great moral obligation

To continue in this occupation.

This man worthy of great veneration

Had not always received such admiration.

It took much frustration


And motivation

To reach his illustrious station.

Indeed he is our literary salvation

To an illiterate civilization.

His novels have no classification

Nor poems a proper equation.

Random is his allegorization

And disturbed his imagination.

However, there needs no explanation

His arcane donation.

Refusing the usual conformation

Is no sign of limitation.

If he had such an inclination

His words would leave yours in desolation.

Every new creation

Had perfect characterization.

And every new thing was met with much anticipation.

However, the State did not approve of this prostration

And met him with much irritation.

Trying to cut off his communication

Had only angered the whole nation.

Those right wingers need to come out of hibernation

And realize it is no abomination

To be the cause of so much fascination;

To be a freaky combination

Of preoccupation

And divine vibration.

They cannot meet him with condemnation,

But must relent in confirmation

Of his realized aspiration.

Such noble dedication

Is worthy of high elation

Instead of dilapidation.

An imitation

Of his ideas of summarization,

And conceptualization

It is a tedious operation.

With his perspiration

Worlds take a transformation

Into a new formation

Of configuration

As though an illustration

Deserving of much notation

And celebration.

Send all of his works into circulation

To further spread his appreciation.

If you'll excuse my deliberation,

I'll start an initiation

To call for his commendation.

We need to rid ourselves of the narrow-minded infestation.

I hope you'll join me in my realization

And help fight for his deinstitutionalization!