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In the beginning there was Ladon, the All-Father. By His will there was light in the darkness of the void; His flesh made the earth, His tears made the waters and His breath became the wind and the air. His blood flowed beneath the land spreading life and vegetation and his creation was made... But not complete.

To finish His beloved creation he created the animals and what are termed 'monsters', but that still did not complete his world. Were He to truly 'finish' his creation, He knew that He would be forfeiting His right to meddle in his creation. To create sentient beings, to 'finish' His creation would lock Him away from his world. Even the mightiest of gods are not above the laws of Order and Chaos.

Then a solution came to Him: leave a part of His essence in the world so that He might retain some influence, a foothold in his creation. And so, He took a piece of his essence and forged it into a gem, a gene known as Infinity. Whoever merged with this gene, as long as they were of the dragon clan, would become Ladon's Avatar.

Deciding that any mortal should not use such power until they were ready, Ladon split the gem in two: Agni, the 'Body of Ladon' and Anfini, the 'Power of Ladon'. He then Created to keepers, guardians of these two pieces, who would hold them until the time had come to give them to the Chosen of Ladon. These were Ladon's two daughters: Myria Tyr, the Goddess of Desire and Deis Bleu, the Goddess of Wisdom. To Myria he gave Anfini and to Deis he gave Agni.

At last he began the final touches to his creation. First he gave life to the Dragon Clan made in his own image, with the power to become dragons. They would be split into two groups: The Light Dragon Clan and the Dark Dragon Clan.

Next came the Clan of the Wind or the bird people of Winlan. They had the power to become large birds and were noticeable by the wings that grew from their backs. Their collective desire gave life to their guardian deity or god: Suzaku, a humanoid with talon feet, bird wings and the head of a phoenix.

Then came the feline Woren clan and the Lupine Forest clan. The Woren clan having the appearance of human-Feline hybrids, mostly tigers and lions, though there were a few leopard-human and panther-human hybrids. The forest clan, a lupine clan where fox-human or dog-human hybrids and mostly lived in the forest. Both clans had a tightly knit social group, where one clansman was never without his or her fellow clansmen. They both had the guardian deity of Kihlrah, the Lord of the Hunt. A humanoid sporting features of both clans, such as a red furred body, a large mane that ran down his back, and a visage that combined both lupine and feline features.

The fish clan and the frog clan came next their names pretty much explaining their abilities. The fish clan became remarkable merchants and spread their business throughout the lands beneath the oceans and above them; the frog clan were poets, artists, and singers and had quite a laid back disposition. They worshipped Shrimp, though he was much larger than his name implied. A simple soul with an eye for money and art, Shrimp was.

Then came the Ox Clan, the Plains Clan and the Mole Clan. The Ox clan was a clan of brilliant, ox-man engineers, creating marvels of machinery and smithing. The Plains clan was a clan of calm armadillo-men, farmers who lived peaceably. The Mole Clan a clan of diggers, preferring the relative safety of the underground and its boundless secrets. The three clans worshipped Volnain, a combination of all three clans taking their best qualities: the size and brute strength of the Ox Clan, the armored shell and endurance of the Plains Clan and the digging claws of the Mole Clan. His face was a mixture of these three races.

Then came the Nameless Clan, those whom none have seen their face. Hiding in the shadows under black robes, they rarely interacted with outsiders and kept to themselves. They are noted and recognized for their peerless skills in necromancy and technomancy, that is, death magic and unequaled technological skills. They worshipped the Lord of Death, the Un-living, Decay and Corruption, Morgion a figure who was wrapped in bandages and dressed in tattered, though rich rags, of whom only his eyes and the decaying flesh around those flaming green eyes can be seen.

The world itself manifested its will, its spirit into a shape, a clan. That clan was the Grass Clan, a plant people who protected the land and the forest. The will of the planet became Yggdrasil the Tree of Life.

The Highlanders came, monkey-men with long arms, they worshipped no gods and sold their military skills to the highest bidder. Living the life of mercenaries and taking in money so that they could protect themselves with expensive devices.

The last were the Clanless, the humans, whom had no special power and were mocked by the other clans. Fearing persecution they turned to Myria and Deis begging for their help.

The elemental energies left over from the forging of the world and its peoples wove itself into the elemental gods who protected their elements. They gave power unto the mortals who would study their power; they were the gods of magic. Volcanos or HwoShin the Lord of Fire; Namanda or ToShin, the Keeper of the Earth; Likimia or SheiShin the Lady of the Water; and Neoga or FunShin, the Mistress of the Winds.

The people, the land could grow, adapt, evolve and had their own freewill. This is what Ladon desired for His creation, but there were those of His children who did not share His vision. His daughter, Myria Tyr, looked at the world and saw chaos, destruction and disorder. She felt that her father was wrong in making such separate and violent beings; she believed it was her place to correct His mistake. And thus she embarked on a war of conquest, to unite all the peoples under her, bringing them into a perfect world of order and tranquility. She had the humans as her own personal worshippers and soldiers, she acquired the allegiance of a few of the gods and, for a time, Deis Bleu sided with her, but she did no go unchallenged; the remaining gods came together under Yggdrasil to fight her and so the world was at war and Ladon wept for His children.

And so it was war... History called it the All-Saints War, but those who lived and loved and fought and died during those times called it the War of Souls.