---Incoming transmission from Max Tate---

Hey everyone Its me Max you know from beyblade, and I'm here to tell you about my spring break. I really want you guys to know what happened there and I'll tell you exactly with excruciating detail.

---Transmission Interrupted---

This is me Mariam and all the other girls from beyblade, do not believe what he says he's lying I didn-

---Max Tate online---

Well that was unexpected but... Don't believe them their just on their periods that's all Anyway I'll tell you what happened.

We had just gotten out of school for spring break. Everyone was braggin about what they were gonna do. When I got on the bus Rei was telling me about a letter Mr. Dickenson sent all the beyblade teams.

"Aw man I'm so stoked, I wonder what it is?" I said. "Beats me, I hope it's a trip to somewhere" Rei said. "Hmm well let me get off, here's my stop." I said. "Yeah, see ya Max" Rei replied

I ran to my house and looked in my mailbox and found this letter from the BBA. I opened it and it said:

Dear Max,

I hope you aren't busy on spring break because you'll miss the BBA Cruise Jam. All of your friends and Rival teams will be there also inside this envelope are plane tickets and your boarding pass. I hope to see you there by Tomorrow.


Mr. Dickenson
BBA Chairman

"Holy Fuck, Tomorrow I better get packin'

I got my clothes, my casual suit, my swimming trunks, 5 hundred dollars, lots of candy, and a box of condoms.

"These may come in handy" I said with an evil grin. So howd you like it so far. You wanna hear more then review.