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Chapter 9- The last Call

Mariam, Rei, Salima and I were talking out by the pool area

"Well this is the last night we'll have with each other", Rei said.

"Yeah it'll be a bust, I'll miss you guys", I said.

"Yeah group hug", Rei said.

"What thats GAY!!", I yelled.

"Yeah Rei I don't like gay people", Salima said.

"What!? That slipped out." Rei said.

"OK we beleive you Rei", Mariam said.

In my bedroom

"Hey, lets play one more game of truth or dare.", Mariam said.

"Sure",everyone said.

"Ok, me first, Truth or Dare Salima?"

"Dare!!!",She said.

"Ok I dare you to go to a room and have s with Rei.

"What?!?" He said.

"Rei, we wanted to do this for the longest" Salima said.

"OK" Rei said as they both got up and left.

Mariam and I sat there for 30 minutes and we finally decided to see whats going on in there. We opened up the door to find Rei slurping Salima's hot snatch. Mariam and I were immediately turned on by this and we started to fondle each other.

"Rei, make room on the bed." I said.

I carried Mariam to the bed layed her down and took off her skirt and shirt. I pulled down her panties and engulfed myself in her hot snatch. She and Salima moaned and writhed in pleasure.

"Oh Mariam you got to feel Rei, he's soooo good." Salima said.

"O-K We'll-Switch, she said between gasps.

Rei and I switched places and I was eating Salima while Rei was eating Mariam.

I got done pleasuring Salima so it was my turn I grabbed her head and popped my cock in her mouth. She looked so innocent with my meat in her mouth it turned me on more. She began to suck me off violently like she wanted the cum so badly. I couldn't take it anymore and I just blew it down her throat. She layed down and opened her legs to me. I saw that she was a virgin and was ready. I slid my hard cock inside of her and moved very slowly. I was surprised at how tight she was. She was blushing so hard she just came on my pubic hairs. I kept moving speeding up with each thrust and I pounded her into submission.

Rei had Just gotten done fuckin' Mariam and her face was red with horniness -is that a word? Rei went over to Salima as I went over to Mariam.

"Did you have fun" I said to her.

"Not as much as were gonna have"

I grabbed my cock and slid it slowly into her ass. She was cumming and I hadn't started moving yet. i took this as an advantage and pounded her so hard my nuts slapped her pussy. She was literally screaming and I doubt everyone on the ship didn't hear her. We both came at the same time and so did Rei and Salima. They then left my room and went back to their own because we were arriving back in Miami. I packed my beyblade clothes and I looked at the box of condoms and threw them over my back.

"I'm getting out of New York and moving to Miami. I'm calling Mom and telling her where I am. But what About Tyson Hilary Kai and Queen.

"Ha Ha Ha" Tyson Hilary Kai and Queen said. "We were hiding in your closet the whole time videotaping what you did." Kai said. "Now we'll sell this on EBAY" Queen said.

"Awwwwwwww Shiiiiiit", I yelled.

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