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Cherry Blossoms

Genre of Romance: Drama/General


There is something so infinitely majestic about the coming of spring, when winter loses its icy grip upon the land just when you believe it will never come to an end. Tiny buds form upon skeletal and seemingly lifeless trees; the brown grass begins to be colored with shoots of emerald. Warm breezes flit tentatively, as if fearing that the gusts of winter will shoo them away; but they gain courage, and soar about us like eagles in the cerulean sky.

I returned to this place, this place brimming with life and beauty. Hundreds of blossoms hung about every tree while stray petals slowly floated to the ground. In this place I looked for her, the truest source of majesty within the land.

The memory of her sweet voice preserved my weary and wounded heart. The thought of her kind eyes upon me upheld my spirit. It was not until after years of wandering that I discovered my love for my princess: Zelda.

I could picture her now: rubescent hair braided intricately atop her head while a golden circlet adorned her brow. Her deep, azure eyes would peer into my soul yet would never confess my most haunting sufferings. Skin as fair and delicate as the whitest lily, lips rosy and full, cheeks glowing with vigor: her face could never be forgotten. Her voice was melodic and soft, while her laugh reminded me of the tinkling of tiny bells.

It was she who had given me strength, she who prevented me from falling into an abyss of despair. And not once was she actually by my side. Always, she was far from me, due to my own cowardice. Now, I would set things aright. It was time.

I walked along the rows and rows of cherry trees, which were in full blossom. The flowers were a bright magenta and rose and stunning to the eye. Along these paths I would find her; long ago, this place had been her haven. I hoped that it would still be so.

To my relief, I saw her there, upon a marble bench, her back leaning up against one of the many cherry trees. A book was in her lap; she seemed to be thoroughly engrossed with it. I walked slowly, cautiously, to her, my heart pounding within my chest and blood rushing to my head. Her keen ears picked up the sound of my footsteps, though. Zelda looked up from her novel; her face seemed to be a blend of surprise, joy, and sadness.

"Link…" she whispered, not moving. "You have returned."

I nodded, taking a deep breath. Then I bowed. "Yes, I have returned, Your Highness." Slowly standing up straight, I felt my throat close. I was silent.

She peered at me, as if perplexed. Eventually, she set her novel down and came to me with her arms open for an embrace. I collected her into my own arms, but instantly felt myself crumbling. My knees shook as I took in her scent.

She smelled of cherry blossoms.

Strands of her hair brushed against my face as she stepped back. I shivered. "You have been gone a long while," Zelda murmured. "I have missed you so, Link." Her eyes were brimming with sincerity and love.

I did not understand this woman. I had left her to be all alone while she rebuilt her torn nation. I had abandoned her to the winds for a hopeless chase for a friend I could never have kept. I wished she would be angry with me, not so understanding. It would be simpler, more comprehensible.

As a result, I said nothing. I did not know what to say to Zelda, the sovereign of Hyrule.

"Link, you say nothing. Why?" Zelda lifted a hand and touched my cheek tenderly.

I was disintegrating. My battered spirit ached to be healed, to feel and experience her love. And to give her my own love in return, however feeble it was. I closed my hand around hers. "I…I have missed you, also," I whispered. "Terribly." My heart raced within my chest.

Zelda smiled, the smile that I had yearned to look upon for so long. "Come. Let us sit. It is such a bother to stand."

I complied. Zelda moved her novel out of the way before leaning up against the cherry tree once again. I sat down hesitantly, not certain as to how closely I should place myself. An awkward silence ensued for a moment as I collected my thoughts.

"Zelda…" I murmured, looking into her eyes.

"Hmm?" Her eyelashes fluttered slightly.

I turned my body towards her. "I came here because I needed to tell you something," I replied, my voice wavering. My blood continued to pound within my veins.

She, in turn, moved away from the tree and closer towards me. "What is it, Link?" she inquired, placing her hand above mine.

For a moment I simply stared at her hand and the way it covered my own. Her touch did the oddest things to me. I gulped, attempting to find my courage. "I'm sorry for leaving you, Zelda," I whispered. Embarrassment at my cowardliness filled my chest. Louder, this time: "I was a fool. I tried to find something unattainable."

"And what was that?" Zelda asked quietly, her voice kind and understanding. She leaned towards me until I could feel her warm breath upon my throat.

A blush covered my face. "I thought…I thought I left to…find…myself…" My voice trailed away.

She smiled a little. "Did you find it? Did you find yourself, Link?"

Impulsively, I reached out and took both of her hands in my own. They were warm and soft and so delicate that I feared that the slightest pressure of my own would snap them. I then found myself tracing one of the three lines in the palm of her right hand and whispering to her outstretched fingers, "No. I did not find myself." I looked up into her azure eyes. "But I found you." My voice was tentative and fearful and quiet as the breeze weaving itself through Zelda's lovely hair.

She in turn repositioned her hand to my cheek, where I felt her stroke my face tenderly. Leaning closer to me, she murmured, "And I you, Link." Her fingers moved to intertwine themselves with my hair; I did the same to her. "You have come back and you have found me. Ever since that day we stood above the fields of Hyrule and you returned to me my ocarina have I waited." She then leaned so close that her rosy lips brushed against my own. She added in a whisper, "Do not force me to be patient any longer, Link. My tolerance is running thin."

The scent of cherry blossoms enveloped me to the point that it diluted my other senses. The scent came not only from the trees but from the beautiful woman before me, from her hair to her breath I could smell it, and it caused me to be reckless, to perform acts in which I would have otherwise restrained myself from.

In that moment I captured her swollen lips with my own and was finally able to truly display to her the depths of my passion and love.

I pulled her closer to my body until I could feel her heartbeat against my chest; I felt it beat in a steady, quick rhythm that gave evidence to her own desires. Her silken hair was intertwined with the fingers of my right hand while my left was busy cupping her face. I felt her hands wrap around the base of my neck to bring me nearer. Kissing this woman I sensed the remnants of my nightmares fade away from existence and the bloody haunting of my past disappear for a time.

This sweet essence of purity before me cared naught for what I had done before, for all of the crimson blood that had stained my calloused hands and all the bodies that had lain dead in my wake. As I adored every inch of her pale flesh, every freckle and curve, did she adore my guilty self; thankful tears brimmed in my eyes and I was not ashamed of their existence, for they aided in wiping away the grime of a harsh history.

"You kept me alive," I whispered against her lips. "You gave me hope, Zelda, hope that I should return and you and only you would still love me." I traced her cheek and kissed her jaw. "That you would love a man like me who has committed so many wrongs."

"You have done nothing wrong," she answered, leaning her forehead against mine. "If you have spilled any blood it was because of my bidding, not yours. Oh, Link, if that is why you have been gone from me for so long then I would ask for your forgiveness." Her eyes, like mine, also filled with salty tears; they ran slowly down her lovely face until falling onto my hand. "I have loved you for so long, and I have prayed to the Goddesses every day for your safe return. And now you have come back…you came back to me…" Her voice broke.

"Zelda, my dove, I love you so. Please do not cry. I cannot bear to see your tears." I kissed her eyelids lovingly, the taste of salt now upon my lips.

She rested her face on my shoulder and sobbed, instead. I rocked her like a child as my own tears flooded my face, and we wept for our lost pasts and new futures together. Through the haze of tears I watched the cherry blossoms circle around us and catch themselves in our hair. Now the scent was almost overwhelming in its sweetness. Gently pulling away from Zelda, I gently wiped her face. "The blossoms are lovely," I eventually commented, not knowing what else to say.

Zelda laughed a little and replied while surveying her surroundings, "Yes, they are quite stunning at this time of the year. I would always come to this place now when the trees were full to bursting with these pink petals." She looked to me then. "And I would wait and hope that you would return to me here. And now you have."

Pressing herself against me, I gathered her close once again. "I love you, Zelda; as the cherry blossoms always flower in spring I will stay by your side. Forever."

"As will I," she murmured. Gently taking me by the chin for another kiss, she added in an ardent whisper, "Forever, Link."

As our love was displayed once again, we were circled by a breeze that carried with it the colors of pink and magenta and the scent of cherry blossoms.

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