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Chapter 1: Evil in the Forest

The day was bright, the sun shining down on green and lively slopes. A young man dressed in brown riding pants, high brown riding boots, a dark blue and red plaid shirt, a brown coat, and a brown cap reared his horse back the top of a hill, looking over the landscape. He looked around warily and pulled the string taut on his bow. "Something sure doesn't smell right," he said to himself. His head snapped to the left, where the forest was. "On, Franklin," he said, his light brown, nimble horse rearing back again and taking off along the path.

The young man looked ahead on the path and saw three young girls coming towards him. "Snoddy!" one girl called, waving to him a little. He hurried his horse over to them and stopped. "Snoddy, Specs just said he saw something in the forest!"

"Taffee's ordered everyone back to the village. Sparrow, get into town as soon as you can. I'll go talk to Specs in the tower," Snoddy said. "Dottie, Blue Boxer, you go too. And be quick about it!"

"You're coming into town too, right, Snoddy?" one girl, Dottie, asked with concern.

"Yeah, whatever happens, you're usually there to protect the town," the other girl, Blue Boxer, added.

Snoddy smiled a little at the two girls. "I'll join you when I can. But for now, go! It's not safe here. I can tell," he said, glancing at the woods. He then turned his gaze to a small town at the bottom of the hill they were on. "Now go on!"

"Be careful, brother!" Sparrow called as the three of them ran off down the path down the long hill.

Snoddy approached a dark, sturdy, wooden tower at the very top of the hill. He jumped off of Franklin and began climbing the ladder to the small shack atop the wooden stilts. About halfway up, his attention was taken back to the woods. He saw some movement, but he wasn't able to make out just what it was. After a pause, he continued up the ladder. "Did you see anything just now, Specs?"

"Yeah, I saw something. I have no idea what it was, though," Specs answered, not taking his eyes off of the forest. Snoddy climbed into the small box and moved to the ledge where Specs was perched, watching the forest closely. Something could be heard stirring within the woods. Neither of them said a word. Suddenly, several dark, worm-like creatures flung themselves above the stone wall and receded immediately. "What the. . ."

Snoddy stood up straight and threaded an arrow. A dark red, almost black ooze found its was between the rocks of the wall. With that, all plants around it shriveled and died. They too receded, leaving what they were a mystery. Then, without warning, a creature covered in the worm-live creatures broke the barrier of the wall into hundreds of small pieces and moved out of the woods. As it moved, the ground beneath it seemed to rot. The plants in its way died on contact with the animal. "Go, Specs! GO!" Snoddy yelled, pushing him to the ladder.

Franklin froze in his spot. Snoddy remembered him and looked over the ledge to see him frightened below the tower. "Run, Franklin! Run!" he yelled urgently. Still frightened, Franklin hardly reacted. Snoddy pointed the arrow he had ready at the beam next to the horse and let it fly. That having startled Franklin, he jumped and ran from his spot. Much to his dismay, Snoddy saw the beast approaching the tower, and he and Snoddy hadn't even left it. As it left the shadows of the trees and stepped into the light, the worm-like projections covering its body flew up into the air, revealing the body of a boar. Snoddy and Specs gasped, unsure of what to make of the creature.

"What do we do?!" Specs yelled. At that, the beast began eating away at the dark wood supporting the tower. The boys braced themselves against the wall of the tower as it began to lean and sway.

"Jump!" Snoddy yelled back to him as the structure began to collapse. He grabbed Specs' shoulders and pushed him to the ledge, jumping out of the tower as it got closer to the ground. They rolled across the grass away from the creature. "Go!" Snoddy yelled, getting Specs up and shoving his on the path. "Run back to town! Quick!"

Morning Dew grabbed her short knife and a basket. "I'm going to take in the vegetables that are ready today," she said as she left her small house. "You kids stay here, and behave. No fighting." She went around to the back, right by the hill where Snoddy was. She looked up and saw the creature, Snoddy, and the girls on the path ahead. "Shit, what is that?!" she yelled, dropping the basket and running into the street.

Snoddy fixed the string on his bow again and jumped on Franklin's saddle. He kicked the side of his foot into him to get him to go, pursuing the creature with the intent of killing it. Without warning, the creature took a turn into the woods again, leaving him alone on the path. After a few seconds, it emerged again behind him, thus pursuing Snoddy and Franklin. He turned his upper torso to the creature and held out his hand. "Creature, God or Demon, whatever you are, leave our town in peace! Please, I beg of you!" he pleaded with the monster. They continued moving forward. "Please!" he called once more. The creature suddenly came to a stop and turned to the three girls on the path.

Morning Dew saw Specs run down the street. He stopped, panting with his head between his legs. "Specs!" she ran to him and put a hand on his back. "What's going on? Is everything alright? Were you just up on the hill?"

"Yes, I was," he said between ragged breaths.

"Well, what's going on up there?" She asked urgently, nearly yelling. By this time, they had drawn a small crowd around them.

"A. . . monster," he panted. "It's headed. . . straight for. . . town. Snoddy's. . . up there. . . girls. . . on the path."

"Quick, let's move!" Morning Dew yelled, getting a few guys to follow her. They ran for the path up the hill. "Specs, go and stay with my kids!"

The three girls gasped. "What do we do?!" Dottie yelled.

"Run!" Blue Boxer yelled back. All three of them turned and ran down the path when Dottie tripped and fell on her face. "Dottie, get up!" Blue Boxer scrambled to help her up. Instinctively, Sparrow drew her short blade and held it out in front of her and the other two girls.

"Sparrow, no!" Snoddy yelled. As the creature got closer, Sparrow's face twisted with fear, and her blade nearly dropped from her hand. He drew an arrow out of his quiver and shot it into the boar's eye. The worm-like projections flew directly off the boar's back as it squealed. They fell back on it, causing even more to erupt from it with great force.

"Dottie, get up!" Sparrow yelled, sheathing her short blade. She and Blue Boxer picked her up and held her by the arms as they ran down the path towards town.

"I know, I'm going!" she yelled back urgently, trying to run with them despite the pain in her ankle.

Dewey looked up and saw them. "Girls! Are you alright? Are you hurt?" she called to them.

"We're fine! I think Dottie's hurt her ankle, though. I need to make sure Snoddy's alright!" Sparrow said quickly, a tear falling down her cheek.

"Okay, okay, calm down," Dewey put a hand on her shoulder. "Uh. . . Boots, take these two back to town and get her some help. Go fast! I'll stay with the guys and Sparrow."

"No! I'm fine! We want to stay!" Dottie protested.

"Yeah, Snoddy saved us. I at least want to make sure he's okay!" Blue Boxer added. Dewey thought for a moment. Finally, she sighed and nodded her head.

Snoddy kicked Franklin to get moving again. He managed to escape from the creature narrowly, but it wrapped its dark, slimy projections around his forearm. He tore it away, groaning and wincing from the burning pain in his skin. He struggled to thread another arrow in his bow. Once he had a clear shot, he took it. He hit it directly between the eyes. The monster squealed again as the projections spilled off of his body and seemed to melt into the ground. The same thing happened to those wrapped around Snoddy's arm. He nearly rolled off of Franklin and onto the ground, clutching his arm in excruciating pain.