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Chapter 2: Snoddy's Fate

"Snoddy!" Sparrow yelled, leaving her friend's side and running to him. After a moment, the other two made their way over.

"Over here! Come on!" Dewey yelled, leading several men up the hill, including Skittery, Boots, and David.

Sparrow knelt next to her brother and looked at him. She moved a hand to help him, but he turned away from her slightly. "Don't touch it, Sparrow. This wound is evil," he said protectively through the pain spreading up his arm.

"Somebody go get Taffee!" Dewey yelled to the men behind her.

"Boots, you go get the doctor," Dave said. He nodded and ran off in search of Taffee.

Snoddy winced and groaned again, piling dirt of his arm to try to cool it off. Trying to be as helpful as possible, Sparrow scooped up some dirt and put it on top of his arm. "Is this really good for it?" she asked after a moment.

"It'll help it cool down. We can wash it good later," he explained.

Blue Boxer and Dottie gasped as they reached Snoddy and Sparrow. "Oh, no! Snoddy, are you all right?" Dottie asked. Snoddy winced and groaned a little again, hardly heeding her question. The girls glanced at each other nervously and turned back to Snoddy.

After a moment, Taffee came up the hill. "Taffee!" Sparrow called, getting up and running to her. Snoddy lifted his arm and brushed off the dirt. "Taffee, what do we do? He's hurt!"

"Pour this over his wounds," Taffe said, giving Sparrow a jug and popping off the cap. Sparrow nodded and promptly went to Snoddy, pouring the fluid across his skin. IT bubbled a little and made an ugly hissing sound, but Snoddy relaxed considerably. Upon seeing this, Taffee moved to the carcus of the boar. She bowed her head in front of it. "A monument will be raised and a funeral service performed here in your honor. We must apologize for your sacrifice and thank you for sparing those in our town."

"Damn humans! You will suffer for my loss!" the boar roared back in a forceful but struggled voice. The people standing nearby looked around nervously, realizing it was the boar's dead body. Its flesh completely deteriorated, leaving behind a large, smelly skeleton and a pool of blood.

* * * * *

Dewey strolled up next to Boots and looked at the house in front of them, which happened to be Taffee's office. "What's going on?" she asked Boots.

"Taffee's meeting with Snoddy and a couple of the guys," he answered, not even looking at Dewey. "She's going to see if she can heal him, or at least try to figure out what will happen to him. You know how. . . spiritual she is. She'll be able to figure out what's going on."

"So how does it look?"

"Eh, not so good. They've been in there for quite some time," He sighed and looked at her. "I wish there was something we could do. Snoddy could have died protecting the town and those girls. It just doesn't seem fair."

"It seems like the gods are laughing at us," Dewey added in agreement.

Boots looked up at the sky. "The stars are out. It's getting late. We should be home now. Give them some privacy," he said. Dewey nodded and turned in the direction of her house.

"Snoddy, are you prepared to learn your fate?" Taffee asked after a moment of silence.

"Yes," Snoddy answered, opening his eyes and looking up at her. Dave and Skittery watched on with wide eyes in anticipation of what she'd say. "I was prepared the very minute I shot my arrow."

Taffee nodded and sighed. "Show everyone your right arm," she commanded gently. Snoddy obeyed, rolling up his sleeve to reveal a purplish infection covering his forearm. Dave and Skittery gasped as their faces twisted in horror. "This infection will spread throughout your entire body. It will cause you great pain and eventually kill you. This beast is foreign to me. He came from a land in the South. I have no knowledge of a cure, but you have the liberty to seek one in the South," she pulled an iron ball out and put it on the table. "This was found inside the boar's body. It pierced his flesh and crushed his bones, killing him. Take it to help you find a cure, should you decide to go."

Snoddy looked at the table in thought. After a moment, he sighed and lifted his head, looking at Taffee. "I'll leave tonight," he said, taking the iron ball. The other two boys gasped again.

"It's not right. This shouldn't have happened to him," Dave said softly to Skittery.

"No, it isn't," Skittery agreed with a sigh. "Snoddy's liked by everyone. He always protects the town against whatever nature throws at us. I'm sure most of us expected him to be mayor this fall. He would have been the youngest one we've had."

"It isn't right," Dave repeated sadly. "Our one decent guy, the one who could have died today to save us, could have, and would have, been successful here has to leave because he gets a curse trying to protect us. It just doesn't make any sense. What have we done to deserve this? What has Snoddy done to deserve this? He protects us. He can't leave."

Snoddy nodded his head and stood. "Thank you very much, Taffee. Your counsel is greatly appreciated," he walked out the front door and towards his home.

"Godspeed, kid," Taffee whispered when she heard the door click.

Snoddy stopped once he got outside and breathed in the fresh air. So what now? He thought to himself. He went home and gathered a few belongings and all of his savings. He put a brown jacket over his clothes and put his cap back on. Snoddy put his bow and extra arrows in his quiver and secured it around his body with care. He slung his pack over his back and moved to the stables. He saddled Franklin, leading him to the road by the bridle. He mounted the horse, preparing him to leave.

"Snoddy!" a voice called in a horse whisper. He relaxed the horse, waiting to leave until he found who was speaking to him. Sparrow emerged from the shadows of a building and ran to him. "Snoddy, wait!"

"Sparrow, what are you doing here?" he asked, turning Franklin around to face her. "It's too late! You know if mom catches you out here now, she'd kill you. You should be home!"

"Do you think I care about that?" she asked. Snoddy smiled slightly, almost wanting to laugh. "I wanted to give you something." She pulled out a small crystal dagger on a string.

"Your crystal dagger? I can't take this from you, Sparrow. It's your favorite. . ."

"No, I want you to have it," she insisted again. Reluctantly, Snoddy took it from her and put it around his neck and under his shirt. "I don't want you to. . . forget." She quickly tried to blink away tears.

Snoddy smiled at her reassuringly as she gave in and let her tears fall. "Sparrow, I could never forget about you. You be good, alright? Take care of things while I'm away."