Two Love And Dream

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Chapter 1: An Old World

The wind blew her short black hair around gently, not making too much of a mess. But the loose strands poked at her eyes and made them slightly water. The shingles that made the Hotel roof were surprisingly cool, but still rough. She didn't care. She just needn't to get away and think. Her arms were shaking and she tried to steady them by balling her hands into fists. It didn't do any good. Yuffie felt like screaming, but pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around them instead.

Leon's voice was echoing off the walls all around her. Why didn't he go away? She wanted to scream, yell, shriek, "Go the hell away!" but she held it back. Things weren't going so well. Cloud came back, that was good, but everything broke apart. Aerith and all the others wanted to go back to Hallow Bastion, since obviously it was back. But this was her home, how could they make her leave it behind. There were two things wrong with that thought. 1) They weren't making her leave. 2) This wasn't her true home.

She growled and wrapped herself into a tighter ball. If she went to sleep, then when she woke up everything would be okay. Yuffie wouldn't have to hear Leon yelling at her or calling her a brat. The thought of sleep beckoned her and she gave in, resting her head on the crook in her elbow. The shouts for her in the Districts were stubborn, not wanting to be blocked out. But she put her other arm against her head and prayed to Leviathan that sleep would come quickly.

Aerith came into the Green Room, Cloud's arm around her waist, and a big smile plastered onto her lips. Yuffie rolled her eyes and went back to her solo game of Solitaire. "You two have a room so go and use it!" she yelled, not looking up. Leon followed the two in, rolling his eyes at the show of affection. "What she said," he muttered and took a seat by the small table. Cid grumbled from the other chair, ashes floating down from his cigar.

"Everyone listen, we have something to tell you," Cloud said in his usual Listen-Or-I'll-Cut-Your-Head-Off-With-My-Big-Ass-Sword tone. The Shinobi continued to play her game and nodded to show she was "listening". Aerith smiled up at the ex-SOLDIER and then at them, "We thought that since Hallow Bastion was back and there aren't any Heartless, it'd be safe to move back." Even with the flower girl smiling warmly at her, Yuffie couldn't hold back the anger of moving back.

She stood up from the floor, hands in a tight fist. "What?! We can't go back to Hallow Bastion!" Leon was the first to look at her, his dark eyes holding her own with its cold glare. "No one said you had to go too," he said, his voice holding a deep growl. Yuffie stared at him, shock gripping her throat. He didn't want her around? That was it. If she were in a different world, the brat wouldn't be bothering him all the time. Her lips formed a thing line and her eyes grew fiercer. Then her hand raised back and she punched him before running from the Green Room.

Her eyes snapped open and she groaned. Now I can't even go to sleep without that haunting me! Yuffie grew silent and laid there, just listening. The yelling had stopped, but she didn't want to go. What about that dream? The dream I like, she thought to herself. For the past month a dream kept coming back, over and over again. And each time it would start the same, but then become different. It was so real and it was in a place she knew. A place she liked. Closing her eyes, she wished for the security of the dream.

The dirt under her fingers gave her a soothing release from the pain just moments before. The materia hunter smiled and stood up, looking down from the top of Da-Chao. The giant red Pagoda stood looming ahead and the small houses surrounding it reminded her slightly of the Second District in Traverse Town. This was her home. Her true home. Wutai in all its glory. The gong beside the Pagoda of the Five Mighty Gods rang out and she was glad to hear it's chiming song.

"Well, Yuffie, this is what you wanted," she said, staring down at the town. She was always on top of Da-Chao when the dream started. But was she suppose to know that? It didn't really feel like a dream, more like walking around in the Waking Realm. Wutai was destroyed by the Heartless. It doesn't exist so it's a dream, she thought to herself. Shrugging off the thoughts, Yuffie looked down at her armor. There was more of it than she would wear in Traverse, but in the dream it was vital she wear it. The fiends were more dangerous and more varied.

The ninja jumped down, frustrated at the extra weight she was carrying because of her armor, and ran down the paths that made Da-Chao. When the paths became one, Yuffie broke out into the fastest run she could ever force out. She wanted to scream out with all the breath she had, "I'M HOME!!" but she thought better of it. It felt good knowing that she wouldn't be squabbling with Leon, or running away from that obsessed guy Jiasu. She shivered at the thought of him. He definitely wouldn't be in Wutai.

A little boy was in front of Turtle's Paradise, bouncing a small green ball against the wall. She smiled and grabbed him, twirling him around, "Tijaka! You're alive and okay!" After being spun around, he jumped to the ground and looked at her as if she had grown a mushroom for a head, "Miss Yuffie, are you okay?" She smiled and nodded before running down to the house she owned. Yuffie slammed the door open and enjoyed the meows that surrounded her. Godo always said she was responsible for the cats that roamed the streets. Because of that she bought more and stuck them in her house.

Yuffie laughed, savoring being home. Then she remembered her father. Was he the same? She never got to see him the other times she had the dream. Feeling the urge to see him, she ran out of the Cat House and kept going until she was in front of the Pagoda. Gorki was the first person she saw, but she ran passed him. The Shinobi did this also with Shake, Chekhov, and Staniv. All they saw were blurs of different colors. Later on she would laugh at their stunned and confused faces.

When she turned the corner of the last one, she halted suddenly. Dear Leviathan, was all that would form in her mind. None of the dreams before went like this. Two bloody eyes stared down at her, the gaze unreadable as always. A cape much like Cloud's extended behind him and the digits of a golden claw twitched at the side. A crimson bandanna held his wild black hair out of his face. More importantly, the gun, Death Penalty, rested in the holster at his waist. Yuffie stared at him in shock then managed to squeak out, "Vinnie?"

He sighed at the nickname she gave him and said clearly, "I would appreciate it if you called me Vincent, Yuffie." She continued to stare.

"Yuffie, I'm aware you know Mr. Valentine," Godo said beside the gunslinger. She shook the shock away and turned towards her father, "Of coarse I do, you old fart. What the hell is going on?!"

"Child, watch your tone."

"Watch your weight," she retaliated, loving the redness his face was becoming. The fifth Mighty God fumed and bowed slightly to Vincent before taking her outside the room. "Hey! Lemme go!" Yuffie yelled, glaring shurikens at the older man. Godo glared back and released her. "What is Vincent doing here?" Yuffie asked with her arms crossed. Her father closed his eyes, as if ignoring her question. Seconds later, he answered, "He has come here to help. You know the problem that has been going around. We need all the help we can get, especially since you stopped Materia Hunting."

She stared at him, dumbfounded. "Um, could you perhaps refresh my mind on what that little problem was?" she said, laughing nervously before drifting off. Godo sighed and rubbed his head. For a while he reminded her of a mix between Cid and Leon. "The problem with people and things disappearing, child. Maybe if you weren't asleep on top of Da-Chao all day long you would remember," he muttered angrily. But she wasn't listening to him and went back into the room.

Vincent looked up at her, his arms crossed and leaning against the polished wood wall. Yuffie felt uneasy with him just staring at her, feeling she should say something. But how do you say something when the guy in front of you is supposedly dead when you're awake? Against every instinct and memory she had, the ninja ran up to him and gave him a hug. "I'm so glad you're okay, Vinnie," she mumbled into the fabric of his cape. The pale man looked down at her in surprise, confusion in his eyes.

But he embraced her back. Yuffie sighed and pulled away, scratching the back of her head. Vincent questioned what she had said, wondering what could have happened that would put him in harms way. "Why would I not be okay?" he asked, breaking his one sentence quota. She looked at her shoe and just shook her head, "Never mind. Just a bad dream." Or a bad reality. He accepted her answer, but knew she was keeping something to herself. It wasn't his business so he needn't know.

Her vision became to get fuzzy and she tried to shake it away. Why was she suddenly dizzy? Yuffie staggered a bit, her heart beat loud in her head. Black spots began to appear in her eyes. Then she was falling towards the ground quickly, only to be saved when Vincent caught her in his arms. His concerned crimson eyes was the last thing she saw before she completely blacked out.

Leon shook her again, "Yuffie, dammit, wake up!" That was his sixth time yelling at her to wake up and he was starting to fear she wouldn't get up at him. But then her stormy eyes fluttered open, slightly glazed at first, and then confusion filling the orbs. "Squall? Where am I?" she mumbled, wincing from the stiffness of sleeping on the roof. He ran a hand through his long, brown hair and said without a hint of annoyance, "It's Leon. You're on top of the Hotel." She just nodded her head and sat there.

Yuffie noticed the his lips form into a frown and forced a smile, "Let's go before Aerith has a cow." He shook his head and stood up, "She already did." The young girl laughed and jumped down onto the balcony below. But she couldn't stop her thoughts from drifting to Wutai and Vincent? She stared at the sky, noticing all the stars that were lost before were back. Was Wutai back too, or was it lost forever to the darkness? She shivered and headed back inside, one thought still haunting her. Why was Vincent concerned?

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