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8 years.

That's how long he had to suffer.

When he found the kid he would give him 8 years worth of pain.


Never mind, now he was free from his cell and to find the boy.

'You can run but you can't hide...' he thought to himself with a grim smile, as he rewound and watched a tape again and again.

"That's him alright" he whispered to himself as he watched the footage coming from some town called Bayville, New York. A bunch of mutant kids were battling a giant robot.

"Mutant" he hissed, it all made sense now, it was unexpected but in the end it wouldn't matter.

He'd still pay.

He walked over to a chest of drawers and started pulling out various articles. 'So the boys got a few tricks up his sleeve,' he mused 'So do I..'

The man laughed to himself as he began shoving objects into a black leather bag. In went some files, a gun and last but most important, a picture of a small boy and his baby sister.

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