Summary: Matt, the new bad boy with a secret, who gets with the wrong crowd. The crowd that's even feared by the cops. Sora feels something with him but doesn't she wants Tai to be with her or does she. Tai hates Matt and is hiding something. I'm bad at summaries; a little Taiora in beginning but Sorato the rest of the way. Disclaimer: I do not own anything in Digimon. My story is rated pg-13 for drugs and other elements. This is a sorato fic. So if you don't like don't read. This is my first fic. So please don't flame. I hope you enjoy it, please review, here it is!



Sora woke up to a clash of thunder and a flash of lightning. She moaned and turned to look at the time

"7:45 a.m." she murmured to herself.

"7:45 A.M." she screamed sitting up in bed almost falling off.

"I've only got ten minutes to get ready, eat, and only five minutes to drive to school!" she stated getting out of bed.

She took a three minute shower which gave her enough time to get clean but not enough time to enjoy the hot, soothing water like she usually did. She then threw on tight blue faded jeans and a gray sleeveless shirt with a baby blue jacket. She ran a brush threw her long, red hair that reached right above her elbows, which she usually put in a shaggy style. After that she threw deodorant on and brushed her teeth. She stopped to think about whether she had anything to eat for breakfast...she had no idea. She opened her bedroom door, which lead to the living room of her one bedroom apartment. There was a t.v. a stereo, a couch, and a coffee table. She walked to the right of the living room, where there was an entryway to a counter. Her kitchen was basically a small rectangle on the right wall there was the refrigerator and stove, on the left wall there was the microwave, toaster, and dishwasher. Straight ahead of her was the sink. Everything except the refrigerator had cupboards above and below them. The cupboards contained the basics: food, pots and pans, silverware, dishes, and cleaning supplies. She went to a cupboard and saw a blueberry breakfast bar

"Wow I didn't think I had any food to eat!" She said with a surprised expression.

She grabbed the breakfast bar and as she walked towards the door she grabbed her car keys and purse. She closed her door and attempted to lock it.

"C'mon" she said trying to lock her door.

It finally locked. She ran to the elevator and pushed the down button. It never came. So she resorted to the stairs unfortunately for her she was on the eighth floor. She finally made it down out of breathe she stopped for a split second to catch her breathe. After taking one breath she started to dig in her purse for her car keys...she found them. She made it to her black wrangler and she hopped in. Putting the keys in the ignition she started her car up. On the highway she saw red and blue lights flashing on her.

"O' NO not now" she said in a frustrated manner.

She pulled over and stopped the car. The officer walked over to her.

"Miss, do you have any idea how fast you were going?" he said with a stern expression.

"No sir," she replied

"You were doing at least 85 miles per hour," he said looking at her with one of those freaky cop expressions.

Sora just smiled at him, trying to hold back her anger brewing inside of her.

'Could my day get any worse' she thought to herself.

"Well I was going to just give you a warning but your not wearing seatbelt so that will cost you now." The officer said writing her a ticket and interrupting her train of thought.

Her anger kept brewing and she kept holding back. He told her to fasten her seatbelt and to drive much slower. She fastened her seatbelt and started up her car again. She drove off doing the speed limit. She usually tried to make it to school five to ten minutes early so she could flirt with Tai. See Tai had always liked her and she him. He was very protective of her and VERY flirty. She wanted Tai to be her first kiss but she didn't know if Tai liked her like that. She finally made it to school; she pulled into the school parking lot noticing Tai was frantically waving at her giving her that confused why are you late look. Which she wasn't late the bell had just rang. She took a glance in the mirror and noticed her hair was just straight, no body no life, just straight. She sighed and grabbed her bag. She locked her car and started to walk towards Tai.

"You look like death," Tai said with a smirk

"Shut up" she said glaring at him.

They walked in the building and Tai put his arm around her. They started to walk towards class. They walked in and started to walk to their seats. They sat down and waited for their teacher to come in. Tai sat one row behind Sora and she sat by her other friend Nick, the captain of the foot ball team.

"Hey there's a new kid today," Nick said

"Really" she said in her usual curious manner.

"Yeah, Tai knows something about him but wont say anything," Nick said in a kind of angry voice.

"Hmm... usually he tells you stuff like that doesn't he? I mean you two are best friends." Sora replied

"Well.. Yeah but from what I've heard he's coming from his old school because he got expelled!" Nick said.

Before Sora could say another word the teacher came in and started giving off an English lecture.

~10 minutes later~

The door opened and a guy came in. He was a little taller than Tai, he had blonde hair, blue eyes and was dressed in all black. When he turned towards the class his long blonde hair went in front of his face leaving his face unnoticeable. He looked around the room and his eyes locked with Sora's. They stood like that until the teacher interrupted them.
"Class, this is Ishida, Yamato" Mr. Tena said.

"Do you have anything to say Mr. Ishida?" he asked

"Yeah... call me Matt and if you're brave enough to speak to me...DON'T" Matt said in a stern voice.

"Ok... Matt you can sit by Tai, Tai please raise your hand." Mr. Tena said.

Tai raised his hand with a disgusted look on his face. Matt just gave him a smirk. As Matt was heading towards Tai's row he stopped for a split second and turned towards Sora and gave her a devious bad boy yet uniquely intriguing grin. She slightly blushed and looked down at her English book to hide her red cheeks. Matt took a seat by Tai and Tai just kind of avoided him.

~end of class~

Sora walked out of class and was greeted by Jeff, one of her other friends, the captain of the baseball team to be exact. Actually, Jeff was Nick's twin, they both had brown hair, green eyes, and were about 5'11.

"Hey, that Matt guy is a bad one, huh?" he asked.

"Yeah," she replied

Tai and Nick walked out and joined them.

"Tai, what do you know about Matt?" Sora asked.

"No need for you to know Sor UNDERSTOOD!" Tai said in a firm voice.

Sora looked at him in a confused look

"Look can we change the subject, Please!" Tai asked in an annoyed voice.

But before they could get another word out they realized they still had school. So they all separated and went either to their lockers or class. As Sora approached her locker she noticed a particular group of boys dressed in all black crowded around her locker. There was no doubt in her mind about who they were. They were the feared group; cops were scared of them because of their capabilities and crimes. This group was Brett's group. Brett Bansting, someone you did NOT want to mess with. He had brown eyes, black spiky hair with red tips, and he ALWAYS wore black. He had many rumors spread of him and his group. Like drug addict and seller, thief, arsonist, even MURDERER, and rapist! Sora did not fear him or his group. She was a fighter but that part of her mostly stayed enclosed and locked up. She usually left them alone and they well it depended she usually never got in any trouble with them. Sora didn't usually like to start the fights but if someone else did she'd play along. If the occasion called for a fight she would give one. She never admitted it but she loved fighting.

So she took a deep breath and walked over to her locker. Then she realized they weren't crowding her locker they were crowding the one next to it. There he was the one whose locker was being crowded, Yamato Ishida. His locker was right beside hers.

"O crap... this is going to be a long year." She thought to herself.

She took another deep breathe and got closer and closer to her locker and the group. She finally arrived but one of the members was leaning on her locker facing Matt. She decided not to speak but to go ahead and take drastic measures. So she grabbed the one that was leaning his side against her locker, by the shoulders and she slowly and painfully sank her nails into his shoulders making him fall to his knees. He quickly pulled away and turned around to see the one foolish enough to touch him better yet cause him pain. She gave a sigh and a sly smirk and reached for her locker.

"Girl did you just touch me!" A stern sounding kind of pissed voice said. She knew the was Jesse. Jesse, the stupid bleached blonde who got pissed over almost everything.
"Hmm.. if you weren't so stupid maybe you'd know the answer to that smart one!" She said in a sarcastic tone.

He looked at her in awe of how foolish she was. She was actually making fun of him and this was not good for her. And she knew it wasn't, but she enjoyed it any way. She was about to get even more sarcastic with him but was interrupted by one voice. A low almost satanic voice.

"Well, well, well...if it isn't Sora. The mysterious, stubborn, and unexplainably hot chick. Who at the time is gonna get a beating if she's not careful." He said with a unexplainable tone. She knew that voice from anywhere it was Brett.

"Brett, tell me why do you think I fear you when you're the one fearing me because you only threatened me instead of beating me. I think you're afraid that I may actually beat you at your own game. You hard headed idiot." Sora said with a sly look on her face.

"You've got guts girl and the reason I gave you a warning is because something so fine would be injured and almost killed in an instant and besides your unused and before anything major happened you need to be used sweetie." Brett said in a sarcastic voice."

"Really, you know Brett I think I'm right I think your fighting is probably not even worth my time I think I could put school work ahead of your fighting so if you'll excuse me I have to get to class." Sora said and with that she grabbed her chemistry book and slammed her locker shut and headed off to class.

"Ohhh she's pushed the limit now. She's gonna pay for that. Now before we beat her I'm gonna go get some pot any one else coming." Brett said.

Everybody but Matt started to leave.

"Matt ya coming?" Brett asked

"Nah man I don't do that crap" Matt said.

"Whatever suit yourself" Brett said and with that he walked off. Matt grabbed his chemistry book and started to go to class. Sora made it to class. Matt barely made it but was excused since he was new. Unfortunately for Sora, Tai wasn't in this class. Matt sat one seat behind Sora. In the middle of class Sora felt the warm air of someone's breathe on her neck then she heard some one whisper in her ear

"You pushed Brett and now you're gonna pay sweetie and Brett knows that you aren't like the other girls and he's gonna try something so if I were you I would change my views on Brett because I wouldn't want to see something so fine get severely injured." And with that the voice was gone, she turned around to see Matt smirking at her. She knew it was him who said that.

~end of class~

Sora walked out and found Tai. They talked for about two seconds about how much they hate teachers then they split. As Sora was walking up to history she got slammed up against a wall by you know who Brett Bansting and of course Jesse. The guys both didn't look too happy, she could tell they'd been smoking pot by the way they looked. She ended up dropping her history book and flinching in pain because of the way Jesse and Brett were holding her. But before any of the guys could even speak to her she kicked Brett and Jesse in the balls and as they both fell to the ground because they'd just been kicked by four inch high heels in the balls by the head soccer player besides Tai. Sora gave off a laugh of enjoyment and picked up her book and moved on to class.

"You'll pay for this Takenouchi!" She heard Brett shout. Matt laughed at the sight of the guys then also walked off to history.

~History class~

Again Sora felt the warm breath of Mr. Ishida and he whispered:

"Now you've done it and you're gonna get it BAD and I mean it too!" And with that Matt sat back in his chair and gave her his usual smirk.


Sora was not found for Brett and Jesse were holding her up against the wall again. This time they gave no chance for her to hit them again and they punched her in the face, stomach, and kicked her in the ribs which was showing mercy.

"All because you're such a tough chick with a lot of spunk I'll let you go but anymore and you'll learn the true meaning of pain." And with that they all walked off. Tai found her four seconds later and ran towards her.

"Sora" he shouted. He helped her up and asked her what happened and she told him the whole story.

"Sora, don't do it again please I don't want to see something really bad happen to you and you know what Brett is capable of even what his gang is capable of now tell me you wont interfere with Brett or his gang again ok" Tai asked

"Ok "she said moaning in pain.

~after school at tennis court~

Sora hit the ball again towards Melissa who hit it back. Sora saw Brett's group out of the corner of her eye. She always wondered why they were there sitting on the bleachers like they did every single day.

~Brett's Group~

"Why are we here?" asked Matt.

"Matt, girls, short shorts, diving for ball involved.... get my drift" Brett said in a sarcastic manner. Matt gave off a sly grin of acknowledgement showing he got it.

"We come here everyday to watch this because Sora always dives for the ball and we like it when that happens" Brett said speaking deviously

"Perv" Matt said under his breath

~Back on Tennis Court~

Sora hit the ball again she was now sweating and working pretty hard; as was Melissa.

~Brett's Group~

"Hey Brett, why does Sora have that huge brace on her knee?" asked Matt.

"I don't know go find out after her practice is over maybe we can use it against her." Brett said giving off a mischievous grin.

~Tennis Court~

Sora dove for the ball and landed on her knee and flinched in pain but she still hit the ball and then she rolled and did a flip up to her feet.

Matt raised an eyebrow at her skill "impressive" he said under his breath.

~end of practice~

Matt walked over to Sora who was sitting on a bench icing her knee down. She heard someone coming and turned her head to see who it was and to her surprise it was Matt! She gave him a death glare for she had a black eye now because of the group. He gave her a wink and a smile. He knew she wanted to know why he was here he loved watching girls curious expressions.

"What's up with your knee?" Matt asked
"I hurt it in a serious car accident three months ago. I broke it in six places and ruptured three disks why do you ask?" she said now giving a curious look.

"Ouch, I was just wonde.." he was interrupted by Sora.

"Holy Crap! My ticket!" She screamed. Getting up laying the ice pack down and running into the locker room to change.

"So how'd she hurt it and what's wrong with it?" Brett asked coming out from around the corner.

"She was in a serious car accident three months ago and broke it in six places and ruptured three disks." Matt said.

"Good now we know where to kick her, good job, Matt." Brett said

"Thanks man" Matt said and with that they all walked off.

~ten minutes later~

Sora ran out of the locker room threw her back pack and gym bag in the back of the wrangler and hopped in the car put the keys in the ignition and started it up and drove off.


Sora walked in and presented her ticket. She gave them her credit card and waited for her receipt but instead was told:

"Miss I'm sorry but this credit card is maxed out" the receptionist said handing it back to her.

Sora gave off a frustrated sigh and dug in her purse and found her checkbook and wrote the receptionist a check for $2,000 and left. She got that over with. When she got in her car she sat down and relaxed for a moment.

"I guess my day could get worse" she said to herself.

She started the car and headed home.

~Sora's apartment~

Sora opened her apartment door ad fell on the couch and sighed.

"I didn't see you at my soccer game" a voice from the shadows said.

"Tai?" Sora said sitting up and looking at where the voice was coming from.

"The one and only and hopefully the only guy who has a key to your apartment" Tai replied walking towards her

"Uhhh..... Tai I had the worse day ever!" Sora said in a worn out voice.

"C'mon talk to me" Tai said sitting on the couch and letting her rest her head on his shoulder.

"Ok, I had to get ready in five minutes... FIVE MINUTES then I got stopped by a cop and got a $2,000 fine. Then all the crap with Brett, Jesse, and Matt. Then my knee got sore again, and I had to pay my ticket and found out my credit card was maxed out. Last but not least I completely missed your soccer game! Tai I'm SO SORRY" Sora said taking a deep breathe. Tai put his arm around her and she fell asleep.

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