Author's note- ok, I'm back, again; this is my favorite story so I'm going to finish it.

IMPORTANT NOTE PLEASE READ: I made a mistake in the timing of Minerva's pregnancy. She actually conceived in October. When Aberforth found out, she was seven months pregnant, however because she has such a small frame, the pregnancy did not show very much. Sorry bout that.

Chapter 8-

Minerva processed about her work and her life slowly after the incident with Aberforth. He still came every day for lessons, but they took to having dinner afterwards sometimes, and discussing Aberforth's experience at Hogwarts, Minerva's past at Hogwarts, and both of their lives. No one but Albus missed them in the great hall. Tom never came to dinner these days either, always studying with the Slytherian group he had formed. He and Minerva never saw each other anymore, except a letter she sent him saying that the relationship had been wonderful, but they both had to move on with their busy lives. Aberforth kept his promise to keep her secret to himself, although Minerva knew that he wanted her to talk to Albus. Minerva decided to keep her promise to herself, and talk to Albus, not about the baby, but about Tom and the Slytherians.

"Professor Dumbledore," Minerva began one morning at breakfast. She was very nervous about talking to Albus; she hadn't in months besides simple hellos and goodbyes during staff meetings. "I was wondering if I could meet with you sometime soon about an issue. It is of…some importance." Albus looked at her for a long time. He was surprised at the strain in her voice as she talked to him. Whatever the meeting was about, it was obviously very important to her. He wanted to cry at the change he had seen take place with her since Christmas. She was quieter and paler, and often ill. She kept to herself, or just kept the company of Aberforth, who she was training to be an Animagus. Albus was worried that she was putting too much extra work on herself by training the boy, but it seemed that sometimes the only person she ever saw outside of her classes was Aberforth. Albus had seen them become good friends, and even though it was extra work for Minerva, she needed a friend. He had watched her relationship with Tom disintegrate. Not in a harsh way, but it simply faded away as Tom worked harder with his Slytherians and as Minerva secluded herself from people. Albus was concerned for her health. She was often ill, and had a cough she could never quite throw off. Minerva had taken to wearing bulky winter robes all day long; she said she was often chilled, although it was the custom of the people of Hogwarts to wear more normal dress for meals or informal occasions, Minerva kept to her heavy, large black robes. Albus had wanted to reach out to her so many times, but just didn't know how.

"Certainly Professor McGonagall." He replied. "When would you like to meet?"

"As soon as possible if that is okay with you." Minerva replied.

"In my office then, after morning classes?" he proposed. Minerva nodded.

Albus paced in his study, waiting for Minerva. He was nervous at what she had to say. He watched quietly as she walked into the room.

"Have a seat Professor," he said as congenially as he could. Minerva sat down, and then she began to speak.