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Spoilers: None - Occurs some time early in BtVS Season 5.

Note: I was digging thru some old fics and found this. Not sure why I never posted it. It was written 3 years ago.

Hearing a snapping noise, almost like the sound a wet towel made when wielded by a teenage boy after gym class, except higher pitched, Dawn was distracted from her intended target, the bottle of butterscotch sauce her bowl of granola was crying out for. It seemed to be coming from outside, she thought, putting the small jar of horseradish she'd been holding down next to her bowl.

Getting up from the table, Dawn walked across the room. Cautiously opening the kitchen door, she leaned against the door jamb and looked out into the yard at her sister who was displaying more than her usual signs of being out of touch with reality. Standing in the middle of the yard, she seemed to be waving a long thin piece of black rope in the air while muttering something under her breath.

Dawn looked around to make sure that none of her friends, her mother's friends, the next-door neighbors, or even random strangers were watching. Satisfied, she slowly crossed the back porch and walked down the steps, stopping at the bottom.

"Buffy!" she whispered loudly in an exaggerated fashion. "What are you doing?"

"What's up Dawnie?" her sister asked, walking over. The perkiness in her voice grated on Dawn's nerves. She could do perkiness with the best of them and in a perkiness battle Dawn knew she was head and shoulders above her sister, even on a bad day. But that was only after she'd consumed her traditional breakfast of the four important breakfast food groups - sundae sauce, spicy vegetable, something with oatmeal, and something dairy.

"What's that?" Dawn asked, frowning at her sister.

"It's a whip. I found it in the attic," She said. "It was in that box of old letters and things Mom got when Grandpa Jones disappeared."

"What are you trying to do with it?"

"I thought it would be cool to have a mark to leave behind to scare vampires away," Buffy said, grinning to herself. "You know, like Zorro? But I can't get it to work."

"Umm... Buffy..." Dawn said, trying to keep a straight face, "Zorro starts with a 'z'. It's just a couple straight lines. You aren't gonna be able to do a 'B' with it."

"Sure I can," Buffy said. "You just have to swing it the right way."

"And Buffy..." Dawn watched Buffy walk back to the middle of the yard.

"Yeah?" Buffy lookup back at her, the whip dangling from her right hand.

"Zorro used a sword, not a whip, to carve his mark into things."

"I'm sure he would have used a whip if he'd had one," Buffy said. "It works great on vampires."

"Vampires?" Dawn squeaked.

"Oh yeah!" Buffy gushed. "If you snap it just right, it'll take their head right off."

"You used that whip to kill vampires?" Dawn said, feeling slightly nauseous at the thought.

"Well.. no. Mom would have a cow. It's a family heirloom." Buffy laughed. "Giles found a whole book on whip fighting techniques the last time he was in London. He let me try some of them out last night with a special fighting whip he found in LA."

If it isn't obvious - This is an Indiana Jones crossover - sort of. And some incarnation of Zorro probably did have a whip. But not the one Buffy knows about.