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Chapter Thirteen: Peace Will Come

Robin walked up the staircase, toward the small door that kept Starfire away from the rest of the group. He knocked once. He heard nothing at first, then a weak moan followed by nothing. "Who has come to my door?" She called out. She was laying across her bed, and she didn't feel like talking. She wanted to sleep and forget about Robin.

Robin tried the knob. It swung open, reveiling Starfire, who sat up and snorted when she saw him. "Robin, I do not wish to speak with you." She looked him in the eyes and said nothing. Do not cry, she said in her mind.

"Star, I'm sorry. Raven and I...I love Raven. She's not to blame, I am. Starfire, you can't stay mad at me." Robin sat down on her bed and felt like he was dealing more with a younger sister than with his old girlfriend.

"Robin, you are forgiven. Please do not speak to me anymore. I wish to be alone for a while." She pushed him out of her room and Robin staggered into the hall and hit his head lightly off the oppisite wall. Muttering to himself and feeling happier for having gotten the words out, he retreated down the steps to where Beast Boy and Cyborg were still fighting over the money.

"Dude, you didn't pay me enough. I'm just lucky I noticed. Pay up. I knew you couldn't win at that game if your life depended on it. Twentey bucks, or I'll also say you have to wear one of Star's skirts." Beast Boy grinned and held out his hand.

"This is so stupid." Cyborg thrust another ten dollars at Beast Boy and turned to Robin. "She forgive you, man?" When Robin nodded, Cyborg smiled. "Nice job."

Lecita walked into the room and glanced at the three boys. "Robin, did Starfire forgive you?" Robin nodded again, getting sick of the same question, and Anna smiled. She opened her mouth to speak, but a phone ring cut off her reply. Robin jumped to answer it to avoid having to reply further, but Cyborg answered it. "Yep." He paused to listen. "Really?" The sound of a cool female voice was heard again, although too faint to hear what was being said. "Okay, we'll be right there." He turned to the Titans with a smile. "Raven is coming home," he said in a relevied voice.

Robin smiled. "Three days ago she couldn't even speak. Are they sure she can handle this?" Robin's smile faded. "What if something goes wrong once she gets home?"

"Kinda cute, how tense you are," Lecita teased him. Robin ignored the tone of her voice, because her teasing was like being teased by a sister, not a girlfriend. "She'll be fine unless we leave her there. Come on!"

Beast Boy sighed when Anna asked him to go get Starfire. She always seemed so cheerful, as long as she had Robin. And Beast Boy himself knew that losing Terra was making him too quiet. Maybe, he thought, I could use someone else in my life. If it can't be Raven, maybe Star would...He looked up, shocked that he was on the roof already. "Star? Starfire?" Beast Boy called to her gently.

Starfire had taken a seat on the roof after shoving Robin away from her. She turned to Beast Boy, eyes rimmed with red and hair tangled slightly. He sat down beside her and the two of them said nothing. "Raven is coming home," he said finally. "Everyone wants you to come with us, Star." He set his hand on hers lightly. She noticed it but didn't say anything.

"I shall come with you, Beast Boy." She stood up lightly, wiped the last tears away with the back of her hand, and allowed him to hold her hand. Lecita smiled when she saw them, Anna just climbed into the car, and Robin looked on quietly. Maybe, he thought, she'll go out with Beast Boy and forgive me.

Starfire still ignored Robin, though, and he felt his heart sinking. He just wanted to ask her, flat out, what he could do to stop their fight. But, he reasoned with himself, she wouldn't tell you anyway. He relised that, in spite of everything, he didn't feel sorry about killing Slade and Terra because they were the reason that Raven had gotten hurt and Starfire hated him. Maybe...

"Robin!" Lecita grabbed his arm, annoyed with him. "Your girlfriend will be really hurt if you don't come inside." He could see his friends heading for the building. He muttered something in reponse and the two of them headed into the building. Raven was standing there waiting, arms crossed and her cloak back in place around her shoulders. She was being hugged by Starfire and rolled her eyes in Robin's direction. "Raven, you are coming home! We shall partake of food and we shall talk and..." Starfire listed many things that she thought she and Raven could do when they got back to the tower.

"Well, good to see you, Rave." Cyborg grinned when he saw her roll her eyes at the ceiling. She hasn't changed at all, he thought. Just then, she moved forward to him and said something. Cyborg jumped when she almost yelled his name. "I said that it's nice to see you, but I'd rather see Titan tower right now. Take us home." Robin slid his hand through hers and they walked out to the car.

The ride back to the Tower was noisy and crowded. Lecita and Anna seemed to finally be celerbrating being together by singing off-key at the top of their voices. Starfire was brighter than she had been in days. Beast Boy was telling jokes, and she was laughing. Raven had taken her position next to Cyborg in the front of the car and was leaning agenst the window, muttering about her friends. Robin just smiled at the scene.

Raven went straight up the steps and into the living room. Everyone watched her slowly sit down and look around, and then she smiled. "I don't know what I'd do without you guys. Thank you." With that, she stood back up and left. Lecita went into the kitchen to start dinner. "She's just tired, man," said Cyborg in an soft voice.

Raven pulled out her mirror and disapered into her mind. She needed to check for one thing, before she hurt Robin. She looked around at all of the girls she called her emotions and saw one she didn't reconize. Cloaked in a pale pink, almost white, it seemed content. Raven knew that it was her ability to love. She hadn't seen it in so long...With that, she left her mind and headed down the stairs.

"Raven, what are you so happy about?" Robin saw her smiling. "Are you okay?" He took her hand, but she pulled back at his concern. What is his problem? she thought.

"I'm fine. The food smells good, I'm alive, and I finally found someone who doesn't think I'm a freak. Let's go eat." Now she took his hand and they sat down at the table. Everyone else came in, and Lecita sighed. Beast Boy was flinging food everywhere as he ate. "Should I have made more?" She asked. The rest of them just sighed and ate what Beast Boy wasn't in the middle of shoving into his mouth.

Anna and Lecita were the last ones out of the kitchen. Anna sighed when she came out. "It's...Time for us...We have to..." Lecita began, stuttering.

"We have to go off and live our lives now. It's been great, hanging out and all. I'll never be able to thank you guys enough." Anna ran forward and hugged Raven. "Thanks for getting my sister to me." With that, she and her sister walked out the door, everyone in pursut.

Raven was the first one there. She grabbed Lecita's shoulder. "Hey, where do you get off leaving without this?" She tossed her a comunicator, then tossed one to Anna. "Keep in touch. That's thank you enough." The groups finally parted for real this time.

"Um...Robin?" Beast Boy had come to his side. "Listen..." He looked around to make sure no one else was listening. "Would you mind if I asked Starfire out?" Robin's eyes got wide at the fact that Beast Boy asked him for permission. Beast Boy took it the wrong way. "If you don't want me to..."

Robin managed to force the words out without laughing. "No, I don't mind. Go for it." He walked back up to Raven, leaving Beast Boy alone with her. She looked over at him. "Starfire, will you go out with me?" Beast Boy asked, all on one breath.

"As Robin and I did?" He nodded. "I accept. Perhaps we may go somewhere...What do you think?" She smiled at him. Now that I think about it, she told herself, he is cute.

"Pizza?" He asked. She nodded again. "I'll treat." The two of them decided to walk, and so they set off hand in hand. Raven noticed them from the tower window and smiled.

"Robin, something is still wrong with you. Cyborg's not around, you can tell me." She could tell he was sad. Is it Star? What if he doesn't like me? Then what?

"Raven...So much has happened. At first it was just a battle, then you disappered...I felt like my life was over. We got you back, but Lecita wanted to see her sister. We helped her, and I killed Slade and Terra...You got hurt...Starfire hated me as you got better...I hardly know what to think anymore. I'm only sure of one thing: I love you."

Raven gave him a hug. "Robin, you're going to feel concerened. I mean, you killed them. But don't keep thinking like that. It'll get better. Starfire and Beast Boy...They'll stay together. If you and I stay together, you can get over it, and he'll get over Terra, and Star will get over you. Things are confusing, but peace will come. Hold on." She brushed his hair out of his eyes.

Robin noticed how beautiful she really was, with her body resting agenst the background of the setting sun. He leaned over and kissed her, and they stayed on the window seat until late that night, getting to understand one another. Cyborg found them both asleep that night, Raven's head agenst Robin's shoulder. Peace had come to them in sleep.

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