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'Arggh', Harry woke from his dream, no, nightmare with a start, his scar burning him harshly, and Voldemort's laughter still ringing in his ears. 'That's it!' he thought, 'I'm done trying to sleep for the night.'

He got up quietly, making sure that no one was woken up by him in his sleep. He grabbed his map, looking down at it in the moonlight, seeing if there was anyone still awake. Harry had found a way to enhance the map, with Hermione's help. It would now not only show you a dot with a person's name to represent them, but it would also have a very short description of what they were up to. He scanned the dormitories.

The Ravenclaw tower had a few people still down in their common room. Their dots seemed overlapped. Which usually meant...he looked at the description above. An arrow pointed to the two dots, from the words 'gettin' it on'. Harry decided to look elsewhere.

Most of the people up in the dorm were asleep. A few of them were doing something he didn't care to think about at the moment, but...where is Luna?' he thought. She seemed to not even be in the tower. He checked the other dormitories quickly. The hufflepuffs were asleep, the Slytherins were doing merlin knows what, he noted a few of them had the descriptor 'plotting your death'. No surprise there.

And the other Gryffindors were...wait a minute...where is Hermione? Harry felt a sudden lurch of uneasiness at that. He scanned the map, looking for the two missing girls. Checking all the usual places. 'Okay, not in the library...wait, what about the room of requirement?'

He quickly found the room, which had recently had a password entry charm placed on it. No matter to Harry though. The map would reveal any tricks or passwords you had to have to enter any door, and he had told it to Hermione and...no, Ron hadn't been there then. He was upset about being kicked off the quidditch team when a better keeper tried out this year, and had been avoiding Harry for some reason.

But what he saw confirmed his fears. There in the Room of Requirement Hermione and Luna were standing, both had the word 'dueling' written above them. He quickly grabbed his cloak, wand, and firebolt and flew down the stairs as silently and quickly as possible.

What seemed like centuries later to Harry he arrived in the corridor which held the room of requirement. He quickly flew up to the already formed door jumped off his broom, said the password and went through the door.

He was just in time to duck, dodging some unknown curse which looked suspiciously like a stunning spell. it hit him in the arm anyway, making it go numb. He dropped his broom. But was able to quickly disarm both of them with a wave of his wand, in their shock.

Hermione looked appalled. "Harry! Oh, I'm so sorry, I- we-" "We were just practicing, Harry" said Luna, with a dreamy smile on her face as she looked up at him. But he had been sure that moments before there had been a look of intense concentration and anger on her face. "You don't look so well though. You'll need to lie down after being hit with that. As she said this, the room changed into a much more inviting and cozy place. It had a huge bed, sitting low to the floor, and a roaring fire in a grate nearby. Luna led him past Hermione towards the bed.

"I didn't know the room could change so much like that when you were already in it." he said. From the look on Hermione's face, as she followed them, she hadn't known either. "I've been coming here since my first year" said Luna, "I've learned a lot about it." She had a very mischievous look on her face when she said this.

"You know, you have dark circles under your eyes Harry" Hermione commented, "You really should get your sleep."

"Well, what were you two doing down here at this hour!?" Harry asked, a bit annoyed.

"Well, we were..." "neither of us could sleep either, actually" Luna interjected, "and this is always where I go when I have trouble with that and want something to read. I guess Hermione just had the same thought" Hermione nodded. "We- we got into a bit of an argument over what the room should have in it," said Hermione. "So we decided to have a 'friendly' duel to decide who got to use it."

'So that's what happened' thought Harry. "oh," he said. He sat down on the edge of the bed. "But you're right Hermione. I need sleep. It's just that Voldemort won't allow that, it seems. I can't block him out, even after all that occlumency training."

They each sat on the bed on either side of him, looking concerned. "I wish there were something we could do about that," said Hermione. Luna looked very sad, but then suddenly brightened. "I think there 'is' something we can do," she said. Hermione looked confused. She and Harry both looked at her questioningly. "What?" asked Harry, eager at any strand of hope for a good night's sleep.

"Well Harry, you told me that when he possessed you, it was your thoughts about Sirius which saved you from him. Do you know why?" Harry shrugged. "Dumbledore said it was my 'heart' that saved me. But I don't really understand." "Yes you do, Harry. It's a part of you. It is called love."

"But...I don't understand what that is. What does 'love' mean?"

"Well," she said, "That is not easy to explain. It is called many things. Friendship, compassion, loyalty, empathy, understanding. Those are all connected through love."

"What it means is that you care about people," said Hermione. "It's different with different relationships, though. For some people they love their parents more than they do their friends. For others it's different. And then of course there are lovers, and people who you love above everyone else." She said all this with her eyes slowly misting over. "I can see how such a thing would hurt Voldemort. He doesn't understand it and can't accept it as a part of his world. He must have given up his humanity entirely for it to burn him so badly though."

Harry was slowly taking all of this in. So this is what they meant. "I see," he said. And then slowly he began to break down. He was too tired to stop the flow of words from his mouth.

"If that's what you mean by love, then I was deprived of it until I met you and Ron on the train that day six years ago. I never told you, but I was made to live in a cupboard under the stairs for ten years. The Dursleys have always hated me, and Dudley made sure I never had any friends at our school back then. Hagrid was the first real friend I ever had, except my parents. But I don't remember that, really. I just remember them dying in front of me, thanks to the dementors. Hermione looked appalled again, and tears started streaming down her face. "I remember one person, actually. A little girl who tried to play with me one day at school. Dudley and his gang caught us and gave me a beating and pulled her hair until the teacher came by. She never talked to me again, after that. But you've never left my side, Hermione. And we're not up against an idiot like Dudley who wants to pull your hair," he smiled a bit at this, and so did she, "I have a powerful sorcerer after me. I guess what I really want to say is 'thank you'. And...and that I love you very much."

He smiled slightly, and realized that he had tears burning in his eyes. Hermione, who also had tears rolling down her cheeks, put her arms around him, and with a smile, said "I love you, too, Harry." The resulting warmth spread through his entire body, and pushed any memories of his dreams out of him completely.

His smile broadened, and he turned to Luna, who looked very sad as well, but had a smile on her face from the sight of the two best friends hugging like that. "And you Luna," said Harry "You saved me from myself, you know. I felt so horrible after Sirius died. As if I had killed him myself."

Hermione's arms tightened around him reassuringly. "But now I know it wasn't my fault, and your words and your love have helped me reach this point. Thank you." She grabbed his now healed left arm and leaned in for a hug as well. "Just as long as you know that I do love you, Harry." she said. "I know," he replied. "and I love you, too" he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer. Then he kissed them both on the cheek.

"I bet if I could stay like this all the time, I'd never have another nightmare period, let alone from Voldemort's influence," said Harry softly, and Luna began to giggle. "Hmm?" he asked. "Oh," she said, and she stopped laughing, "It's just that this is what I was going to suggest to help you with that."

"What?" he asked. You mean hugging me before I go to sleep? "No, silly," she said. "I meant us staying with you." She blushed as she said this. Harry had never seen her blush before. He smiled. "Oh. I see...and that's the only reason you want to sleep with me?" She got even redder. "Harry!" said Hermione, who was also blushing now. "don't take this the wrong way, please, but that's not why we're doing this at all, and you know it."

He stuck his tongue out. "I know. I just wanted to see your reactions." They both started hitting him with pillows.

Harry, now very sleepy after everything that had happened, motioned that he was going to move back to the head of the bed and lie down. They followed him and each grabbed one of his hands. Hermione kept squeezing it gently, and Luna was tracing a small circle on the back of his hand with her finger. He was feeling happier and more content than he could ever remember.

'I wish we could just stay here for a couple of weeks. But we don't have what we need, and we'd be missed...' however, as he was thinking this, the room changed again abruptly. Suddenly there were extra doorways, leading into what seemed to be a bath, much like the marble prefects bathroom he had been in one time before, and another which must have lead to a kitchen. But the amazing thing was that an hourglass had appeared on a long chain around his neck. He smiled and laughed out loud, turning to Luna.

"Did you do that?" "No," she smiled at him. "You did."

"...Well, what are we waiting for?" said Hermione, "Let's use it. I for one think we could all use a vacation from the rest of the world."

"Hermione, you must tell me sometime how you keep reading my mind." said Harry. She laughed. They sat up. He threw the chain around her neck, and then Luna's. "So, Hermione, how can you tell how far back it will take us?" She grabbed the hourglass and lifted it up, examining the runes carved into it. "It says one turn will take us back two weeks. That sounds like plenty of time to me," she said, winking at the other two.

She turned the hourglass over, and a few seconds later they were pulled backwards in a rush of sound and color until they were right back where they started, in the Room of Requirement.

"Yes!" said Harry. "Two weeks of no classes and no Voldemort!" he leaned back into the pillows, his arms outstretched. The girls followed suit, though they reminded him they were doing this to stop his nightmares, and not for any other reasons. Hermione had her head resting on Harry's shoulder, and Luna somewhere on his arm.

As Harry slowly lost consciousness, his last thought was 'so this is what it's like to sleep on a cloud.'