When the Angels Cry

Chapter 1 – Ginny gets an Angel

'Mom, is it true? You'll give me a present?' Ginny asked, her eyes shining with hope, while she walked through Diagon Alley with her parents, Ron, Harry and Hermione.

'That's right, Ginny! Now that we are only four at home, I think we can afford a new present for you and for you brother... So, what do you want?' Mrs. Weasley asked, smiling happily.

'I want a friend, Mom!' Ginny asked, blushing all over, when the five persons around her stared in shock and surprise.

'What do you mean? You have a lot of friends at school, Ginny! And you can't buy a friend! You know that!' Mr. Weasley said gently, hugging his daughter. 'Are you ok?'

'Oh, Daddy! I don't have any friends besides Suzie and Cathy... They have their boyfriends and I stay alone, most of the times! Can I get a pet?' she asked with a sad face.

'Of course you can, Darling! Let's go to the pets shop...' Mr. Weasley agreed, guiding his daughter among the crowds.

'Ronald Weasley, have you been ignoring your little sister? You know she's shy and she need company... she needs friends! You better start taking care of her, or I will take care of you! Do you get it little mister?!' Mrs. Weasley yelled in the middle of the street, making Ron wish he could Apparate right then.

'Yes, Mom...' he agreed, lowering his head, until his chin touched his chest. 'I'm sorry!'

'Good... Let's get your present!' the lady said, kissing her son as if nothing had just happened.

'Mrs. Weasley is fantastic! She can't even stay angry at her children!' Harry said, while he and Hermione followed Ron and his mother down the street.

'Yes, I agree! But she's right... We have been neglecting Ginny! I'll try to become closer with her...' Hermione said, holding her boyfriends hand in hers, and placing her head on his shoulder.

'Oh! You're the cutest thing I've ever seen!' Ginny said happily, while she opened a white cage.

She had been searching the entire shop for a pet she liked, but she couldn't find one. There were toads, owls, rats, parrots, and some others, but none she liked. Until she laid her eyes on a small cage, in a corner of the room. Inside, there was a small white kitty, with pink little eyes, and a cute little face. Taking it from the cage, Ginny held the kitty against her chest, caressing the cat behind its ears.

'Do you want to go home with me, kitty?' Ginny whispered with a smile on her face, listening to the cat purr. The kitty opened its pink eyes, and licked her jaw with a harsh tongue. Ginny giggled, and went back to her father's side. 'Daddy, I've chosen my new friend!'

'That's a beautiful kitty, Ginny! I'm sure you'll be good friends!' her father smiled sweetly. 'How much is the cat, sir?'

'That's not a common cat, Mr. Weasley? That cat is one of a rare kind... But people don't like to buy them...' the man said, looking at the small animal with a sad face. 'These cats die very easily...'

'They die easily? Why?' Ginny asked worried, while she stroked the kitty's fur.

'They create strong bonds with their owners, and when they are not loved like they wanted to be loved, they die of sadness. This specie's death is known as the Cry Of The Angels.' The man said. 'If you think you're up to the job of making it live happily, then I'll give it to you!'

'Yes, I'll make sure I make her happy...' Ginny promised, her eyes shining with joy and love towards the little cat.

'Very well! Take good care of her, then! You may take her!' the man said, smiling softly.

'I can hardly believe this! This is the first time I got something I can call my own! I always had to use hand me down robes, worn shoes, old cauldrons... But now, I have my own pet... But, you're not a pet, Angel! You are my friend... My best friend, and I promise I'll take good care of you, and ensure you have everything you need at all times!' Ginny talked with the kitty, while they walked along the streets of Diagon Alley, to meet her mother, and the famous trio in front of the robe's store.

'Ginny! That's a cute little cat you've got there! What's his name?' Hermione said, trying to hold the cat, but Angel started to get nervous and show her nails, making Hermione forget about what she was about to do. 'He's a little wild, isn't he?'

'It's a she! Her name is Angel, and I think she's a little nervous, that's all!' Ginny explained, smiling when Angel started licking her face tenderly.

'I think she already likes you...' Harry smiled, winking at Ginny, making her blush.

'At least someone does...' she whispered, following her mother down the street, not looking where she was going, always keeping her brown eyes on the kitty's pink ones.

'Hey! Watch where you're going!' someone complained, when Ginny bumped against his chest.

'I'm sorry... I was distracted... MALFOY?' she said in shock, when she looked at the boy in front of her. 'Great! With all the persons walking down this street, I had to bump against you!'

'I'm sure you are feeling very pleased, but can I at least know who the hell are you?' he asked confused, running a hand over his smooth blond hair. 'I don't think I know you...'

'I'm happy you don't!' she spat back, sneering. Gosh, he was cute! The summer had worked wonders with Draco Malfoy. His hair was no longer gelled back... it was now loose around his angelic face, bringing out his blue-grey eyes and his porcelain like skin. His lips were full, but not too full, just how she liked them, and she couldn't stop the thought of what they would feel like on a kiss... He was taller than her, and his body seemed like a Greek god. He must have taken a potion or something to be so good looking!

'I'm sure you're liking what you see, but can you please tell me who you are?' he insisted, watching her as well. He was sure, that if he knew her, he would never forget her. The girl in front of him was gorgeous... Sure, she had freckles, but they looked great on her, shining under the summer sun, looking like star dust. She had a thin but curvy body of a young woman, and nested on her chest was a white kitty that caught his attention. 'That's a nice kitty you've got!'

'I really advice you not to touch her! She doesn't like other people touching her!' Ginny advised, covering Angel with her cloak.

'I'm sure she won't mind being touched by me... Every girl likes my touch!' he said, sneering.

'Oh Malfoy! You think so highly of your self, that it makes me want to vomit!' Ginny sighed. 'Go ahead, try to touch her, but then don't say I didn't warn you!'

Ginny offered him the kitty, and he took Angel in his soft hands, stroking her fur and watching her pink eyes. Angel only meowed softly, and rubbed her face against Malfoy's jaw.

'That's incredible... She was all nervous when Hermione and Harry tried to hold her...' Ginny said, looking at Malfoy with a confused face.

'Hermione and Harry?' he almost yelled, furious. 'Don't tell me you're a stupid Gryffindor!'

'What else could I be? A know-it-all Ravenclaw isn't my type! I'm not dumb enough to be a Hufflepuff, and I certainly am not a Slytherin piece of shit! I'm a Gryffindor, and a very proud one at that!' Ginny said, bored. 'Have you already recognized the red hair?'

'Oh Merlin! A Weasley?!' he sighed, furiously. He had spent so much time watching her body, that he didn't pay attention to her long curly red hair.

'That's correct! Someone give a candy to the boy?' Ginny replied sarcastically. 'Give me my cat, and move out of my way!'

'I think I'll keep the cat... She seems to like me!' he replied, with a evil grin.

'Don't you dare, Malfoy, or you'll regret it for the rest of your life!' she yelled, feeling her face glowing red with anger.

'Oh yeah? What will a little Weasel do to make me regret something?' he sneered, looking straight into her light brown eyes.

'I'll make sure the Malfoy family tree ends with the name Draco Malfoy! I'll make sure you're incapable of having an heir!' she menaced, smiling evilly. 'Now, give me my cat!'

'Oh... I'm so scared, Weasel! Merlin, what they say about the redheads temper is true, but add the Weasley blood to a red head and you get a completely crazy piece of scum.' He laughed, when he saw her rolling her fists on each side of her body. 'Here, take your little kitty! I hate Weasley's, and I hate anything related to them... including pets!'

'Don't talk about her like that! She's sensitive!' Ginny yelled, angry. 'Come on, Angel, let's go home! This stupid git just doesn't know how sweet you are, does he?'

Draco Malfoy stood there, in the middle of the street, watching the young Weasley girl, running to reach her red headed family, up the street. Her hair reflected all the sun light in every direction, making him hold his breath without realising it.

"She's beautiful..." he thought, with a small smile on his lips. 'Too bad she's a Weasley scum!'