I say to you,
the one who has listened to me
while I wove my tale
of life,
hold these moments
close to your heart.


—you can hold a sunny day inside
yourself forever,
while the taste of something sweet
and strange
melts on your soul.

—you will one day
have your moment of clarity—
This is life. This is the way life is, even if it is only for a moment.

—every heart does hold love,
even the ones that
are so bruised
they can feel the pain well up
inside themselves
until everything is dark.

—the ugly sister who spits wasps
does love
the beautiful sister who
sings diamonds,
even if she never
got the chance to say so.

Because it is possible to remember something that
you were too young to
like the way her wings
me when I

Because the World is for—

—The dreamers,
the lovers, the wishers,
the believers,

the artists,
the inventors,
the story weavers, the tapestry makers,

the hopers, the seekers,
the explorers,
the riddlers, the princesses and princes,

the flower growers, the stepsisters,
the wizards,
the star seers,
the writers, the composers,

the dancers,
the snake charmers,
the givers, the light-bringers,
the moon kissers,

the jokers, the harpers,
the music players, the glass-blowers,
the fire-breathers, the care-takers,
the godmothers, the wing makers—

—To all of the Half-Touched.