Hey, this is my first Static fic, so I hope you all like it.


The police radio signal came in loud and clear, waking up the occupant of the rough and uncomfortable chair. He let out a groan of disappointment when he saw that it was 5:30, meaning he had only gotten about half and hour of sleep, but at least he got his math done.
Picking up the Shock Box, he groggily started talking into it.

"Richie, meet me at that new Bank that opened up, looks like there's a robbery going on."

Richie's voice came out of the box, just at tiredly as the previous one.

"Okay, I meet you there in about ten minutes."

Virgil chuckled, they were both supposed to be wide-awake, on patrol, and ready for anything. Instead, they were sleeping, and not finishing homework. At least, he hadn't finished, but knowing his friend, Richie was probably already done.

Gear arrived at the back a good three minutes before Static, giving him time to assess the situation. There were bout ten police cars, two news station trucks, though, there were probably more the way, and five ambulances.
He heard a gunshot fired from inside the building, which almost sent him flying to the ground. But before that happened, Static was by his side, looking just as worried as his partner.

"What's going in there?" Gear looked questioningly at his friend, they usually just responded to bangbabies, but this was definitely different.

"Looks like three guys tried to rob the place, and things got a little messy."

"B...But it sounds like they have guns."

"Yeah, I know," Static looked down at his feet, which lingered about twenty feet of the ground. "I heard that two people are dead in there, and a few injured."

"So," said Gear, trying to piece together the problem at hand, "What we have here, are three guys with guns, two dead people, who knows how many people injured, and two heroes who are scared out of their boots about guns. Yeah, this is great!"

"Yeah, I know, but we have to do this, right?" Static was beginning to doubt doing this, which scared him more then the guns, but is also scared Gear, who was counting on his friend to help him through this. They both had a bad experience with guns, but it had just occurred to Gear that, for once, Static wouldn't be able to just put his emotions aside to help others. This time, he had to help Static, his best friend. But Static just stood there, looking down at the bank, remembering talking to his mom when he had gone back in time to try and save here. And the different home movies he had watched with his sister and father of his mother laughing, and having fun. He had never been able to look at a gun, he hated them, and they had ripped his family into shreds. But now he remembered that his mother had died trying to save others, she was doing her job, and now, it was his turn to face the gunfire.

"Look, Static, you're right, we have to do this." Gear, again, looked up at his friend, worry entangling his thoughts and emotions. Static was beginning to back away from the building again, but then stopped and looked at his friend.

"Come on, let's go."


"We have to."

Static nodded in response to his friends reassuring voice, and slowly started his dissent with Gear right behind him. He soon started to speed up, and, as always, started up his electricity before blowing a hole into the ceiling. He made sure to do it quietly as to not scare the robbers.

"What is this, what's going on!?" Screamed one of the robbers frantically. He was obviously under a lot of stress. He was sweating and breather hard, and was now waving his gun around dangerously.

"Put the gun down, the cops have surrounded the place, there's no way you're going to be able to escape alive. If you give yourself up, nobody else will have to get hurt." Said Static, who was slowly and carefully getting closer to the floor.

"Yeah, sure, that's what the f**'n cop said. Hostage Negotiator, calls himself, driving me nuts!"

It was Gear's turn to talk. "What good is this going to do you, I mean, you either leave this building right now, turn yourself in, or let the SWAT team get you when you try and leave from the back or something."

"We ain't going anywhere," Said a second one, who obviously wasn't as scared or worried as his friends. He spoke calmly t o the two heroes. " We're just trying to get some honest money for our families, that's all." He lifted the gun and aimed it one of the people lying on the floor, trying to keep safe. "So, if you don't mind, I'd like to finish up my work here." "Well, we do mind." Yelled Static, who was getting pretty frustrated.

"Oh, well that's to bad, I was looking forward to not hurting you Static, and I really hoped it wouldn't come to that." He paused for a moment as he looked at his gun. "But maybe I won't have to kill you, maybe I'll spare you, and you're friend here too."

Static could have easily gotten the gun, but he was scared that the man was too smart for that, and would shoot someone.

The supposed spoke again. "Hey, Gear, you're good at hacking into things, why don't you get the banks password."

"Never, not on my life."

The man just shrugged, "Okay," was his reply as he starting circling, gun cocked, ready to shoot anyone, "then how about on...Static's!"

The sound of the gunfire vibrated throughout the entire room.

To Be Continued......