Hard Blade. A LOD one shot.

The dance continued, a whipping, slicing act of pure viciousness and grace, blood arcing above the sword's blade almost delicately, the fine, black steel caressing the monster's skin, parting it, drinking it.

Forgetting that her own blood bubbled out of half-melted flesh, her skin mauled and torn from flame and wind, twisted magics warring with her body, seeking to destroy and send her into that last sleep.

The battle would be over one way or another, in victory, or in her, and her comrade's deaths, one that would not be halted or revived, with achingly cool spells that flowed across the body, tightening the cells, healing wounds, and furthering the agony yet to come.

"Hard blade." she hissed through gritted teeth, and indeed it was, ebony metal like sliced diamonds, finding the monster's vulnerabilities and exploiting them, forcing them to weep tears of ember through their ruined eyes.

Dimly she heard the Dart yell his victory as the monster fell, panting, its mangled limbs twitching before it died. She saw the Serdian King's quiet, exultant exultation, and closed her eyes as the healing enchantments repaired her skin, stopping the pain, staunching the wounds.

She sheathed her sword in a whisper of motion, and waited for Dart to lead the party onward. She could wait. Another battle would come. And then she could lose herself once again in motion, forgetting the blood of the princess as it dripped scarlet onto the deck.

Forgetting the laughter in Zieg's eyes as they flew over the Wingly city.

Forgetting that she had once smiled.

And Rose bit back a poison comment as the archer girl hugged Dart's neck, and turned to go, stepping around the Giganto's stolid form and heading up the path. Eventually they would follow.