To make a long story short, Smash Mansion has been rebuilt, so the Smashers moved back to their own home. BTW, the mystery part comes later in the story.


One peaceful day in the suburbs of Onett...

Ganondorf: Ah, what nice day today is.

Link: It sure is.

Ganondorf: Just breathe in those fresh airs.

Link: But it smells funny here.

Ganondorf: Just look at those trash dumps, no wonder it smells bad. And look, there are people living there!

Link: Those are Gypsies.

Ganondorf: Well, pity them for having to live in a smelly dump like that.

They walked into the woods...

Link: I heard someone crying.

Ganondorf: Look, it's a little girl crying. She must be one of the gypsies.

Link: Don't cry, girl.

Ganondorf: Hello, girlie!

Girl: AHHH!!!!!!! (Bites Ganondorf's hand)

Ganondorf: YEEOUCH!!!!!

Link: You scared her, now she ran off.

Ganondorf: Wait till I catch that rascal!

Link: Hey look, that girl bumped into a tree. Let's pick her up and return her to the parents. Do it nicely this time.

They comforted the girl and brought her to the Gypsies.

Mom: My daughter!

Girl: Mommy!

Ganondorf: Take good care of her next time. She's injured also, so you should take her to the hospital.

Dad: Do you suppose that we have enough money to go to hospital?

Ganondorf: Then you should consider living somewhere else instead of a filthy place like here.

Dad: Do you think we enjoy staying in this place?

Ganondorf: Huh?

Old Man: Quiet, Mike. I'll talk to this Gerudo. Listen, we arrived here three days ago and this is the only place the police let us stayed.

Ganondorf: Well, if that's so, then move into the meadow next to my house. You can go there anytime.

Hag: You are a kind man, I'll see your future.

Ganondorf: Not now.

Hag: Just let me see your hand. Oh!

Ganondorf: What did you see?

Hag: I see you on a wheelchair from some accident, but isn't serious. I see a beautiful woman coming to you. Oh my god! Her precious stuff is lost!

Ganondorf: Enough of that!

Ganondorf and Link returned home, just in time to see Captain Falcon (CF) fall down the stairs.

Link: Falcon, anything broken?

CF: Oooh... That fourth step on the stair is broken.

Link: Why can't anyone call the builder to come fix it?

Game & Watch: I phoned him this morning and he assured me he'll come.

Link: (Dials phone) Hello? Are you Bill Dur the builder? Pizza Palace? Sorry, wrong number. (Redials) Are you Bill Dur? Our step is broken.

Bill: I know that. I'll come tomorrow, trust me. You can always rely on me.


Samus: There's an e-mail from someone you'll never guess.

Roy: My dad? But he doesn't have a computer.

Samus: It's from Mary, the Pokemon Talk Show hostess.

Fox: Well, what has she got to say?

The letter says: Hello, Smashers! You have saved my life many times and I'm happy about it! I will be inviting myself to your house and live for some days. I will be coming on April 17.

CF: I wouldn't mind, as long as she's a good woman.

Samus: There's more.

Letter continued: Another girl named Sapphire* is coming also. Her father, Professor Birch, is working out of Hoenn. He wanted me take care of her while he's gone, so I decided to take her along with me.

* Though I call her May in my previous fanfics, I decided to follow the Pokemon Adventures manga (called Pokemon Special in Japan) more, so I called her Sapphire instead of May.

Ganondorf: SAPPHIRE???!!!!!

Pichu: You afraid of her?

CF: If that bratty girl comes, we can't rest anymore!

Ganondorf: Pack my bags, because I'm gonna go somewhere else while she's here.

Pichu: Where are you going?

Ganondorf: Anywhere away from Onett.

Young Link (YL): You can't be serious.

Samus: I got another e-mail from Mary. She says she can't come on the 17th.

Ganondorf: Yippee! Sapphire won't come also! Now I can rest at home.

Samus: They're coming on the 16th.

Mario: That's-a today.

Ganondorf: I'm packing my bags at once!

Ganondor ran up the stairs, but slid back down from stepping on the broken stair.

Ganondorf: Ouch!

Kirby: Ya all right?

Ganonodorf: Of course I'm fine. Ooch!

Dr. Mario: It appears that you have a bad sprain. I'll need to put your leg in plaster.

Ganondorf: But Sapphire is coming!

Dr. Mario: Out of question. Your right leg needs absolute rest or it won't heal. I'll go get the plaster.

Ganondorf: Darn, this is awful... My leg is broken and that wild child is coming any moment.

???: RAAAAARRR!!!!!

Ganondorf: Who's that?

Sapphire: You didn't get scared.

Nana: You scared me half death!

Ganondorf: When did you came?!

Sapphire: Just now.

Mary: Hello, everyone! We four arrived early, didn't we?

Ganondorf: Four?

Mary: Sapphire followed me, as I have written in the mail. Whitney, the gym leader of Goldenrod, has devoted herself into being my bodyguard and is traveling with me. Also Ed, my accompanist, just has to travel with me.

Luigi: I thought you talk, not sing.

Mary: I like to talk with background music. I also brought a gift for you, Falco.

Falco: How nice.

Mary: Since you're the only bird here, I have brought you a parrot to keep you company. His name is Parry.

Falco: I wouldn't mind being the only bird here.

Mary: See, Parry is so kind and sweet.

Falco: Hello, birdie.

Parry bites Falco's finger.

Falco: YEEEOUCH!!!!!

Parry: I can hear you.

Falco: !?#!ing bird from hell. I'm gonna boil you for dinner tonight!

Mary: Calm down, you should treat him more nicer.

Marth: I'll take you to your rooms. And please watch the broken fourth step.

Mary: Yes, I see.

The doorbell rings and Mario opens it.

Mario: Mamamia!!!!!

He saw Gypsies outside!

Mario: A whole group-a of Gypsies said that-a you invited them to leev in da meadow near our house!

Ganondorf: Yeah, I told them.

Mario: But-a Gypsies are nothing more than thieves!

Ganondorf: Yeah right.

Link: I'll take them to the meadow.

Mario: You must-a be crazy! Inviting Gypsies to leev near our house!

Outside the gate...

???: Mary is living here. We'll need to find a chance to do it.

Phone: ring.

Ganondorf: (Picks phone) Hello? The police?

Police: I heard that you allowed the Gypsies to live in your land.

Ganondorf: You wouldn't want them to live in a filthy place like that, wouldn't you.

Police: I warn you, you only have yourself to thanks if they caused you trouble.

Mary: Whitney, I'll keep my jewelries in the drawer, and the key is in the vase. Try to remember it.

Whitney: No problem.


Sapphire: This is fun!

Peach: Don't bounce on the sofa!

Sapphire: I wanna have more fun!

Peach: Go play in the garden.

BTW, I would like to tell you that DK has developed a hearing problem.

Sapphire: Their garden is like a forest! I can swing from vines to vines! But there's no vines around here... I'll ask that gorilla if there's any. Hey! Are there any vines around here?

DK: Nine heirlooms? I can only remember five heirlooms in our house. They're all in the attic.

Sapphire: I said "Are there any vines around here?".

DK: Go look in the attic, surely you will find the heirlooms. They're easy to spot.

Sapphire: Forget it...

Back in the house...


Marth: Cursing steps...

Bowser: Can't anyone watch where they are going?

Phone: ring

Bowser: (Picks phone) Hello? No! This is not Pizza Palace!!!!

Parry: I can hear you.

Bowser: Shut up! No! I'm not addressing to you. I'm talking to this talkative parrot!

Parry: I can hear you.

Bowser: And don't call the wrong number again! (Hangs phone)

Then he makes a notch on a paper next the phone.

Bowser: This is the 452nd time.

Ring, ring, ring

Falco: (Picks phone) Hello? Is anyone there?

Parry: Ring, ring, ring.

Falco: Stop your pranks, parrot! You're one annoying pest, aren't you?!

Parry: Stop your pranks, bluebird!

Falco: At least I can have peace tonight.

That night, Falco had a nightmare that he is being locked in a room full of angry parrots.

???: EEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Link: What happened?

Mary: There's a monster in my room!

Luigi: Monster?! HELP!!!! (Runs off)

Roy: Relax, there's nothing.

Mary: But I saw a strange figure at the window, it even made a frightening sound!

Caw, caw, caw

Mary: It's that sound!

Link: That's just a Murkrow that lives around here.

Mary: I also heard footsteps on the ceiling.

Link: But it's only the attic at the top.

Mary: My jewels!

Whitney: It's still in the drawer, so calm down.

The next morning...

Link: I better go check the place below Mary's window.

He saw shoeprints under Mary's window.

Link: So she was telling the truth. But the vines are rather weak, how can someone climb up it? A child maybe, but these are adult shoeprints.

Back in the mansion...

Parry: Ring, ring, ring.

Falco: Stop imitating the phone's sound!

Sapphire: Weeeeee!

Bowser: Sapphire! Get down from the chandelier this instant!

Sapphire: I wanna have fun...

Link: Ed, you're going out?

Ed: Yeah.

When Ed bend down to tie his shoelaces, Link saw that Ed's shoeprints are just like the one he saw under Mary's window.

Link: Huh???

To be continued...