Final Chapter

Mary: I have to tell everyone that I'm leaving two days from now. Birch has returned, so I need to send Sapphire home. I also need to go to Tohjo, another Pokemon continent, to put on a show.

Mario: It's ya choice.

Mary: But my headband...

Link: We can find it for you.

Ganondorf: How does it feel to be on the wheelchair, Doc?

Dr. Mario: Do you think it's funny?!

The next day...

Ness: I've been learning about Pokemons lately. I just borrowed a big book about pokemons.

Sapphire: This book sure contain many informations.

Ness: I didn't know that Pikachus store electric in their cheeks.

Pikachu: I didn't know that myself either.

YL: And you call yourself a Pikachu.

Ness: I just found out that Jigglypuff is a balloon pokemon!

Jigglypuff: Boy...

Ness: Here's a Murkrow. I remember seeing one in our backyard. It said they are known to steal shiny things, just like Sapphire said.

YL: Wait, steal shiny things... Why not?!

Ness: What?

YL: I'll be back! (Runs out the house)

Link: What's with him?

Ness: No idea.

Sapphire: Unless he means... That's it! (Runs off)

Whitney: What's with her?

A while later...

YL: Quick! Get a long ladder or anything that is used for climbing trees!

CF: What's the rush?

Sapphire: And call those two ugly polices. We'll show them where the headband is.

Falco: All right, as you said.

A while later...

Wario: You mean the kids know where the Gypsies hid the headband?

YL: The Gypsies had never stolen the headband.

Sapphire: Just follow us and see.

Young Link, Sapphire, Wario, Waluigi, and Mary went into the fields.

Sapphire: See that nest up there? It's a Murkrow nest.

Waluigi: Where? (Bumps into tree)

Mary: So what's about it?

Sapphire: You should know that Murkrows like to steal shiny things, right? Since your headband is decorated with jewels, the Murkrow will surely steal it.

YL: We'll climb up the tree and show you.

So Sapphire climbed up the tree and...

Murkrow: CAW!!!!!

Sapphire: Leave it, evil bird!

Murkrow: CAW!!!!

Wario: She's fighting that crow!

Waluigi: We should be helping her!

YL shot up an arrow and poked the bird in the butt.

Murkrow: CAW!!!!! (Flies off in pain)

Sapphire: Let's check his nest. I found it! The headband is here!

Mary: So it's true!

Sapphire: I even found Whitney's silver hair clip!

YL: And that golden scissor. The Gypsie girl claimed to found it under a tree. This is the tree she found under, because the Murkrow had already stolen it before and dropped it next to the tree.

Wario: You're one smart boy.

Waluigi: So the Gypsies are innocent after all.

The next day...

Mary: I'm leaving now.

Marth: We'll miss you.

DK: And please accept these new variety of roses. It comes in yellow and smells of banana.

Mary: Yellow is my favorite color and banana is my favorite fruit! These roses are my favorite!

DK: Hope you like it.

Mary: We gotta be going.

Sapphire: See ya later!

So the four got into the taxi cab and zoomed off.

Ganondorf: Finally, no more musics from Ed or shoutings like "my headband!".

Parry: My headband!!!!!

Ganondorf: You be quiet!

Parry: You shut up while I'm talking! You &#$% twit from the deepest part of hell!

Three days later...

Ganondorf: That was a nice stroll.

Yoshi: You'll never guess it! Bill came and fixed the broken step!

Ganondorf: So he placed a wooden board above it to keep it together. Remember not to use this step until it's finished.

Bill returns...

Bill: I forgot to tell you something.


Ganondorf: Ouch...

Bill: Oh well, you ruined it again. I'm here to tell you to not to use that step for a day or two.