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Buruma frowned thoughtfully at the computer on her large oak desk. She absently brushed a stray strand of aqua-blue hair out of her eyes as she continued to regard the screen in front of her. 'That's it, I think. The latest capsule model is ready.' She glanced at the small gold watch on her slender wrist. 'I'll call Amudeku tomorrow morning. It's too late tonight.' She sighed and started to shut down her computer when the phone rang suddenly in the silent office.

She reached for it without looking, pulling it to her ear. "Hello? This is Buruma Briefs, President," she answered dully, the familiar phrase coming to her lips without thought.

"Hello, dear."

"Dad. What's up?" she asked, leaning back in the large, black leather chair.

"When are you coming home? I could use your help."

She sighed. "I'm just shutting things down now. What kind of help? I'm beat. I've been here since a quarter to six this morning, Dad. And I haven't eaten since then."

"Buruma, you shouldn't work yourself so hard. It's past midnight!"

"I know, I know," she said tiredly.

"You'll get sick if you keep it up, Buruma. I know you run the company now, but you should take a day off or two. Your mother was just telling me how pale and thin you looked."

Buruma chuckled softly. "Well, it'll do me good, according to a certain Saiyajin no Ouji that's staying with me. He keeps calling me a fat-ass!"

She heard her father sigh on the other end. "That's the reason I called. He broke those training bots again and demands that they be fixed by morning."

"Tell him to shove it, Dad. We aren't all like him. We actually sleep."

Dr. Briefs chuckled. "You noticed that, too? I don't think he ever sleeps."

Buruma smiled. "Oh, I'm sure sleeping is considered a weakness to him. Anyway, I'll be home in twenty minutes. I have an extra batch of training bots in the lab, Dad. Give him those."

Her father sighed in relief. "You are a genius, Buruma. Thank Kami!"

She giggled. "I know, Dad. Anyway, I'm just going to head home, eat, and then crash. How are you and Mom liking the privacy now that Vejiita and I are on the other side?"

The old man sighed again, this time happily. "I love it. No offense to you, dear, but living with both you and Vejiita is enough to give us old people heart attacks. You two are too loud when you fight."

She clicked off her computer, standing up, still cradling the phone. "Well, it was about time. I'm 28 now. And Mom is driving Vejiita nuts. I figured it would be best for everyone this way."

Her father chuckled again. "I just don't understand why he hasn't hurt you yet. If I talked to him the way you do, I'd be blasted quicker than you can blink."

She sighed. "I don't know either. I should learn to watch my mouth, especially since he can kill me with minimal effort, but he makes me so damn mad!"

"Maybe he likes you."

She started to cough. "Right, Dad. He likes me."

She could almost hear her father's grin from the other line. "Well, he's a bit emotionally stunted, you know. Remember back in third-grade you used to complain about that young boy who kept running up to you, decking you, and then running away?"

"Yes," she said with a smile. "I learned later it was because he liked me."

"Exactly. Vejiita seems a bit like that, you know. From what I've learned from Goku and you, his childhood wasn't that great and I doubt he knows how to express himself in a positive manner. He's emotionally stunted, like a third-grade boy who hurts the girl he has a crush on."

Buruma rolled her eyes. "He's older than I am, Daddy. He doesn't have a crush on me. He might just like to argue. Nothing more. Stop analyzing him. I doubt anyone could figure him out."

Dr. Briefs laughed. "Definitely right on that. Well, I'll go get those bots. Remember, family breakfast tomorrow morning. It is Saturday and you are taking the day off, even if I have to tie you to the table."

She sighed. "Okay, okay. Day off." She looked around her office quickly, grabbing her purse and capsules. "I'm leaving now, Dad."

"Okay, sweetie. See you in the morning."



Buruma entered her security code on the electronic pad beside the front door, sighing as the door clicked in response. She turned the knob and entered the dark house tiredly, throwing down her keys, purse and capsules on the small wooden table beside the door. She reset the locks and turned on the outside sentinels, before turning to walk silently into the kitchen.

She rummaged around the kitchen quietly, hoping she wouldn't disturb the damned Saiyajin she was living with. She wasn't exactly in the mood for a confrontation right then. She quickly pulled out bread, leftover turkey, and some cheese, deciding to make herself a quick sandwich before taking a shower. Then she was going to just pass out.


She jumped in the air, letting out a startled squeak as she swung around to face the owner of the voice. "Damn it, Vejiita! Don't sneak up on me like that!"

He just smirked at her, crossing his arms over his chest, and leaning against the doorframe.

She rolled her eyes and turned back to her sandwich. "What do you need?"

He snorted softly. "I don't *need* anything."

"You came down here just to scare the hell out of me, didn't you?" she asked, putting away her mess.

He grunted in acknowledgment.

"Well, you did. Go to sleep or something. I'm exhausted. We'll argue in the morning."

She could feel his scowl, even with her back turned. She pointedly ignored him and pulled herself onto the counter, munching happily at her sandwich.

"That fool human came by earlier."



"That's nice. What'd he have to say?"

He gave her a look.

"Right. Never mind. How stupid of me."

He snorted.

"Anyone else stop by?"

He shook his head, his dark eyes gleaming at her from across the dark kitchen. She took another bite of her sandwich, chewing thoughtfully. "My dad put in new training bots."

"I know."

She shrugged. "Just telling you." She quickly polished off the rest of the sandwich and hopped off the counter. "Remember we're eating with my parents tomorrow morning."

He rolled his eyes. "It is Saturday, is it not? We always eat breakfast there on Saturday."

She pressed two fingers to her temple, frowning. "Fine."

"You look like hell." He paused. "More so than usual."

She glared at him before walking away. "Thanks so much."




She sighed. "Enough. I have a migraine. Don't need that right now."


She felt him follow her up the stairs, and although she ignored him, she frowned thoughtfully. 'Why is he following me? He's acting a bit too strange today. Maybe he hit his head training or something.' "Vejiita?" she asked as she paused outside her bedroom door. She looked at him.

He stared back at her. "Hn."

"I was wondering if you would go shopping with me tomorrow afternoon. We need to pick you up some more training clothes."

He growled irritably but nodded. "Fine. Gloves this time!"

She rolled her eyes. "Fine, idiot. Goodnight, Vejiita," she said, opening her bedroom door.

He snorted and walked passed her to his own room. She shut the door after she entered her room, frowning. "That has to be the weirdest conversation he and I have had yet," she muttered. She shrugged. "Oh, well."


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