True Pain

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She blinked back tears, her deep blue eyes riveted to her laptop. 'I'm truly alone now.' She sighed sadly, shutting the laptop softly and glancing out into the dark night through the sliding glass doors of her balcony. 'I'm a complete moron. Baka, baka, baka! I let the one man who loved me go. The one man who loved me with every breath in his body, with every single heartbeat, everything he did had been for me.' Her face crumpled suddenly and she wrapped her arms around her legs, rocking softly in time with her quiet sobs.

'Yamucha...' He loved her. Perhaps more than anyone ever would. He loved her with his entire being. And she had let him go. Ended it. She had broken his heart. He told her she might as well have just torn his still beating heart from his chest, it hurt that much. And it was all because she couldn't love him. She couldn't really love him and it had taken nearly ten years to figure that out. Ten years to learn that he wasn't the one for her, no matter how much he loved her, no matter how much he needed her. She had finally gotten the courage to let him go, pushing her fear of being alone out of her mind as she told the one man that would do anything and more for her that it was over.

She felt a few wet splashes hit her knees, but ignored them. She was alone, so there was no need to pretend it wasn't bothering her. She didn't need to pretend she was okay alone. She wasn't, damn it! She didn't want to be alone. But she didn't want to be unhappy for the rest of her life. She didn't want to be stuck in a safe relationship with a man who adored the very ground she walked on, when she could only dig up a vague sense of caring for the scarred man. Why couldn't she have just stayed with him? He would have cared for, and loved and protected her. He would have married her, given her the family that she had always wanted.

She sighed. She knew why. She couldn't live without... love. She couldn't be with someone without feeling that all-consuming passion, love, and caring that you read about. She couldn't live with a man she would fake headaches to get out of sex with. She couldn't live with a man who flinched under her glare. One who folded every time she was angry. She whimpered faintly. She couldn't live with someone who was scared of her temper or her wit.

She stared out into the night, vaguely noticing the lights flickering out in the yard. They were coming from the gravity capsule where Vejiita was training. She closed her eyes against a flood of new tears. She definitely couldn't live with someone who accused her of cheating on him with the Saiyajin no Ouji. She would have thought it was sweet years ago, but not now, when she felt nothing resembling jealousy for the women he knew. And there was nothing that resembled the love that he wanted, either.

She pushed her laptop to the bottom of the large-king sized bed, crawling under the white down comforter, her tears soaking into the pillow. She just couldn't live like that and it had taken her too long to realize that. And now... she was alone.


Vejiita stormed into the large bedroom, without knocking, and loudly growled, "Onna!"

Buruma sat straight up in bed, and looked around wildly. She frowned and her gaze found its way to the scowling Saiyajin's, and a soft groan escaped her lips before she pulled the covers over the top of her. "Please, Vejiita, please just ask my mom for breakfast. I'll call you Ouji-sama for a week! I'll fix the gravity room without complaint for a month. Just please, don't make me get up now," her soft whine came muffled from under the blankets.

Vejiita was speechless for the first time that he could remember. And he betrayed a surprised expression: He blinked. Twice. "Onna?" he asked gruffly, and a bit more quietly.

"Please, Vejiita, name your bribe..."

"What's your problem?" he asked suddenly, his voice strangely subdued.

She peeked from under her covers, gazing at him as if to judge if he were serious or not. "You really want to know?" she asked softly and a bit fearfully. It wasn't beneath him to pull a nasty joke like this and throw it in her face. He hadn't yet, but it still wasn't beneath him. He'd done it to his rival a few times, not to mention every other senshi.

He grunted and crossed his arms. "I wouldn't have asked if I didn't, Onna."

She suddenly gave him a large, if a bit sad, smile. "Sit by me?"

Again, Vejiita was shocked into showing an expression; he gaped at her. "What?"

"Please? I'll call my mom on the other side of the compound and we can have breakfast here, okay? That way you get to find out what's wrong *and* you get to eat!"

He smirked at her. "Fine, Onna." He sauntered gracefully over to her bed, sitting on the right side, his back against the headboard, his feet crossed at the ankles in front of him, and his arms folded over his chest.

Buruma gave him a small smile of gratitude and reached for the phone. She hit a button and waited a few seconds. "Hey, Mama... Yes, Mama... Could you do me a favor? ... Bring Vejiita and I breakfast... In my room? ... Thanks, Mama... Yes, I'm fine, Mama... Don't worry so much, eh? ... Mom! Vejiita and I aren't in here like that! ... Mom!" she exclaimed a slight blush to her cheeks. Vejiita just looked at her and smirked. "Thanks, Mama." She then hung up the phone and turned to the usually surly Saiyajin, looking at him oddly.

"What, Onna?"

"Nothing, Vejiita," she whispered and to his shock, she curled up into his side. "You want to know now? Or when breakfast gets here?"

"Now is good."

"Well, where do I start?"

Vejiita rolled his eyes. "Onna, come on! Just fucking tell me what's making you look so pathetic!"

She graced him with another small smile and he blinked at her. "You do have a heart," she murmured.

He growled. "Onna," he began warningly.

"Okay, okay. Yamucha and I broke up."

He cocked his head at her. "So?"

"I've been with for nearly ten years, and even though I'm the one that broke up with him, I feel... depressed, I guess is the right word. I don't miss *him* per se, but I am scared."

"You? Scared?" He snorted softly in amusement. "Onna, every pathetic warrior on this planet, outside of Kakarotto, shakes when I stare at them. You... you just laugh. You aren't scared of me, why should you be scared of... that?" he asked in confusion.

She snuggled further into his side. "I'm scared to be alone. I don't know if I'm strong enough... I gave up the one man that loved me, truly with every thing he had, he loved me. I gave it up... because I wasn't in love with him. I want more... and it wasn't exactly fair to him, you know? When I kept yearning after something that I don't even understand when I'm with him. It wasn't fair to him and it took me ten years to finally gather my courage to let him go. To break his heart," she whispered, her voice cracking. "I hurt him more than anyone else could have... All for something I don't even know exists."

Vejiita got an odd look on his face as he stared silently at the wall. He was saved from having to answer by a soft knock at the door. Buruma looked up and pulled away from Vejiita, much to his disappointment – who knew that physical contact could feel so... good? – and his relief. He didn't want to seem weak.

"Come in, Mama," she called softly.

The door opened to reveal the blonde female, wheeling in a large, more like gigantic, cart. On the huge thing lay enough food to feed a small army, or a large one, and Buruma smiled faintly. Her mother definitely knew how to cook enough for a single Saiyajin no Ouji. "Good morning, Buruma-chan, Vejiita-chan," her mother greeted happily, oblivious to the glare Vejiita directed at her for the degrading form of address she bestowed upon him. "Did you two sleep well? Oh, my, never mind me, dears. Of course you didn't, if you two are here together," the older female chatted on happily, a small blush staining her cheeks.

Both Vejiita and Buruma were used to her mother's matchmaking hints and ideas, and just rolled their eyes simultaneously. They watched the blonde wheel the cart over to the bed, chatting on about one thing or another that neither paid attention too. Soon she took the hint and disappeared.

Vejiita snorted softly and since he was closer, and because of some bizarre absence of his senses, he played nice and handed Buruma her food first. Her favorite, a large plate of blueberry pancakes, minus syrup, topped with tons of real butter and powdered sugar. He also passed her the usual morning coffee, not saying a word. He then methodically began to devour his own breakfast, with amazing speed and grace. It was astounding how much he managed to pack away in his slight frame.

She smiled slightly at the regal Saiyajin, eating her own food, only more slowly than he did. She knew it was pretty pointless to chat with him while he was eating. That was one of the first lessons she had learned living with Vejiita-baka. He finished before her, as usual, and set the dirty dishes on the large cart again, his usual fastidious cleanliness kicking in. He watched her silently as she finished her meal, making her very uncomfortable. Normally by now he was stringing insults at her about something. She glanced up into his dark eyes curiously and a bit nervously.

"Nothing, Onna. Finish eating," he ordered softly. She shrugged mentally, but quickly finished her breakfast. When she moved to lean over him and place her dishes on the cart, she was surprised to feel him stiffen suddenly when she came into contact with his taut legs and lap. She hid a grin, setting down her dishes, moving back to where she was snuggled up against Vejiita's side. He didn't attempt to remove her from his 'royal self' so she figured he actually didn't mind. You couldn't tell by looking at him, though. He was scowling fiercely.

"Better?" he asked gruffly.

She knew exactly what he meant. "Thank you, I do feel a bit better. You're good company."

He snorted. "Tell anyone that and I'll kill you. I don't need more whiny, weak humans talking my ear off."

She smiled and snuggled further into his warm side. "Vejiita?"

"Hn," he grunted.

"I do appreciate it. Thank you," she said softly, with as much feeling as she could put into those two words.

His chest vibrated slightly, presumably a growl, and he nodded. "Train?"

She sighed a bit sadly but nodded. "Alright. Go."

He moved away from her, suspiciously gentle, and stood up. He glanced down at her, giving her an odd look. "You left the scarred human, yes?"

She nodded, her brow furrowing in confusion.

"You are more intelligent than I thought. He is too weak for you," Vejiita stated with as much arrogance as he declared his royal titles.

Buruma suddenly smiled, a tear making its way down her face. "Maybe he is, Vejiita, but... he's the only one that will ever love me like that. I was the most important thing to him. It will be hard to find someone who would love me that much again. I guess I'm doomed to be alone forever, ne?" she tried to joke.

He gave her a serious look. "Just as I am," he said softly. "Together, we aren't so alone, ne?" Then he was gone, a blinking Buruma staring at the spot he had once stood.

She suddenly smiled. "Yes, Vejiita-ouji," she murmured. "Together, we aren't."


"Onna!" a voice roared, startling Buruma out of her slumber. She sat straight up, again, and looked around her room in confusion before her gaze fell on Vejiita. He was scowling.


"The blasted machine needs to be fixed. Now."

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "What's wrong with it?"

"I blew it up."

She gaped at him.

He smirked, fully expecting a full-blown verbal assault. Hell, he wanted one. He waited semi-patiently for the Onna he lived with to explode in a fury of curses, thrown objects, and sparkling blue eyes.

She laughed.

Vejiita blinked. 'Damn, she's startled me quite often this morning...' "Onna?" he asked, his voice gruff, thinly veiled with concern. 'Has she cracked?'

She just continued to giggle. "You blew it up!" She crawled out of the bed, nearly landed on her rump as she tumbled out of the tangled sheets. When she righted herself, she gave Vejiita a huge grin. "Well, I may never say this again... but thank you!" she exclaimed, wrapping her arms around his neck suddenly, squeezing him with everything she had.

He stiffened, not knowing what the hell she was doing. 'Why is she so... close? And why the hell doesn't it bother me? Fuck! Why does it feel... not bad?' He blinked rapidly, trying to control his shock. "Onna? Did you hit your head? Come down with a weird human sickness?"

She giggled and shook her head, releasing the shocked and wary Saiyajin. "No, Vejiita. I'm just happy that I now have something to occupy my mind. If I'm working on your new gravity chamber, I have no time to mope, ne?" she said with a grin.

Vejiita snorted and walked away from the overly touchy-feely female. "Why do you think I train all the time, idiot?" he asked softly over his shoulder before he disappeared out the door.

She cocked her head in confusion. "I thought..."

She shook her head, banishing all thoughts of the mysterious dark Saiyajin no Ouji and walked quietly into her bathroom, humming softly under her breath.


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