Title: When Love and Death Embrace

Author: Phinea Rogue

Rating: PG-13

Main characters: Lucius, Severus and Voldemort

I'm just a poor student, don't sue me, I don't own (stupid me, I wrote 'know' instead of 'own' in the previous chapter!) much, they all belong to JKR . . .

When Love and Death Embrace

Chapter Two

(Lucius's POV)

My scream fills the hall as I struggle to reach out to Severus, but Goyle's grip on my arms is too firm. I close my mouth and everything goes quiet. No one is moving, the Dark Lord sits motionless on his throne and Severus . . . Severus is laying face down on earth like the Dementor has left him. It all hits me at once. Never again will I hear Severus's soft, seductive voice, enchanting me, leaving me powerless. Never again will he stroke my hair with his skilful, slender fingers. Nevermore. One of his hands is resting on the cold floor, very pale and almost translucent. Move, hand! Move!

The silence is shattered when the Dark Lord stands up and walks over to Severus. His steps are like daggers sinking deep into my soul, leaving a bloodied trail behind. He grabs him roughly, lifting him onto his knees while clutching his shoulders. Severus doesn't fight; my Severus is no more. 'Behold the traitor!' cries out the Dark Lord. I can feel everyone shudder at the sight of our brilliant, sarcastic friend. Goyle's grip softens, Avery is chewing his lower lip, Rodolphus is staring at the ground and his brother is deadly pale, his lips quiver. Bella, as always, seems indifferent. 'Behold the traitor!' repeats the Dark Lord and the hall becomes alive with loud clapping and cheering. Voldemort's face shines in satisfaction.

When everyone's gone, I crawl to the abandoned body of my Severus. I'm allowed to take care of him as a reward for my loyalty. Light he is, very light in my arms as I wash him and heal his injuries. I don't want anything to mar his alabaster skin. As gently as I can, I lower him onto a bed, on the deep green of satin covers. Beautiful, that's what he's always been. Not in the sense like I am, but beautiful nevertheless. It was the way he moved – elegantly like a dancer, his black robes whispering of seductive suggestions. The way he talked – softly and quietly, his breath tickling my ears and neck. The way his jet-black eyes shone when he smiled. He did smile genuinely, when he was with me and we were alone. Like then, when . . .

I touch his pale cheek and he doesn't respond. He's looking at me, but he doesn't see me. 'Lu', he purred into my ear as his arm embraced me. I was enjoying the sensation of his lean body pressed against my back, but he made me to face him. 'I have something to tell you, something to confess,' he told me in a whisper, looking worried and serious. 'You can tell me anything, love.'

Anything, but that! 'How could you betray us?' I ask him, 'How could you betray me?' Of course, there's no answer. It's like talking to a statue – a marble statue with raven hair. His hair, it flows through my fingers like a silky river, a bit damp from the bath. A hand touches my shoulder and I flinch. 'Well done, Lucius,' comes my master's voice. 'Your loyalty is remarkable.' He sits down next to Severus's soul-less body. 'He was one of the cleverest people I've ever known,' says he while tracing the face of my lover the way I used to do. 'A brilliant mind indeed. But . . .' he sighs, 'conquered by stupid feelings such as love.' The last word he spits with distaste and I shudder. Love. Did he love me? The Dark Lord reads the question in my eyes. 'You were the only one who could make him smile, Lucius. He loved you. Poor, naive Severus,' he laughs.

Naive, naive Severus. The hurt in his eyes when I put my wand between them! The sorrowful moan, 'Lucius.' And then blood when I slammed him into a wall. Thick and crimson, a shock against his marble-like skin. More blood and screaming, Severus's slender wrists raw from the heavy shackles, and inside me a feeling of deep satisfaction. Every scream was a gift to my Lord, every tear and every drop of blood. But then, in the hall, when Dark Lord's kiss came and Severus collapsed into Dementor's arms, I realized his punishment would be more severe than torture. I knew I was losing him and then the tears came. Never before had I cried.

And now they return, running down my cheeks, and surprisingly, the Dark Lord embraces me. I rest my head against his chest, dampening his robes, and he's comforting me. What an odd picture we must present! A Death Eater and his master, two dark wizards in each other's arms. 'Did you like him?' I ask, my voice is muffled by his robes. He doesn't reply, but I know he did. He kissed him and that he had never done before. When Karkaroff was dying at our hands, he laughed and kicked him. Severus received his kiss. 'You'll be rewarded like no one ever was, Lucius,' he says. I look up into his red eyes, red like blood, wondering what it is that I can see in them. Passion? For what? What are his plans? He clearly is planning something, something I'm going to be a part of.

He sends me to Hogwarts as a messenger. A messenger can't be hurt. Together we dressed Severus in magnificent robes of dark vine colour, which emphasises the whiteness of his skin and the black of his long hair. I'm carrying him from the Apparition point through the Dark Forest to Hogwarts. For a moment I stop, to kneel down and to cradle him for the last time. He won't suffer anymore, I won't let it. I kiss him while he's looking at me with those empty inky eyes, closing them slowly as I whisper, 'Avada Kedavra.' How peaceful his face is! I resume the walk to the castle; the morning sun caresses us. Severus's raven hair is falling down my arm, mingling with my silvery threads.

Some students are already fooling around at the castle, but they freeze when I approach. The closer we came, the better they can make us out. Of course, they know me almost at once. But whom am I carrying? Severus's face is hidden in the crook of my neck and behind the curtain of his long hair. The fine red robe is unknown to them.

'I'm Dark Lord's messenger,' I say and no one seems like wanting to stop me, so I enter the school. More students freezing, watching us. Potter's there, looking very confused and angry. And over there, my son stands, my Draco. He recognizes the wine red robes, my gift for Severus's birthday, we bought them together. 'Professor Snape,' he moans and his eyes fill with tears. He avoids my gaze.

A murmuring breaks out among the students, even Potter seems shaken and that mudblood Granger is crying. 'Snape.' I can hear the quiet whispers accompanying us. 'Snape. Is he hurt?' Yes, very hurt. 'He's not moving, he looks dead.' Draco knows he's dead. 'You killed him,' he sobs. Yes, my son, I did.

Someone comes to us. McGonagall. Without any questions or words, she brushes away the raven hair from my lover's cheek. Everyone around gasps as they see the peaceful face. He looks so much different to them, I suppose. But he used to look like this, when we were on our owns. McGonagall sniffs, wiping at her tears and she points to Dumbledore's office. I continue walking, Severus's body is light in my arms, I feel like I never want to let go of him. McGonagall takes my wand and only then allows me to enter headmaster's office.

I see a sofa at a window, so I lay Severus down, soothing out his hair and robes. They indeed are beautiful and I remember how he smiled when he had put them on. 'You know I never wear anything else than black, Lu.' I smiled back. 'No, you wear green sometimes too.' I kneel down to the sofa and turn my head to look for Dumbledore.

His eyes widen as he runs to Severus, showing me away, cradling his body to his. Dumbledore's broken, Dumbledore's crying. He almost makes me laugh, the old fool, crying like a little child. If Severus's death was worth something, it's this sights of a broken Dumbledore. Dark Lord shall be pleased.

'Severus, Severus, my dear child,' he sobs, 'What did they do to you?'

'A traitor's fate, Albus,' I speak calmly.

'How did Riddle find out?'

Oh, I hate when he calls my master Riddle!

'Severus confessed it to me. It was my duty to tell it to my Lord.'

Suddenly Dumbledore looks at me with compassion, I don't understand why. How much did Severus tell him about our relationship? Quickly I hand him the letter from my master and his eyes scan it. Now he's ever more saddened.

'Laugh, Tom, and let me laugh at your weakness.'

Weakness? My master has never been weak!

'You loved him, Lucius, you did. And Severus loved you too. You don't understand what a gift it was, you just tossed it away, because of your pride and ambition. You've exchanged love for power, so have it and enjoy it, Dark Prince. Hope that Tom's embrace is worth it.'

I'm speechless. The Dark Prince! Lord Voldemort has proclaimed me his heir! I stagger out of the office, leaving Severus behind, almost running. Dark Prince. The future Dark Lord. But what is the meaning of Dumbledore's last sentence? Tom's embrace . . . I hurry into the Dark Lord's manor and there he is, a satisfied smile playing on his bloodless lips. Abruptly I stop at the doors to bedroom. In a bed he's naked and suddenly I understand. The passion I saw in his eyes was for me. He kissed Severus to make me jealous; he let the Dementor play with him to torture me too, to punish me, because he knew I loved Severus.

He beckons me to come into bed. 'Come, my prince. Come, beautiful Lucius.'

Naive Severus? Naive, blind Lucius! 'Promise me, you won't be angry, love. I can't lie to you anymore.'

I want to cry. I have everything I've ever desired; I'm the Dark Prince, the next Dark Lord. Don't I have everything? 'Come, Lucius. You're mine.'

Inside my mind, Severus screams. 'Forgive me, Lucius! Lu, please!'


'Lucius, my love . . . not you, please, Lu . . . Lu . . .'

I want to scream with him as my feet bring me to Voldemort.

I didn't say good-bye to my love.


I'm in love with you and it's crushing my heart, all I want is you take me into your arms – when love and death embrace. I love you and you're crushing my heart. I need you, please, take me into your arms . . . when love and death embrace. (HIM: Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666)