Most fickle of mistresses


Warnings/notes : Otogi/Honda, Otogi pov, slightly weird, one reference to Seto/Joey, shorty.

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh.

written at 7th january 2004, by Misura


It is said that Lady Fortune is a fickle mistress.

And that's true.

But is that really a bad thing?

I think not. I think that it is just that lack of predictability, that sharp taste of danger, that makes her the greatest of lovers.

Let Yugi play with his cards and monsters, babbling on about strategy and the Heart of the Cards. I will prefer dice any day.

They may not always give me what I want, yet they will never let me down. They will never disappoint me, whatever they yield me.

Forever unpredictable, no matter how often I throw them.

True beauty.

Where is the joy in knowing everything, in calculating one's every move before making it? Living your life like a game of solitaire-chess, can there be anything more boring? Anything less appealing?

"Otogi, I ... I love you."

Nothing that is solid can last. Not in my life.

I prefer the whirlwinds of change to blow, following them wherever they may take me, high or low, good or bad. It's all the same to me. Because it's never the same.

I want no two days of my life to be the same. No two seconds.

There is only one love in my life, only one passion.

And she doesn't like competition very much.

"Otogi? Are you coming to bed?"

My poor Honda.

How sorely mistaken I was in calling Jounouchi the dog.

He may be submissive and meek like a puppy, but he only acknowledges one master, one hand to feed him, biting all others.

I may not understand what joy Kaiba derives of having such total, utter control over him, yet I am able to see that he does.

Kaiba places a high value on such things as control and predictability. Perhaps it is that then, knowing that he will be obeyed in the end by his 'puppy', in spite of all the snarling and growling.

You don't even pretend.

You bore me to death.


I can foresee your every move, foretell your every word. I could wage a conversation with you all by myself. It has grown tiresome.

This game is no longer one I care to play.

You'll never compare to *her*, never see the beauty of *not* knowing, *not* standing on solid ground, never be able to feel the hot ecstasy of dancing on the abyss, where one step can send you tumbling down.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

You simply don't understand.

You don't even try, satisfied with what you have.

There is no light in your eyes, no sparkling of the fire that burns so brightly within me, driving me onwards, forever pushing me further, to my borders and across them.

There is only uncertainty. A deep-rooted fear for the unknown.

"Is something wrong?"


Everything is wrong.

I can't live like this, can't stand being with you, your ... *normalcy*. No ambitions, no hopes.

"I'm fine, Honda. Go back to sleep."

Warmth as you hug me from behind, your arms snaking around my waist.

I knew you'd do that.

"Only if you'll keep me company."

I knew you'd say that.

I sigh.

"All right then."

You knew I'd say that.

Because even if Lady Fortune may be the most fickle of mistresses, I am not.

And even if I sometimes think you'll drive me insane, well, I did say I enjoyed living on the edge, didn't I? It's all part of the game, the downs and the ups.


A/N : *ponders* Originally, I had intended a lot less 'happy' ending (at least for Honda). But the story decided it wanted to be short and with a positive final line. ^^;