Custom Made Love

[ Gaara turned to a doll?! Sakura's taking care of him?! Will love bloom, or not? [Pure GaaSaku Fluff]

Rated: PG

Genre: Romance/Humor


Gaara never really paid much attention to dolls.. until something happend.


2 days ago.

He opened the door, not bothering to see if it was open or close. The Hidden Sand Doll Workshop hardly had light, and the only thing that provided light was a small candle.

He had nothing to do, and this place seemed interesting.

Alot of dolls were lined up on the musty shelves, from beautiful ones to very creepy ones.

The eyes bothered him. He touched a cheek of one of the dolls, oodly they were very soft. Like real skin.

It almost freaked him out, but he kept his cool face. An old woman came from the backdoor and smiled warmly at the boy, "Like the dolls you see?"

Gaara shook his head, "Dolls are nothing like humans. They can't die.." He continued, "They can't feel pain."

The woman smiled at him, "They do have feelings." Gaara stared at her. "Perhaps you should stop loving only yourself, and look at other people's feelings."

The boy only glared, "I love only myself."

The woman cackled, and it creeped the hell out of Gaara. "Really? Maybe we should change that."

In a flash he found himself on a shelf beside all the other dolls, "What the hell?!" He could speak, thank God.

He moved his soft arms around. He could move, too. But it wasn't like he planned to.

He was on a high shelf. He cursed, "How long will I have to be like this?" He asked the woman, calmly.

"You'll be back to yourself once you start loving someone." The woman replied.

End Flashback

Yeah, he's been sitting on the shelf for 2 days, nothing to do. He was fed bread, bread, bread, and water.

The usual bell on the top of the door rang. A young pink-haired, green-eyed girl came in.

She stared at the dolls with curiosity. A certain one caught her attention.

She looked closely, it was Gaara of the Sand! He didn't move. He knew the rules, move if there is a costumer, and you don't get dinner.

She picked it up, and giggled, "How cute."

Gaara somehow found himself thinking, "Girls are kinda cute.."

The old woman entered and she grinned, "Would you like that doll? Only 800 yen."

800 yen?! Why is she selling me for so cheap?! Gaara thought.

Sakura giggled, "Yeah. This doll reminds me of someone."

"A special someone?" The old woman asked.

Sakura blushed, "Uhm, not really." She took out her money and gave it to the woman.

"You don't look like someone from here." The woman said.

"Yeah, I'm from Konoha. We just had a mission here, and were taking a break." She grinned.

"Well, have fun with your doll. Make sure he gets lots of love." The woman grinned.

Sakura nodded, "Count on me."

Then she left, Gaara pressed on her chest. Probably having a nosebleed.



XD I seriously love that dream I got! So now I'm writing a story about it, don't worry Asthenia will still be updated. This fic will probably only have around 5-6 chapters. While Asthenia will have.. I dunno. X3 Well, hope you like this chapter.

I'm already working on the 3rd chapter of Asthenia.